Art Safari of the Italian Cities

When you are with your family and plan a trip or a guided tour, you must think about the well-being of both adults and children. First of all, they must be busy with something that strongly attracts their curiosity so that they can experience some satisfaction and not be bored by the trip planned by the so-called “grown-ups”.


With this in mind, Safari D’Arte has come up with a treasure hunt among the monuments of some of the most beautiful Italian cities of art. An alternative way to discover the Italian cultural heritage and bring adults and children closer to history.

How does it work

A real treasure hunt, with lots of clues and puzzles to solve gradually. Moving among the artistic beauties of cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples and Herculaneum, you’ll discover curiosities and information on characters, monuments and historical eras. And it is done applying the principle of “learning by doing” to art. Not the usual tourist itinerary and more than a simple guided tour.

How to participate

There are three ways to enjoy an Art Safari.

Art Safari Play & Learn Travel Book

The tour lasts two hours and can be individual or group. It is the most traditional of the three. Equipped with a map and book, containing all the necessary information and clues, we start looking for the first of a series of details or symbols to be recognized and identified. Once the tour is complete, you can try your hand at the final quiz and check your level of learning.


The book is on sale in bookstores, online and in the Bookshops of the museums of the cities included in the project.

Guided Game Tour

It is a two-hour guided tour, operating according to a set schedule and timetable.


The tours are led by “Activity Leaders”, multilingual guides, experts in art history. Not only experts in the field but also skilled communicators, they manage to make the treasure hunt even more exciting.


It is possible to book a private tour with a personal guide in tow on the day and time most suited to your needs.
Both modes allow you to measure your knowledge with the final quiz.

Art Safari App

For the most tech-savvy people who can’t do without smartphones or tablets. The application, downloadable for free and designed for both Android and iOS, allows you to explore the history, characters and works of art of the city you visit in offline mode.


It contains free and paid routes, georeferenced map with GPS, photographic clues, informative texts and anecdotes about monuments, historical periods and great people and the final evaluation quiz. It also allows you to draw up a ranking for each path and share the results achieved on Facebook.

Safari d'Arte app link