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#1 HISTORY - With its 17 square kilometres and over 2000 years of history, Naples offers its visitors countless exhibitions and art treasures in the largest historical centre in Europe listed by Unesco as a world heritage site. Wear your most comfortable shoes.


#2 SPIRITUALITY - In the heart of Baroque religiosity stands the austere church of Santa Chiara. Built in 1310 by Robert of Anjou, it preserves the sepulchral monuments of the Angevin royal family. Those who pass by Naples cannot give up the pleasure (sensory, it must be said) of a walk in the famous Cloister of the Clarisse. It is enough to cross the avenues flanked by the 64 octagonal pillars, covered with majolica, to inebriate yourself with peace and floral essences. Especially in spring.


#3 SWEET BREAK - For us there is only one snack and it is here, at Casa Infante, by the most welcoming family in Naples who takes us by the throat with their artisan desserts every time they welcome us to their home. We advise you to taste everything, from spreadable pistachio to ice cream, passing through the bomboloò: soft butter brioche with a heart of custard filled with fresh cream. Have fun!


#4 STREET ART - Naples is an important attraction for all street art lovers. Wandering through its alleys, it is possible to observe and marvel at the astonishing beauty of some authors' "smears". Have your camera ready for the intense San Gennaro by Jorit in Forcella, the works of Roxy in the box in the Spanish Quarters and the Madonna with the gun of the English artist Bansky.


#5 PAUSE - Happiness in Naples can be reached at any time of day. Just climb the Posillipo hill - considered a magnificence accessible to all - and reach the Virgilian Park, the best panoramic terrace to stop, admire the Gulf of Pozzuoli and the islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri, and recover from the metropolitan chaos.


#6 PIZZA – You can't come to Naples and don't eat pizza, and we'll make you eat it excellent. Enjoy your first real Neapolitan Pizza at Pizzeria Ntretella and then stroll to Poppella for a dessert.

7# KAYAK - What would you say to enjoying the spectacle of the sunset on board a Kayak? After all, even Naples seen from the sea is a whole different story. The start is at the bay of green rocks, do not miss it.


#8 SEE HOW ROMAN PATRICIANS LIVED The Pausilypon Archaeological Park is one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Gulf, and here it is possible to admire the remains of the Theatre, the Odeion and some reception rooms of the villa, whose maritime foundations are now part of the neighboring Park Sommerso di Gaiola, overlooked by the lookout points overlooking the sea of ​​Pausilypon.


#9 SPEAKEASY - The aperitif is at L'Antiquariato, a precious Neapolitan hidden gem to visit before the last supper, because as they like to say "We are hidden but not invisible". The cocktails are all delicious, the gin and tonic an ever green. A parallel world made of precious bottles, velvet sofas and swing music. The best place in town to have a drink.


#10 PLASTIC WORLD - You go down the steps of a historic building to enter the Plart Foundation, a gem for design and installation enthusiasts. The history of plastic, from its invention to a sustainable future, and our modern history, are told in a collection of objects, newspapers, videos and interactive games - all under a beautiful nineteenth-century building.


#11 SOCIAL DINING - The last supper is intimate, romantic and already a little nostalgic. You can only get to A Casa di Amici (A Friend's House) by boat, in fact they come to pick you up at the port of Mergellina to take you to the owner of the house, a fisherman who only prepares the fish he catches in the day.

Naples and Southern Italy

Whether you want a journey that is always on the go, an itinerary between cities or a coast-to-coast trip, we help you customize your holiday with multiple destinations to suit you.


Take a look at our recommended itineraries and best travel combinations or tell us the trip that suits you best, the types of hotels and the length of your stay. Whether it's a car-free holiday or a fly and drive, use our expertise to choose your adventure.

Naples and Ischia: City and Spa break

A well-matched twin centre holiday that combines the vibrant capital of southern Italy with the relaxing island of Ischia, travelling between the two by hydrofoil across the Bay of Naples.

  • 7 nights

£ 1525 per person

Naples and Ischia: City and Spa break

A well-matched twin centre holiday that combines the vibrant capital of southern Italy with the relaxing island of Ischia, travelling between the two by hydrofoil across the Bay of Naples.

  • 7 nights

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