Uncover the Baroque Charm of South-East Sicily: An Unforgettable Escapade Awaits

Boutique Hotels, Multicentre Holidays, and Villas amid Sicily’s Historical Gems

South-East Sicily is a realm where time-honoured traditions blend seamlessly with the luxury of modern comforts. Nestled within the alluring landscapes are eight late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto district—Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa, and Scicli.


Rebuilt with grandeur following a devastating earthquake in 1693, these cities are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each narrating tales of the past through their distinctive Sicilian Baroque architecture.

Your Abode in History’s Cradle

Stay at one of our handpicked boutique hotels, each in the heart of these quaint Sicilian towns. With picturesque balconies overlooking timeless streets, enjoy a hearty Italian breakfast as the morning sun casts a golden glow on baroque facades.

Multicentre Car-Free and Fly’n’Drive Holidays

Unchain from the hustle and embrace a multicentre holiday. Venture car-free or take a leisurely fly’n’drive through rolling hills and along the coastline, discovering charming hamlets and local trattorias, where you’ll savour authentic Sicilian cuisine.

Countryside Farmhouse Retreats

Unplug from the daily grind as you wake up to the chirping birds and gentle rays of the sun filtering through the olive trees. Often, centuries-old farmhouses are restored with a blend of modern amenities and traditional aesthetics. The warm hospitality, homemade Sicilian meals, and immersive tranquillity provide an unadulterated escape into the rustic way of life.

Villas for Families and Friends

There's no better way to cherish moments with loved ones than in a private villa. Amidst olive groves or a stone's throw from the tranquil Mediterranean, our selection of villas caters to groups of all sizes, ensuring a cosy space for laughter, stories, and a home-cooked meal.

Adventures in Baroque Cities

#Noto: Stroll down Corso Vittorio Emanuele with a pistachio ice cream in hand as the history of majestic palaces and peach-coloured churches unfolds before you.


#Ragusa: Traverse the stairway binding Ragusa Superiore to Ragusa Ibla, each step a journey through time amidst old houses and sumptuous buildings.


#Modica: Renowned for its chocolate and "hundred churches", venture through Modica Alta and Modica Bassa as dusk unveils a silhouette of grey rock buildings against a crimson sky.


#Scicli: Nestled between stone valleys, explore ancient churches and eighteenth-century noble palaces amidst arid countryside.


#Siracusa : From the millenary-old town of Ortigia to the Maddalena peninsula and the secret beaches of Plemmirio, a holiday between myth, history and nature.

Siracusa from the sea and Mt Etna in the background

Eternal Waves and Hidden Shores

The lull of the waves invites, as you trace along 150 kilometres of diverse coastline, each cove a promise of serene or vibrant beach life. There's a shore for every soul, whether it's the secluded sands or the buzz at five-star Beach Clubs.

Explore Beyond The Known

Ispica Caves: A trekker’s delight, unravel the mysteries of the Ispica quarries, an unspoiled realm housing prehistoric necropolises and Christian catacombs.


Marzamemi and Portopalo di Capo Passero: Relive the essence of Sicilian fisherman life in Marzamemi, a picturesque village with its beautiful square, vibrant eateries, and endless shades of blue.


Flower Festival in Noto: Every May, the heart of Noto blooms with the Infiorata festival. A myriad of colours sprawl through the streets as floral artistry captures the essence of Sicilian spring, making it one of the most significant festivals in the region.

Modica: Duomo di San Giorgio - detail

Indulge in the Sicilian charm, let every alley lead you to a narrative of the past, every meal a celebration of today, and every sunset a promise of an unforgettable tomorrow with ExpertoItaly.