Uncovering the Past: A Stroll through History

Embark on an enriching family journey to the heart of the Mediterranean—Siracusa, Sicily. This charming coastal city promises a unique blend of historical treasures, engaging cultural pursuits, and seaside revelry, perfect for families with pre-teen kids. Prepare to be enchanted as you explore ancient ruins, savour local traditions, and relax on pristine beaches.

Siracusa Greek Ruins

Unveiling Layers of Civilization

Siracusa is a city of timeless allure; its streets whisper tales of ancient Greece, echoes of the Roman Empire, and flamboyant baroque flair. Let your family be transported through epochs as you wander its picturesque lanes.

The Grandeur of Greek Theatre

Begin your historical expedition at the ancient Greek Theater, a marvellous acoustical masterpiece chiselled out of the rock, standing among the largest in the Greek world. This theatre comes alive with riveting performances during the Greek Festival in May and June, offering a delightful blend of education and entertainment for young minds.

Transition from Tragedy to Puppetry

Transition from the tragic to the whimsical at the Sicilian Puppet Opera, a UNESCO-listed Intangible Cultural Heritage treasure. Immerse yourselves in the Opera dei Pupi, exploring the rich traditions at the Vaccaro-Mauceri Puppet Museum. Witness skilled artisans breathe life into wooden characters, depicting epic tales of yore.

Immerse in Innovation at Archimede Tecnoparco

Foster the inventor within your kids at Archimede Tecnoparco, a theme park dedicated to Siracusa’s eminent son, the genius Archimedes. Delight in hands-on experiments with levers, water clocks, and war machines, igniting the spark of discovery in a fun and interactive environment.

Siracusa’s Seaside Splendor: Waves, Wildlife, and Waterplay

Siracusa beckons with its crystal-clear waters, ranging from the soft white sands of Fontane Bianche to the tranquil shores of Ognina and Arenella. Venture to the southernmost tip of Italy at Correnti Island, an unspoiled haven for beach lovers.

Beach of Fontane Bianche
Beach of Fontane Bianche

Exploration Beyond the Shore

Set forth on a thrilling family adventure to the nearby Marine Reserve of Plemmirio. Whether by mountain or quad bike, the journey is as exciting as the destination. Further afield, the Vendicari Wildlife Oasis awaits with its pink flamingos, herons, and gulls—a picturesque setting for inspiring young birdwatchers.

Aretusa Adventure Park: Fun-Filled Escapade

7 relaxation areas, 17 attractions, 5 children’s attractions and 4 dining areas. This park a few kilometers from Siracusa offers fun for the young ones and downtime for the adults (Aretusa Aquapark).

Aretusa Water Park – Melilli
Photo credit Aretusa Water Park

A Mediterranean Retreat: Comfort Meets Aesthetics

Discover the charming two-bedroom apartment at B&B La Giuggiulena in Siracusa, Sicily, offering a blend of comfort and Mediterranean aesthetics. With private entrances, a fully furnished kitchenette, and a terrace overlooking the sea, it’s a cozy retreat after a day of exploration.