Enchanting beaches, art, history and local life: welcome to Ischia

#THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEA AND THE CHARM OF AN ANCIENT LAND - Golden beaches, suggestive villages, archaeological sites and unspoiled nature, how do you decide what to see in Ischia? It is certainly no coincidence that the island was a popular destination since the time of the Romans, who went there on holiday and enjoyed its thermal waters, but Ischia is also a place rich in history, art, perfect for those seeking life night, shopping and entertainment.


#LIKE IN THE TROPICS IN THE BAY OF SAN MONTANO - In Lacco Ameno, the bay of San Montano is the best place to go if you are traveling with children, as it is shallow and well sheltered. The beach is also famous for the beautiful glance it can give, in all respects similar to that of the most beautiful exotic locations.


#FONTANA AND TEH TOP OF MT EPOMEO - The quiet hilltop town of Fontana, the highest town on the island,  gifts magical views over the island of Capri and Procida.


#3 ITINERARIES FOR THOSE WHO LOVE WALKING - For those who love walking Panza is the ideal place. In fact, three wonderful itineraries start from the town: that of the Bocca di Tifeo, that of the Pelara Bay and that of Monte di Panza. From the heights to the waters of the sea, with one common denominator: the beauty of the landscape.


#THE BOTANICAL GARDENS OF VILLA LA MORTELLA - The La Mortella Garden is also worth a visit. It was created by Susana Walton, wife of the famous English composer William Walton, and contains two splendid botanical gardens, one humid with subtropical plants and one at a higher altitude, with typical Mediterranean vegetation.


#THE MUSEUMS OF ISCHIA: ARCHEOLOGY AT VILLA ARBUSTO - Beaches, charming villages and ancient remains of the past make Ischia unique. So what to see if not its museums, and in particular the archaeological one of Villa Arbusto, where the finds found during the excavation campaigns on the island are kept. The most famous exhibit in the museum is a Greek terracotta vase, dating back to the eighth century BC. C., on which three verses from the time of Homer were found, which refer to the mythical "Nestor's Cup". The extraordinary nature of this find is unique: it is the oldest Homeric poem ever found in its original draft.

#THE EXCAVATIONS AND THE ANTIQUARIUM OF SANTA RESTITUITA - For those who prefer to admire a real archaeological site rather than museums, the best choice is to visit the antiquarium of Santa Restituta in Lacco Ameno. In fact, under the church the remains of the early Christian crypt were found, an ancient cistern transformed into a basilica and burials from the Roman and Phoenician eras. The really suggestive route winds directly on the excavation sites.


#THE THERMAL BATHS OF CAVA SCURA - A few hundred meters from the Maronti beach you can reach the natural thermal baths of Cavascura, already known in Roman times. You walk along a gorge to a cave, in which hot water flows directly from the rock.


#A PARADISE OF SUN-KISS VINEYARDS - Among the places to visit in Ischia, Panza is also the best when it comes to wine. On its slopes, in fact, there is a perfect climate for the production of some of the most renowned Docs in southern Italy: Ischia Biancolella, Ischia Rosso and Aglianico.


#TRADITION TO DRINK: THE RUCOLINO - The peasant soul of Ischia also emerges when it comes to drinks. In addition to the typical wines of the area, among the most popular in Southern Italy, on the island you can also taste Rucolino, a very special liqueur made with rocket.


#THEREMAL WATERS TO DRINK? IN ISCHIA YOU CAN: THE SPRINGS OF NITRODI - It may seem curious, but in Ischia the thermal waters can also be drunk, at least those of the Nitrodi spring, which the Ministry of Health considers beneficial for the purification of the kidneys, the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, the beauty of the skin and even scarring. of wounds.


#LUXURY AND WINDOW SHOPPING: VIA ROMA IN ISCHIA PONTE - An island frequented by stars and famous people could not fail to have a shopping street, therefore, among the places to visit in Ischia Porto, Via Roma, with its high fashion shop windows and luxury boutiques, should not be missed.


#A PERFECT EVENING ON THE "RIVE DROIT" - Visiting Ischia also means immersing yourself in the charm of the worldly life that characterises it, and the best way is to spend the evening at the "Rive Droite", the right bank of Ischia Porto, where the most popular clubs and discos are concentrated.

What to see on the island of Ischia

Do you want to swim in the sea in spring or autumn? Do you want to stroll through authentic villages, eat well and go hiking? In Ischia there is all of this and much more.


A great position close to Lacco Ameno's restaurants, bars and beaches and a good choice for spa indulgence, excellent food and poolside relaxation


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