Experience the best of Italy's natural beauty and culinary delights on a holiday in Calabria. From majestic mountains to sandy beaches, timeless villages, and great food, Calabria has it all.

Calabria: A Hidden Gem for a Relaxing Seaside Escape

Calabria, located in southern Italy and with almost 800 km of coastline, boasts perched villages, rugged mountains, and golden beaches, making it a unique destination.


Catanzaro, the region's capital, has a modern appearance with Byzantine origins and several landmarks worth visiting, including the Cathedral, the Church of Monte dei Morti, and the Fàzzari Palace. Praia a Mare, Scalea, and Tropea offer scenic coastal views and beaches separated by rocks.

Reggio Calabria, a city with a beautiful waterfront, is home to the renovated National Archaeological Museum, which exhibits artifacts from Magna Graecia sites, including the famous Riace Bronzes. Gerace, Stilo, and Locri Epizephiri are perched villages that offer a glimpse into the region's culture, history, and nature.


Calabria also has several national parks and nature reserves, including the Pollino massif, the Sila, the Aspromonte massif, and the Serre nature reserve.

Discover the Best of Calabria with Our Custom Multi-Centre Holidays: Car-Free or Self-Drive

Looking for a multi-centre holiday in Calabria? Our bespoke itineraries offer two options: car-free or self-drive. If you prefer a car-free vacation, we've got you covered with transfers and excursions to explore the mountains, beaches, and timeless villages.


Alternatively, if you'd like the freedom of a self-drive holiday, we can arrange car rentals and suggest routes for you to discover Calabria at your own pace. Whichever option you choose, you'll enjoy the region's great food, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.


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Coast of Gods Holiday


The Spectacular “Coast of the Gods”: Tyrrhenian Calabria’s Crown Jewel

Celebrate the Italian 'dolce vita' along the 'Coast of the Gods' in Calabria. Succumb to the allure of turquoise waters, pristine sandy beaches, and stunning cliffs. Explore charming historic villages, unwind in secluded coves, and savour the region's gastronomic delights. From the scenic grandeur of Tropea to the dramatic landscapes of Capo Vaticano, experience an unforgettable blend of beauty, history, and authentic Italian charm.


Choose your Calabrian Escape: Urban Charm or Coastal Bliss?

Discover the Enchanting Timeless Villages of Pollino and Sila National Parks in Calabria

Nestled in the heart of Calabria lie two hidden gems waiting to be discovered - the Pollino and Sila National Parks. These two protected areas are home to stunning mountain landscapes, charming timeless villages, and unique flora and fauna.


Explore the remote corners of the Pollino National Park and discover the ancient villages of San Severino, Morano Calabro, and Castrovillari. In Sila National Park, lose yourself in the picturesque towns of Camigliatello Silano, Lorica, and San Giovanni in Fiore.


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich history of these two breathtaking national parks.