10 fabulous boutique stay in Italy for a romantic escape by the sea

Discover the quintessential blend of coastal charm and boutique luxury with our curated selection of seaside hotels in Italy.


From the cliff-top havens in Maratea to the historic maritime elegance of Monopoli and the serene island retreats on Favignana, each boutique hotel offers an unparalleled seaside experience.

Embrace the panoramic splendours of Capaccio‘s coastline, the cultural vibrancy of Palermo‘s seashore, or the verdant island oasis on Ischia.

Whether you’re sipping Sicilian wine by the Mediterranean in Menfi or finding sanctuary on the cliffs of Siracusa, Italy’s finest coastal boutique hotels promise a journey through seaside luxury.


Indulge in exclusive comforts and bask in the beauty of Italy’s diverse coastal landscapes, where every stay becomes a narrative of enchantment by the sea.

Hotel Santavenere: Coastal Elegance on Basilicata’s Cliff Edge

beach hotels for couples Hotel santavenere
Hotel Santavenere

Perched high on the rugged cliffs of Maratea, Hotel Santavenere is not just a coastal retreat; it’s a bastion of luxury amidst wild beauty. Each room commands spectacular views, where the sea stretches to the horizon, embracing the cliff base. Wake to the sound of waves against the rock, and spend your days exploring private coves or lounging by the sea-facing pool. This hotel is where the grandeur of nature meets the comfort of luxury, creating a cliff-top experience that’s utterly unique to the Basilicata coast.

Locanda Don Ferrante: Monopoli’s Old-World Charm Meets Adriatic Majesty

beach hotels for couples Locanda Don Ferrante
Locanda Don Ferrante

In the historic heart of Monopoli, Locanda Don Ferrante transforms the storied past into seaside sophistication. Rooms that once served as fortresses against the sea now open up to it, offering guests a symphony of waves and a breath of Adriatic air. The rooftop terraces provide urban vistas that lead your gaze to where the city’s rhythms dance with the tranquil tides. It’s a rare jewel that seamlessly weaves the fabric of city life with the allure of the coast.

Hotel Marulivo: A Timeless Coastal Encounter in Pisciotta’s Historic Lanes

beach hotels for couples Hotel Marulivo
Terrace of the Hotel Marulivo

Hotel Marulivo’s charm lies in its celebration of history, set in the heart of Pisciotta. As you wander the cobblestone streets to the hotel, you’ll feel the embrace of centuries-old stories, only to be greeted by sweeping views of the Cilento coast. Each room is a nod to tradition yet offers a window to the sea as timeless as the village. Here, you find the essence of coastal living—intimate, serene, and beautifully preserved.

Unico Boutique Hotel d’Arte: Where Palermo’s Urban Beat Meets the Sea

beach hotels for couples Unico Boutique Hotel d’Arte
Unico Boutique Hotel d’Arte - Double Deluxe with sea view

Nestled in the vibrant city of Palermo, Unico Boutique Hotel d’Arte stands as a testament to contemporary luxury against the backdrop of the Sicilian seascape. Beyond the gallery of modern art within its walls, the hotel opens to the bustling city with the sea at its doorstep. The experience is one of cultural immersion, punctuated by moments of coastal bliss, be it on the sun-kissed beaches or the chic rooftop bar.

Borgo La Pietraia: Capaccio’s Panoramic Coastal Symphony

beach hotels for couples Borgo La Pietraia
Borgo La Pietraia - Junior Suite

Borgo La Pietraia offers a view from its hillside perch in Capaccio. Each glance from your room is a sweeping composition of the Cilento coast, a panoramic spectacle that changes with the passing sun. The hotel melds rustic charm with stylish comfort, inviting you to live the Italian countryside with a sea-salted twist. Whether dining al fresco or strolling the aromatic gardens, the sea is your constant companion.

Dimora dell’Olivastro: Favignana’s Island Solitude Amidst Olive Groves

beach hotels for couples Dimora dell’Olivastro
Dimora dell'Olivastro - Room with terrace and private mini-pool

On the quaint island of Favignana, Dimora dell’Olivastro stands quietly among ancient olive trees, a stone’s throw from the turquoise embrace of the Mediterranean. The hotel embodies the simplicity of island life, refined with an air of discreet luxury. Here, time is marked by the sun’s path and the waves’ rhythm, offering an island retreat that’s both intimate and infinitely expansive.

Botania Relais & Spa: Ischia’s Garden Sanctuary by the Sea

beach hotels for couples Botania Relais and Spa
Botania Relais & Spa

The Botania Relais & Spa on Ischia is a world unto itself—a lush garden sanctuary where the fragrances of blooming flora meet the ocean breeze. This island retreat provides a secluded slice of paradise where the spa’s tranquillity blends with the natural rhythm of the sea. Each suite is a personal haven that opens to a vista of greenery and water, crafting an experience that balances Ischian charm with the luxury of seclusion.

Relais Blu: Majestic Coastal Living on the Sorrento Peninsula

beach hotel for couple Relais Blu
Relais Blu - Junior Suite with Terrace overlooking the island of Capri

Relais Blu is a tribute to the high life on the Sorrento Peninsula, where the sky, sea, and coast conspire to enchant. The hotel is an elegant expression of modern design and classic Mediterranean aesthetics, all set against the boundless blue of the Amalfi coast. Dining here transcends mere taste—a visual and sensory experience, with the Tyrrhenian Sea sprawling beneath you as if you could sail the horizon from your table.

Planeta Foresteria: A Vineyard Oasis by Menfi’s Seaside

Planeta Foresteria pool
Planeta Foresteria - Pool

Planeta Foresteria is where the vineyard’s green and the sea’s blue become one. Situated in the coastal town of Menfi, this unique estate offers an escape where Sicilian wine heritage and the Mediterranean seascape are a toast to nature’s bounty. The tranquillity of the vine-covered land is complemented by the nearby beach’s calm, creating a rare harmony between land and sea.

B&B La Giuggiulena: Siracusa’s Cliffside Sanctuary by the Sea

beach hotels for couples B&B La Giuggiulena
B&B La Giuggiulena - Double room with balcony sea view

At the B&B La Giuggiulena, the cliffside setting creates a stage for the sea’s most private performances. Each room is a discrete haven that frames the Ionian Sea, offering views that stretch beyond the horizon. The villa combines the charm of Siracusa with the seclusion of coastal living. Here, the terrace is your audience to sunrise over the water, and the sound of the sea is a lullaby that whispers ancient tales.

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