Uncover the Ancient Allure Amidst Luxury and Charm

Siracusa is a charming city nestled along the Sicilian coast, where the past and present blend harmoniously. It's a place that showcases the richness of ancient civilizations and baroque elegance.


Whether planning a standalone cultural experience or a multi-centre Sicilian escapade, a city break in Siracusa will offer you much more than a holiday.

You'll journey through various epochs, from the whispering Greek legends to the magnificent Baroque brilliance, all with modern-day luxury as your companion.


As you explore this city, you'll come across architectural marvels, hear engaging stories, and feel the soothing touch of the Ionian Sea. Every moment here promises to create memories that will stay with you long after you've left the Sicilian shores, be it a family learning adventure or a romantic cultural retreat.

Your Enchanting Retreats Amidst Timeless Narratives

The luxury hotels in Siracusa are not merely accommodations but gateways to an era replete with abundant history. Nestled in these charming havens, every morning greets you with the city’s ancient whispers and every night sings lullabies of its timeless tales.

Embark on a Magical Journey to Siracusa: The Crown Jewel of Sicily

Greek ruins in Siracusa
Temple of Apollo

Stepping Into a Bygone Era: The Baroque and Doric Dance

The heart of Siracusa, Ortigia, is where the magnificence of Doric and Baroque architectures converge. Stroll through the historic centre to the Cathedral Square, where the majesty of the past gracefully melds with the soft outlines of baroque aesthetics.

Cathedral Square

The Puppetry Chronicles: An Ode to Sicilian Heritage

Tread the cobbled paths leading to the Puppet Museum in the old Jewish Quarter. Here, the ancient artistry of puppetry comes alive, narrating sagas of knights and kings through the eloquent gestures of marionettes, embodying the soul of Syracuse in each movement.

Siracusa from the sea and Mt Etna in the background

Tranquil Ruminations by Lush Springs

Journey to Largo Aretusa, housing the serene Fountain of Arethusa, surrounded by the whispering papyrus. Unwind by the waters that have been the muse for poets across ages, and each ripple narrates myths of the beautiful nymph and her lover.

Sunset Saga at Maniace Castle

As the dusk delicately drapes the city, find your way to Maniace Castle. The serene spectacle of sunset over the Maddalena peninsula is a pause that invites reflections amidst nature’s marvel.

Daily Market

The Ancient Theatrics: Neapolis Unveiled

An expedition to the Archaeological Park of Neapolis is akin to leafing through the pages of ancient Greek narratives. The grandiose Greek Theater, the mystical Ear of Dionysius, and the Roman Amphitheater are remnants of a glorious epoch waiting to be explored.

Greek Festival 2024 Siracusa: A Timeless Voyage through Dramatic Arts

Indulge in a rare blend of historical richness and theatrical grandeur at the Greek Festival 2024 in Siracusa. As the ancient narratives unfold, every emotion will resonate through the echoes of time, creating a unique bond between the past and the present.


A Gastronomic Voyage: Relish the Local Flavors

Indulge your taste buds with the delectable Arancini at Antica Giudecca, a taste that’s endured through time and become synonymous with the culinary heritage of Siracusa.

Renaissance Resonance: Caravaggio’s Legacy at Santa Lucia

The ethereal touch of the Renaissance awaits at Santa Lucia as you stand before the iconic "The Burial of Saint Lucy" by Caravaggio. It’s not just a visual feast, but a journey through time marking the ephemeral yet profound influence of Renaissance artistry in Siracusa.

Alleys of Siracusa

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