We are located on the Amalfi Coast, between fishing villages made up of houses perched on each other and narrow stairways that run after each other.


Picturesque places framed by breathtaking views and the scent of lemons and bougainvillea in bloom. Praiano is one of the most characteristic towns of this fabulous coastline.


Suffice it to say that there are about 20 churches out of just over 2,000 inhabitants. The best way to visit them is to go from one to the other through the medieval alleys. You'll smell history and get a good sense of local food. Make sure you don't miss the churches that date back to 1400 AD - they're all in great condition.


It is said the small barrel preserves the best wine. A more appropriate proverb could not have been. That's why a stay in Praiano will conquer every molecule of you, forcing you to return again.

Where to Stay

Hotel Margherita

The Hotel Margherita is exactly what you'd expect from a house on the Amalfi coast - it overlooks the sea and is flooded with light.

£ 980 per person - 5 nights

Hotel Margherita

The Hotel Margherita is exactly what you'd expect from a house on the Amalfi coast - it overlooks the sea and is flooded with light.

#GETTING AROUND -  The journey from Naples airport is about 2 hours. Once in Praiano, you can travel to Positano, Amalfi and Sorrnto with quick and panoramic bus journeys. During the summer, hydrofoils connect Praiano to Capri, Amalfi and Positano.


#PRAIANO NATURARTE - In 2014, eight itineraries of NaturArte were created by as many artists, combining art from the past with contemporary creativity. They are pedestrian paths in the village, with 150 small stone and ceramic installations, and beautiful views.


#BEACH LIFE - If you're yearning for the sea, 330 steps lead down to the small cliff of the Gavitella beach, where the sun sets later. Watch out for the altar fountain, a natural pool at the mouth of a cave. Marina di Praia is the town's beach, accessible by car and bus and therefore more crowded in summer. The Praie Beach, more secluded and solitary, can only be reached by sea.

#SUNSET DRINKS - In terms of sunsets Praiano wins hands down. And how to best enjoy a sunset if not with a cool drink in hand? Among the favorite locations certainly the Gavitella beach, the Bar del Sole and the Cafè Mirante.


#FURORE FJORD - This town is a small fishing village, and it's nicknamed the town that doesn't exist because its houses are spread out and not next to each other. It is located next to Praiano and is a small and narrow fjord born from the fury of the sea and a stream.


#PATH OF GODS -  The famous Path of the Gods is nearby and tempting for anyone who likes to hike. The path starts in Agerola and reaches Positano through a trekking path suspended between sky and sea. In Springs and Autumns, a series of classical and contemporary music concerts takes place in the churchyard of Santa Maria a Castro, among the ruins of ancient cave dwellings, with enchanting views of the Lattari Mountains.

Fjord of Furore