What to do

#1 GO TO CHURCH - We are not talking about sudden conversions, divine calls or confessions. No, religion has nothing to do here, but Roman churches are prolific in works of art for all tastes: from Caravaggio (to Santa Maria del Popolo, for example) to Michelangelo (to Santa Maria sopra Minerva), from Borromini (go and visit San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane, you will not regret it) to Bernini (among others, Sant'Andrea al Quirinale is one of his masterpieces).


#2 HAVE A GELATO BREAK - On holiday, everyone indulges in a sin of gluttony... So why not enjoy a tasty ice cream wandering through the city (in Piazza Vittorio there is the historic Fassi ice cream parlour, open since 1880, but in all neighbourhoods you will find authentic addresses) or indulge in a "Roman Grattachecca."


#3 BEST SUNSET VIEWS? The terrace of Castel Sant'Angelo, to observe simultaneously both the domes of the churches and the bend of the Tiber river, which at that hour have an alluring colour.

#4 OMNIA CARD  OR NOT OMNIA CARD? The price is high (129 Euro - 72-hour), but if used well, the Omnia Card allows you to save on your trip (up to 22 Euro). Although the savings are not huge, the convenience of a single pass with skip-the-line access is worth more than you can imagine if you've ever witnessed the ticket lines at the Vatican and the Colosseum.


#5 CYCLING IN ROME - The short name is GRAB, it is a 45 KM circular route that allows cyclists to enjoy a ride in nature (19 kilometres are in the green) and to admire the most fascinating areas of the capital in all safety. During the bike ride, you will encounter landmarks including San Pietro, the Baths of Caracalla, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Maxxi, the street art of the Quadraro and the Coppedè district.


#6 ROME'S FAKE DOME - it is the Church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola in Rome that hides incredible pictorial virtuosity and evocative illusionistic effects. The baroque device, based on mathematical calculations and geometric compositions from the Renaissance study of perspective, expands the real space of the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola into an infinite dimension, the divine, where theophany takes place.

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Explore Italy's historic cities - Venice, Florence, and Rome - and enjoy the beautiful Italian countryside from the comfort of your train seat!

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