Lake Iseo


Lake Iseo is a great destination for those who want a romantic, sporty, and scenic holiday away from the hustle and bustle. It laps the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, up to Franciacorta and its famous vines, and offers a kaleidoscope of colors and territories to choose from.


From the unspoiled nature of the Sebino Torbiere Reserve, you'll pass to Monte Isola (the largest lake island in Italy), and then to the mountains with spectacular views, between Fonteno and Monte Creò.


Breathtaking natural landscapes, water sports and relaxation at the spa. There are many reasons to visit Lake Iseo.

Where to stay

Relais Mirabella

This lovely hotel is on the least-discovered of the Italian lakes, making for a quiet break for couples and families.

  • from £940 per person
  • 5 nights including breakfast and car hire

Relais Mirabella

This lovely hotel is on the least-discovered of the Italian lakes, making for a quiet break for couples and families.

  • from £940 per person
  • 5 nights including breakfast and car hire

Lake Iseo: panoramas and itineraries to discover

Where is it?

Iseo Lake extends majestically between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. Even though it is quite small, it has nothing to envy the other lakes in the region.


The viewpoint of San Defendente

The walk in the woods takes around 15 minutes. It's on a slope, but it's doable for everyone. Once you get to the top, San Defendente offers a breathtaking, almost 360-degree view: unmatched and super Instagrammable.


The giant benches of Lake Iseo, between art and views

There are four big benches in key locations on the Brescia and Bergamo banks, with a great view of Lake Iseo.


Trekking on Lake Iseo

Discover the most beautiful routes for trekking on Lake Iseo, a relatively uncrowded, natural and wild place. There are many walks that offer wonderful views.


Punta Almana, with its 1390 meters of altitude, separates Lake Iseo from Val Trompia, both clearly visible from its summit. Duration: 4/5 hours round trip.


Monte Guglielmo offers different routes of different difficulty, starting at different points. The summit is 1949 meters high and has an amazing view of the lake. It is truly breathtaking. Duration: all three routes last approximately two and a half hours (one way)


Like the other two peaks, Corna Trentapassi is located on the Brescia side of Iseo, with a height of 1248 meters, and is part of the Brescia pre-Alps. Duration: about 2 and a half hours in total.



It's the capital of the lake and looks like a bustling commercial town, but it still has the feeling of a medieval village. Among its alleys are elegant restaurants and shops, but there is no lack of sporting activities.


The sparkling wine cellars (and not only) in Franciacorta are like cathedrals of wine culture dotting the entire territory. You can find a lot of food and wine itineraries here, which is great for exploring the area at a leisurely pace.


Monte Isola

A ferry ride is enough to reach Monte Isola: ferries depart from almost all the towns that border Lake Iseo.

The island's twelve hamlets, with their winding alleyways, enchant visitors with various landscapes, from lakeshores to hill walks. The feeling is almost as if time had been stopped. In addition, the inability to travel by car is one of the characteristics that makes Monte Isola a unique place where only nature counts.


Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa

The beautiful monastery San Pietro in Lamosa, overlooking the peat bogs of Sebino, is a place of worship in Franciacorta that deserves a detour if you are in the marshy nature reserve for a regenerating walk.


Sebino Peat Bogs Nature Reserve

The Sebino peat bogs, a natural reserve cradle of biodiversity in the Lombard Po Valley, are the ideal place for the whole family to take walks on suggestive wooden piers that cross the swampy areas. The routes are different, the south starts from the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa and descends along the dirt road between the church and the state road to Iseo, between ponds, panoramic terraces for birdwatching, fishing tanks and walkways hanging on the water.

Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola

The Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola is a place not to miss in the heart of Franciacorta. It is located in Rodegno Saiano, at a crossroads of vineyards and cellars, and represents a monastic complex where you can visit the three cloisters, the monastic gallery and the laboratory for the restoration of ancient books run by the monks, who also produce honey and herb liqueurs.

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