Gran Paradiso National Park


Even though there are only a handful of kilometres, twenty-six, you can't help marvel at the wonderful alpine nature as you enter the blind-bottomed valley that leads from Aosta to Cogne. You'll be excited about the number of activities waiting from you, including walking, mountain biking, e-bikes and paragliding.


The largest village in the Valle d'Aosta, Cogne is one of the gates of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest national park in Italy. You can immerse yourself in nature, among hundreds of species of flora and fauna, and where to spot the ibex, the animal symbol of the park (but also the marmots, which kids like so much).


There are lots of routes you can take, most of them over 2 thousand meters, and some even higher, like Colle del Lauson (3.296 mt) and Colle della Porta (3.002 mt). The village also has many initiatives and soft mobility services, including 200 electric bikes.

Where to stay

Bellevue Hotel & Spa

Classic alpine luxury, Michelin-starred food and an extraordinary spa at Cogne in the heart of the Aosta Valley.

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Bellevue Hotel & Spa

Classic alpine luxury, Michelin-starred food and an extraordinary spa at Cogne in the heart of the Aosta Valley.

  • from £ 1230 per person
  • 7 nights including car hire

Take a walk in Val di Cogne to experience both nature and culture


There are many sports opportunities in the waters that cross the region: rafting, Canadian canoeing and river kayaking, but also canyoning or mountaineering in streams. Exciting experiences that you can do either by yourself or with the help of an expert guide. For those who are patient, there's plenty of sport fishing.


Greener pastures

Every day in the morning, mountain pasture life: free visit and milking experience with the young farmers of the Loup stable. To the delight of the children, there is also the possibility of taking free walks with a mule.


Epinel, a delightful welcome

Epinel is a lovely hamlet in Cogne Valley that will make you feel immediately at one with nature. Thanks to the Pond of Les Fontaines, a 3.7 km path alongside the Grand Eyvia stream, you can enjoy the forest all year round.


Valnontey, the gateway to the Park

The Alpine Paradisia Botanical Garden in Valnontey houses over a thousand plants, both native and from mountains all over the world. There are paths you can walk in the garden, with signs explaining the different types of butterflies attracted to the flowers. You can see and breathe the nature of the Aosta Valley here, with its usual roe deer, chamois, and marmots.


Gimillan is a natural terrace with a stunning panorama

Gimillan is another stop worth checking out if you're touring Val di Cogne. A natural terrace at 1800 meters with views of the Cogne Valley.

Lillaz, spectacular in every season

Lillaz is a great starting point for lots of different excursions--and each one is more beautiful than the last.


The journey (that you shouldn't miss) leads to a more unique than rare spectacle - the Lillaz waterfalls - and it's great during all seasons.


In summer, you'll find yourself in front of wonderful, thunderous waterfalls that make 3 jumps, totalling 150 meters in height, surrounded by the scents of the woods and the bright colours of the sun. The waterfalls freeze in winter, which makes the place feel surreal--like you're in a parallel universe.


Cretaz, where time stands still

Cretaz is another stop to include on your tour of Val di Cogne. Lots of interesting itineraries start from here. One of the most spectacular is certainly the one that runs along the Grand Eyvia stream, where it is possible to take long flat walks in summer.


Cogne, the Pearl of the Gran Paradiso

Cogne, which has only 1,500 residents, is the biggest municipality in the area. It has a great view of the Gran Paradiso massif and is considered the jewel of the park for the nature visits and outdoor activities available within.


The Pulsé del Montseuc cable car will take you up to 2,081m, so you can enjoy the great view of the Cogne Valley and the mountains nearby.


Of note is the Sentiero Natura, an interesting educational ring itinerary to get to know the small wonders of the mountain area.

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