Day Photography Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany’s history and diversity make it ideal for landscape and street photography, the art of capturing the rare beauty of the everyday. It’s these chance moments that celebrated photographer Alfredo Falvo will help you develop a keen eye for in his revelatory, hands-on workshops.


Bring your own equipment or use your phone’s in-built camera for this photographic exploration of Tuscany’s iconic locations, and you’ll leave with both good memories and great photos as well as a newly honed appreciation of the beautiful and the unusual.

Your Expert

Alfredo Falvo   Photographer

Former globtrotter for UNICEF and various international magazines – and winner of the International Photography Award with his book ”Lost Angels” – Alfredo Falvo is your insightful and inspiring guide to the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, sharing his expert perspective on what to shoot and why.

You’ll discover some of Tuscany’s most wonderful corners as well as landscape photography as an artform, and pick up practical tips to help you improve your photography skills.


Alfredo Falvo

+39 380 706 1035


Where do the tours start from?

The meeting point is Montepulciano where you will be able to park your car and meet with Alfredo.

What are the options?

Depending on your interests and on what you wish to learn, Alfredo runs regular workshops with a different theme changing daily. If you wish to master low light techniques, some of its tours take you to wine cellars and churches, if you are interested in people, Alfredo will accompany you to local artisans, cheese producers and artists.


All workshops include landscape photography, either in the morning or in the evening. If you choose to be with him for more than a day you could visit different locations as there is plenty of it or there are some extra things you may be interested in as a critique of the images taken during the previous day – selecting photos and learn why some work or some don’t. You might also choose to have the opportunity to master skills like retouching, post production and all the technical details you need to know for printing, sending or archiving images.


You can apply to one of the Daily workshops displayed on his website or you can have one customised to your needs.

What will you learn?

In a day you will learn:


The technical aspects of your camera

How to expose in any light condition: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and how they are related

To pre-visualize an image

How to photograph with natural light outdoor and artificial light indoor

White balance

How depth of filed affects an image

To think in terms of colour

To think in terms of light: contrast range and direction

To make a graphic image

To think about composition

To keep unnecessary elements out of the picture

How to expose in low light with a flash

How to do long exposures with tripod

How to do panning photography

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