Beyond the Grape: Italy’s Fusion of Fine Wines and Breathtaking Locales

Embark on an eno-odyssey where the allure of Italy’s finest wines is only matched by the grandeur of its surroundings.

From the volcanic embrace of Etna to the sun-kissed terraces of Sicily and from the aristocratic estates of Tuscany to the serene hills of Veneto, each destination offers a toast to the connoisseurs of taste and sight. Discover enchanted retreats like Monaci delle Terre Nere, where the wine’s rich heritage flows as freely as the panoramic views of the Ionian Sea. Uncover hidden gems like Planeta Foresteria, with vintages as deep and complex as the history etched into the Sicilian landscape.


In every glass and glance, indulge in the symphony of flavours and vistas that define Italy’s majestic wine retreats – an intertwining of vine and vista, palate, and panorama.

🌿 Monaci delle Terre Nere: Etna’s Enchanted Retreat

🍇 Wine Experience: Dive into Monaci delle Terre‘s wine world. Walk vineyard trails, explore ancient facilities, and savour curated tastings at Kantico winery, where tradition meets sophistication, focusing on native Etna DOC grapes.

🛌 Accommodations: Choose among 27 stylish suites and rooms blending traditional elegance and modern luxury, set amidst serene landscapes. Experience comfort enhanced by organic amenities, rustic details, and contemporary art, ensuring a delightful stay.

💖 Style and Character: Embrace a blend of eco-chic luxury and historical charm, where traditional materials meet exquisite detail, reflecting Etna’s cultural richness and natural energy.

📍 Location: Nestled between Taormina and Catania, offering easy access to lush vineyards, pristine beaches, and the mesmerising trails of Etna’s crater zone.

🌿 Planeta Foresteria: Sicily’s Hidden Gem

🍇 Wine Experience: Dive into an enriching wine journey at Planeta Foresteria, a symphony of curated vintages and Sicilian viticultural mastery. Embrace the exploration of diverse terrains and savour the harmony of indigenous and international vines.

🛌 Accommodations: Experience authentic Sicilian luxury. Rooms resonate with terracotta elegance, traditional iron beds, and enchanting terraces, ensuring a serene embrace of Sicily’s mesmerising landscapes.

💖 Why Choose: A sanctuary of modern elegance intertwined with traditional allure, adorned with aromatic herbs, an infinity pool, and a soothing ambience of artistry.

📍 Where: Poised amidst Sicily’s historical tapestry, it’s a portal to extraordinary explorations, unfolding the island’s captivating heritage and natural beauty. (Vehicle essential.) 🌿🌄

🌿 Capofaro Resort: Sicily’s vineyard sanctuary

Capofaro Resort Sicily

🍇 Wine Experience: Unveil viticulture magic in volcanic soils, experiencing Malvasia grapes’ journey amidst Stromboli’s eruptions. At Capofaro Resort, savour expert-led tastings, unlocking wines’ intricate aromas and tales, as you immerse in the storied tradition of local winemaking.

🛌 Accommodations: Suite 21: Luxuriate in 24 sqm elegance, panoramic vineyard vistas, a 65 sqm terrace, and bespoke dining with a personal chef.

💖 Why Choose: A fusion of natural splendour and luxury, enhanced by enchanting eruptions and verdant gardens.

📍 Where: Nestled on Salina Island, it’s a gateway to captivating village adventures and tranquil beach retreats.

🌿 Villa Cordevigo: Venetian Elegance Amidst the Vineyards

🍇 Wine Experience: Traverse the enchanting Villa Cordevigo vineyards. Led by experts, explore winemaking secrets, partake in exquisite tastings, and toast to Bacchus, celebrating the finest Veneto wines in a realm where tradition and innovation intertwine.

🛌 Accommodations: Luxuriate in 40 rooms and suites, each blending classic elegance and modern comfort. Rich fabrics, Murano lamps, and thoughtful amenities craft spaces of serene beauty and refined luxury.

💖 Culinary Odyssey: Embark on a Michelin-starred culinary journey, where local and Neapolitan flavours flourish, paired with the villa’s exquisite wines.

📍 Location: Nestled close to ethereal Lake Garda amidst sprawling vineyards, the villa beckons exploration, from leisurely vineyard walks to discovering Italy’s stunning wine routes.

🍇 Castello Banfi: Quintessence of Tuscan Grace

🏰 Luxurious Heritage: Bask in 14 rooms where historical luxury meets modern comfort, curated with complimentary Brunello bottles from Castello Banfi‘s esteemed cellars and bespoke amenities designed for the discerning traveller.

🌿 Epic Landscapes: Traverse 7,100 acres of sublime vineyards and olive groves, embodying Tuscany’s breathtaking allure, each vista a testament to the natural majesty that frames the Castello Banfi experience.

🍽 Culinary Odyssey: Savor culinary artistry from a Michelin-starred haven, blending innovation with rich Tuscan flavours, an epicurean journey inspired by the region’s bountiful produce and the estate’s gastronomic excellence.

🍷 Vineyard Virtuosity: Embark on curated tours, unveiling the estate’s winemaking essence through insightful tastings that celebrate the virtuosity of the vine and the ancient craft that turns grape into ambrosia.

💖 Heartfelt Hospitality: Experience genuine care, where each moment celebrates the finest of Tuscan hospitality, ensuring a cherished stay. At the heart of it all is a commitment to joy, comfort, and the age-old traditions that make Tuscany a timeless destination.

🌿 Baglio Soria: A Sicilian Symphony of Tradition & Elegance

🍇 Wine Experience: Embrace the essence of viticultural brilliance at Baglio Soria, where the symphony of sun, soil, and passionate care craft extraordinary wines, echoing the heart and soul of Sicily’s divine terroir.

🛌 Best Room: Enter rooms where each corner whispers stories of Sicilian elegance and tradition. Views unveil nature’s canvas, from serene seas to fragrant lemon groves, ensuring a stay intertwined with comfort and Sicilian charisma.

💖 Why Choose: Immerse in authentic Sicilian hospitality amidst olive groves and vineyard hues, where historic charm and modern grace play a beautiful duet.

📍 Where: Nestled in Trapani’s embrace, Baglio Soria unfolds gateways to explorations enriched with history, nature’s wonders, and the enchanting rhythms of Sicilian life. 🍷🌿🌞

🍇 Relais D’Arfanta: A Symphony of Luxury and Nature

🌄 Sublime Locale: Nestled amid UNESCO-listed vineyards, moments from Venice and the Dolomites, Relais D’Arfanta offers a panoramic embrace of luxury, tranquillity, and exceptional wine tasting.

🏡 Exclusive Elegance: Seven bespoke suites become personal sanctuaries adorned with handcrafted furniture and marble bathtubs, echoing refined luxury amidst serene Prosecco hills.

🌿 Personalised Wellness: Dive into bespoke wellness offerings, from Finnish saunas to tailored local experiences, crowned by warm, attentive services that craft memorable retreats.

🍽 Gastronomic Delights: A doorway to enchanting local dining, complemented by the relais’ curated array of sweet and savoury Venetian indulgences.

🌳 Nature’s Embrace: Revel in the spectacular outdoors, from lush gardens and private pools to immersive natural panoramas, framing a heavenly wine-tasting voyage.

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