Discover Enchanting Bologna: A Multifaceted Gem for Every Holiday Seeker

Bologna, a city renowned for its vibrant blend of historical richness and culinary delights, beckons holiday seekers to explore its multifaceted charm. Known as the learned, the fat, the red, and the towered, Bologna in Emilia Romagna offers an experience as varied as its many nicknames.

Indulge in Bologna's Finest: A Journey Through Expertly Curated Italian Hospitality

A City of Learning: The Alma Mater Studiorum

Steeped in history, Bologna is celebrated for hosting the oldest university in the Western world - the Alma Mater Studiorum. Established around 1088, this institution is a cradle of knowledge and a beacon of historical significance.

Culinary Delights: Why Bologna is Termed 'The Fat'

Gastronomy enthusiasts will find Bologna a haven of flavours. The city is a cornerstone of global culinary culture and is famous for its tortellini, ragù, and mortadella. Bologna's rich gastronomic heritage offers a delightful journey for every palate.

The Red Roofs and Houses of Bologna

Visually, Bologna is captivated by the red hues of its roofs and houses, a characteristic feature since medieval times. This colour palette is an aesthetic choice and symbolises the city's historical political landscape, shaped by communist leadership for decades.

Bologna's Ancient Towers: A Glimpse into the Past

Once home to about a hundred towers, Bologna's skyline today features the two most iconic ones, with around twenty more in the cityscape. These towers, relics of a bygone era, add a touch of ancient mystique to the modern city.

Piazza Maggiore: The Heart of Bologna

Piazza Maggiore lies at the city's core, surrounded by landmarks like the Basilica of San Petronio, Palazzo del Podestà, and the municipality's Palazzo d'Accursio. The adjacent Fountain of Neptune, a masterpiece by Giambologna, is a must-visit for tourists.

Bologna's Green Hills and the Sanctuary of San Luca

Just a short drive or bus ride away, Bologna's green, gentle hills offer a serene escape. The sanctuary of San Luca, accessible via the world's longest portico, stands atop one of these hills, offering both spiritual solace and breathtaking views.

Embark on a Twin-Centre Holiday between Bologna and Ravenna, blending the historical charm and culinary delights of Bologna with the rich artistic heritage and serene ambience of Ravenna.

Explore the Best of Emilia-Romagna with ExpertoItaly: From the Cultural Riches of Bologna to the Thrilling Motor Valley Tour


Exploring the Thrills of Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, the legendary Morini, Malaguti and Ducati, the circuits of Imola and Misano, are just some of the many constellations of this land evoking fascination, passion and victories for millions of people around the world.


City Breaks

Discover Bologna: The Ultimate City Break Experience

Discover Bologna's hidden charm: medieval city, UNESCO porticoes, Asinelli Tower views, and Quadrilatero's culinary delights. Perfect for a memorable city break.


Bologna: Your Gateway to Northern Italy's Iconic Cities via Seamless Train Connections

Bologna is a strategic hub in Northern Italy, uniquely positioned to offer seamless train connections to some of the region's most iconic cities. With its well-connected railway network, travellers can effortlessly twin their Bologna visit with trips to Milan, Florence, Verona, and Padova.


Each town, just a train ride away, unfolds its unique charm and cultural richness, making Bologna an ideal starting point for a diverse and enriching Italian travel experience.

This connectivity not only enhances the ease of travel but also enriches the exploration possibilities, allowing visitors to experience the distinct flavours of each nearby city.

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