Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park

There are only a handful of kilometers, twenty-six to be precise, but as you enter the blind-bottomed valley that leads from Aosta to Cogne, you can't help marvel at the wonderful alpine nature and get excited about number of activities waiting from you, walking, mountain bikeing, e-bikes and paraglinding.

Cogne is the largest municipality in the Valle d'Aosta and is one of the gates of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest national park in Italy, where you can immerse yourself in nature, among hundreds of species of flora and fauna, and where to spot the ibex, the animal symbol of the park (but also the marmots, which children like so much).

Many are the more or less demanding ways to go, mostly over 2 thousand meters, surpassing even three thousand, as at Colle del Lauson (3.296 mt) and Colle della Porta (3.002 mt). There are also many initiatives and soft mobility services organized by the Municipality, including the presence of over 200 electric bikes in circulation.


Classic alpine luxury, Michelin-starred food and an extraordinary spa at Cogne in the heart of the Aosta Valley.