Lake Orta

Discover Enchantment: Unveil the Secrets of Lake Orta

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Lake Orta, a hidden Italian treasure cradled by lush mountains and enchanting forests — a journey through charming towns where history whispers through ancient cobblestone paths. Experience luxurious stays and explore diverse, captivating itineraries that promise unforgettable memories.

In this curated guide, surrender to a rich tapestry of authentic Italian experiences, discovering the mystique and timeless allure of Lake Orta’s enchanting realms. Every moment becomes a precious memory woven with the magic and mystery of Italy’s unspoiled gem. Let the enchantment of Lake Orta gently embrace your soul, unveiling its treasured secrets.

Your Luxurious Sanctuary on the Enchanted Shores of Lake Orta

Casa Fantini

Casa Fantini is design boutique hotel, allowing you to wake up every morning with the view of the island of San Giulio and Lake Orta.

Casa Fantini

Casa Fantini is design boutique hotel, allowing you to wake up every morning with the view of the island of San Giulio and Lake Orta.

Holidays to Lake Orta: on the shores of the most romantic of Italian lakes

Orta San Giulio: In the embrace of cobblestone streets, Orta San Giulio whispers the ancient tales of artisans and traders. Each corner is a symphony of stories where the narrators are stone houses, antique shops, and timeless bars. In the heart of the village, the 15th-century Church of Maria Assunta stands as a guardian of history, overlooking the romantic waters of Lake Orta. Ascend the Sacred Mountain of Orta, and let your eyes feast upon a panorama woven with enchantment and serenity.

Island of San Giulio: A realm where legends breathe life—the Island of San Giulio. Here, dragons and serpents once swayed in the dance of myth, and saints walked, leaving the essence of miracles. The island’s paths lead through divine mysteries, Romanesque basilicas, and alleys imbued with silence and meditation, where the spiritual ambience is as palpable as the ancient stones beneath your feet.

Omegna: A bridge between realms of history and fantasy, Omegna unfolds its charm through Roman arches, ancient churches, and the magical realms of Gianni Rodari’s Fantasy Park. As twilight falls, the sky blooms in the colours of tradition and celebration, echoing the jubilance of festive fireworks across the lake.

Pettenasco: In the medieval embrace of Pettenasco, the village unveils its tapestry of history. Stone portals and squares narrate stories from ancient times, while the art of woodturning reverberates in the heartbeats of artisanal traditions. Amidst the allure of preserved architecture, the village opens its arms to tranquil beaches and the whispers of Lake Orta's waves.

Gozzano: Traversing through Gozzano is like turning the pages of a vivid history book. Monuments are chapters—each palace, tower, and basilica telling tales of epochs embraced by these enduring structures. The village harmonises the songs of spirituality and ancient grandeur, allowing visitors to experience a symphony of cultural and historical melodies.

Pella: Where the peninsula kisses Lake Orta, Pella blossoms. In its embrace, nature and history dance in a ballet of scenic beauty and architectural elegance. The village is a treasure chest of stories waiting to unveil their gems, from the sacred echoes in the churches to the riches buried within ancient quarries.

Discover the Magic of Piedmont: Scenic Journeys, Eco-Adventures, and Culinary Delights

Journey through Time: Discovering Orta’s Hidden Trails and Cultural Gems

Unveil the secrets of Upper Piedmont on a transformative 115-kilometer journey. Traverse through majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and historic villages as modern explorers meet ancient traditions enriched by technology and a passionate community of volunteers.

Eco-Adventure Awaits: Mountain and E-Biking Exploration around Lake Orta

Lake Orta, ideal for mountain and e-biking, offers diverse, well-marked trails amidst stunning landscapes. The region promotes ecological tourism, providing bike rentals, assistance, and professional guides, ensuring an enriching exploration of Lake Orta’s natural beauty and picturesque villages.

Gourmet Heaven: Savor Michelin-Starred Delights at Lake Orta

Lake Orta boasts exquisite gourmet options, featuring two Michelin-star restaurants: Villa Crespi, a marvel of Moorish architecture with two stars, and Locanda di Orta on San Giulio Island, led by Chef Andrea Monesi, offering a stellar combination of Piedmontese meats, fish, and creative desserts amidst breathtaking lake views.

A Scenic Foliage Train through Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway

Experience autumn like never before on the Foliage Train along the captivating Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway. Witness nature’s vibrant canvas from Domodossola to Locarno, crossing breathtaking vistas of Lake Maggiore.

Explore the Enchanted North: Divine Interludes at Lake Orta and Beyond

Unveil the manifold wonders of Northern Italy as you embark on a journey that intertwines the allure of pristine lakes, the grandeur of majestic Alps, and the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan city. Tailor your trip to embrace a palette of diverse experiences that resonate with the symphony of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural vistas.

Milan’s Modern Marvels Meets Lake Orta’s Tranquil Charm

Begin your Italian escapade amidst the fashion and architectural marvels of Milan. Allow the luxurious Hotel Spadari al Duomo to be your sanctuary, positioning you at the heart of elegance and sophistication. Roam through Milan’s splendid streets, absorbing its stylish vibes, historic cathedrals, and exquisite dining venues.


Transition seamlessly from the urban brilliance to the ethereal allure of Lake Orta. Find peace by its serene shores, allowing the lake’s mystical aura to wash over you. Let the simplicity of nature, coupled with charming historical towns and islands, be the perfect canvas to paint your memories.

Adventure Unleashed: Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore, and the Alps' Exquisite Cogne Valley

Embark on an exploratory odyssey that spans the enchantment of two legendary lakes and unfolds into the rugged allure of the Alps.


Commence your journey at the divine Lake Orta, a prelude to nature's grand theatre. Wander through ancient villages and be swept away by panoramic lake vistas.

Proceed to unveil the grand tapestry of Lake Maggiore, where opulent gardens and illustrious villas adorn its majestic shores. Navigate through the charming Borromean Islands, where each corner reveals a piece of Italian heritage and botanical wonder.


Your adventure crescendos amidst the rugged terrains of the Cogne Valley in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Here, the mighty Alps cradle you in extraordinary biodiversity and awe-inspiring landscapes.

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