What to do

#1 GIOTTO - Immerse yourself in the smallest details of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Giotto's masterpiece, admire the starry sky up close, and navigate the cycle of frescoes along the walls depicting the Stories of the Life of the Virgin, the Stories of the Life of Jesus and the Last Judgment.


#2 PIAZZA DELLE ERBE - The commercial hub of the city, home to the fruit and vegetable market and flanked by the beautiful Town Hall building: this is a must to stop for an evening drink.


#3 SIT AT CAFFE PEDROCCHI  - This place is a real institution for the locals! Sit down and ask for the house specialty, mint coffee garnished with a green cream and dusted with cocoa.


#4 BOAT EXCURSION FROM PADUA TO VENICE - a suggestive cruise aboard the typical Burchiello that allows you to visit some Venetian Villas such as Villa Pisani, Villa Widman and Villa Foscari.


#5 STREET ART - Take a photo of Kenny Random's works: the famous Paduan street artist has created beautiful murals on some streets of the city. Go hunting for his works between Via Roma, Via Sauro, Via Sant'Agnese and in the district dell'Arcella.

#6 MUSEUMS - Among the things not to miss in Padua are certainly the Civic Museums, also known as the Eremitani Museums, which regroup the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Medieval Art. The complex is located inside the cloisters of the former convent of the Eremitani friars, and for some years they have also included the Museum of Applied Arts and the Bottacin Museum.


#7 APERITIF - Chicheti, or cicchetti, a true institution in Padua, are the snacks to accompany the aperitif, a concept like Spanish tapas. If you want to taste them prepared in a workmanlike manner, you can go to the La Moscheta Enoteca, a refined place where the choice of wines, spirits and foods is truly vast.


#8 GET ON YOUR ON BIKE - The most beautiful cycle path in Padua is the 35 km cycle path that goes to Vicenza. Along the Bacchiglione River, it offers breathtaking views of nearby villages, dotted with castles and other historic buildings. Return by train is 16 minutes and costs 5 euros.


#9 THE HEALING POWER OF PLANTS - Padua has the world's oldest botanical garden: built in 1545 for the farming of plants and herbs useful in the medical field by the University of Padua. Today, it houses more than six thousand plants.

Where to Stay

Palazzo Bovio


An exquisite apartment, ideal for a couple. The perfect location for anyone who wishes to visit Padua on foot.

  • £650 per person
  • 5 nights, Service apartment, Private airport transfers from Venice


A tour of Padova in 8 stops

Eight unique places, united in the Padova Urbs Picta project, which tell the story of 14th century Padua starting from an undisputed masterpiece: the frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel painted by Giotto.

Padova and beyond

These three beautiful art cities are all under 1 hour  train from Padova.  You can just pop in for a day trip or decide to extend your stay to include one or more in your holiday.

Rail journey:  27 minutes



Rail journey:  16 minutes

Rail journey:  44 minutes