Lake Garda

Discover Enchanting Lake Garda: A Journey of Luxury and Nature

Discover the enchanting allure of Lake Garda through bespoke boutique hotel stays and personalised multi-centre holidays. Each curated experience offers a unique glimpse into the area's rich culture and serene beauty.


Dive into a world where luxury meets tradition, and every moment is tailored to your desires. From the historic charm of Sirmione to the vibrant Riva del Garda, let Lake Garda's diverse landscapes and exclusive hospitality craft your perfect Italian getaway.

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Luxurious and Timeless Elegance

Magnificent Views and Nature’s Embrace

Lake Garda's Highlights


Discover the Enchantment of Lake Garda: A Journey Through Its Marvels

Uncover the best of Lake Garda: from Limone's thrilling suspended bike path to the ancient allure of Catullo's Caves, each destination promises a unique Italian adventure.



Experience the Majesty of Opera: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Getaway

Craft your tailor-made holiday seamlessly, integrating the world of opera with Italy's timeless beauty. Make memories, soak in culture, and let the harmonies of the opera echo through the charming landscapes of Lake Garda and Venetian towns. This is more than a holiday – it's an experience to cherish forever.


Enchanting Italy: A Multi-Centre Holiday from Lake Garda to the Dolomites and Beyond

Dive into the heart of Italy with a multi-centre holiday that's as unique as you are. From the serene Lake Garda to the historic streets of Venice, and from the majestic Dolomites to the tranquil River Mincio, mix and match to create your dream Italian escape.


Your perfect adventure awaits – where will you go first?

From Serene Waters to Majestic Peaks: Combine Lake Garda with the Dolomites

Seamless Transition: Start your journey at the tranquil shores of Lake Garda, where peaceful waters meet charming towns. Then, venture north to the dramatic landscapes of the Dolomites, where rugged peaks and lush valleys await.


Diverse Activities: Embrace the thrill of outdoor adventures in the Dolomites with world-class hiking and skiing. Revel in the serene beauty of Lake Garda with leisurely boat tours and lakeside relaxation.



Alta Badia


Journey Through Time: The Art Cities of Verona, Padua, and Venice

Cultural Journey: Transition from the natural wonders to the historical streets of Verona, Padua, and Venice. Each city offers a unique story, steeped in art, history, and architecture.


Immersive Experiences: Walk the romantic streets of Verona, explore Padua's ancient university, and glide through the iconic canals of Venice. These cities offer a deep dive into Italy's rich artistic and cultural heritage.

Discover Tranquility and Nature Along the River Mincio

Peaceful Retreat: Escape to the tranquil landscapes of the River Mincio, where lush greenery and calming waterways create a haven of peace. Experience the harmony of nature in this idyllic setting.


Cycling Adventures: Embark on scenic bike tours along the River Mincio. Follow well-marked trails that meander through charming villages and picturesque countryside, perfect for cyclists of all levels.

Explore the Enchanting Prosecco Hills: A Toast to Nature and Wine

The Wine Route to Italy’s Prosecco Hills: A Journey Through Taste and Culture for Cyclists, Gourmet Travelers, and Vineyard Lovers


Wine Country Exploration: Journey through the heart of Italy's celebrated Prosecco region. The Prosecco Hills offer a landscape of rolling vineyards, historic wineries, and breathtaking views.


Bike Through Vineyards: Take a unique bike tour through the Prosecco Hills, weaving through vineyards and stopping at local wineries. It's an ideal way to experience the region's beauty and taste its famous sparkling wines."

Your Dream Italian Getaway Awaits

From the serene shores of Lake Garda to the majestic Dolomites, through the artistic cities of Verona, Padua, and Venice, to the tranquil River Mincio and the picturesque Prosecco Hills, your multi-centre holiday in Italy promises a tapestry of experiences.


Discover the joy of cycling through these stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in the diverse beauty and culture of Italy. Book now for an unforgettable journey.

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