A Slice of Paradise: Luxury Holidays in Ischia

Welcome to Ischia, a Mediterranean gem, where the echoes of a vibrant history meet the rejuvenating force of the earth. This idyllic island, a mere 50-minute journey from Naples, captivates travellers with its mesmerizing beaches, profound volcanic roots, and pulsating local culture.


Ischia's distinctive character stems from its volcanic origin, breathing vitality into its golden beaches and powering its renowned thermal springs. Each droplet in these therapeutic waters carries the promise of wellness and tranquillity, making the island a prized destination for spa and wellness holidays.

Beyond its elemental appeal, Ischia's rich historical tapestry narrates a story as intriguing as time itself. As the island's vine-clad hills sway with the gentle Mediterranean breeze, they whisper tales of an illustrious past, adding an alluring layer of grandeur to your holiday.


As the sun sets, the island transforms into a lively haven. The serene days give way to spirited evenings, filled with laughter, conversations, and celebrations. Soak in the allure of Ischia, where the fusion of beach, wellness, and history creates a mesmerizing rhythm that resonates with the very essence of life.

Lavish Stay in Ischia's Premier Hotels

Nestled in Ischia's lush landscapes, Botania Relais & Spa offers a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. This top-tier Ischia hotel presents an idyllic sanctuary for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting charm of Ischia. With a prime location near Lacco Ameno's dynamic restaurants, bars, and beaches, Botania provides a comprehensive package for luxury holidays in Ischia.

Hotel La Madonnina in Casamicciola Terme, Ischia, offers a breathtaking seaside experience from its privileged position atop a scenic cliff.

Experience elevated luxury tailored for families with children above 12, ensuring a harmonious blend of sophistication and enchantment at Hotel Costa del Capitano.

Discover the Mediterranean's hidden gem at the Ischia Blu Resort, a haven of luxury situated in a private bay. It offers self-catered apartments with mesmerizing sea views, making it the ultimate destination for independent holidays to Ischia.

Exquisite Multi-Centre Holiday Offers

Discovering Ischia

Getting there


Reach Ischia conveniently from the ports of Naples or Pozzuoli all year round. Between May and September, hydrofoils are available from Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi.

Ischia ferry crossing
Ischia ferry crossing from Naples

Ischia's Historical Landmarks


From the Aragonese Castle to the Soccorso Church and the charming village of Ischia Ponte, Ischia offers a plethora of historical sites. Also, don't miss out on Sant'Angelo, an old fishing village reminiscent of "little Capri".

Aragonese Castle Ischia
Aragonese Castle Ischia

Immerse Yourself in Ischia's Culture


Explore Ischia's museums, like the archaeological one at Villa Arbusto, and marvel at the famous Greek terracotta vase dubbed the "Nestor's Cup".

Houses in Ischia Ponte
Houses in Ischia Ponte
Soccorso Church ischia
View of Sant'Angelo, Ischia
View of Sant'Angelo
Greek Vases in Villa Arbusto
town of Ischia at Sunset

Exquisite Gardens and Thermal Springs


Relax in the unique atmosphere of La Mortella Garden or the Poseidon Thermal Garden. Also, try the therapeutic Nitrodi spring's thermal waters.

NItrodi Spring
Nitrodi spring and its miracolous waters
Mortella Gardens, Ischia
Mortella Gardens
Poseidon Thermal Garden Ischia
Poseidon Thermal Garden

Charming Beaches


Indulge in beach days at Sant'Angelo, Cava dell'Isola, the Bay of San Montano, or the Maronti beach.

San Montano beach in Lacco Ameno

Trekking Adventures


Scale Mount Epomeo and be rewarded with an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the whole island.

Top of Mt Epomeo
Top of Mt Epomeo

Thrilling Nightlife and Shopping


Experience the glamorous nightlife at Ischia's popular clubs and discos. Shop till you drop at Via Roma, boasting high-fashion shops and luxury boutiques.

Restaurants in the Riva Destra in Ischia
Boutiques in Ischia Ponte

More Locations to combine with an Holiday in Ischia