In summer, Merano dresses as a bride. They are the flowers of apple trees that, as far as the eye can see, cover the city and the entire basin of a mantle so dense as to transform the area into a botanical garden.

Small (40,000 inhabitants), but with a lively metropolitan life, it was the 2015 gold medal at the international Entente Florale competition for the high quality of life and for the urban decor devoted to the green.

Nature, in the garden city on the Passer, is everywhere: 12 km of walks and 16 hectares of parks practically in the city, 80 km of paths along the ancient irrigation canals, the Waalwege (the "irrigation ditches") and over 30,000 hectares of the Park Natural of the Tessa Group, between the basin of Merano (to the south), the Val Senales (to the west), the Venoste Alps (to the north) and the Val Passiria (to the east). To discover, of course, on foot. Between scenic trails and trekking routes.


A gastronomic extravaganza and spa indulgence at this sophisticated alpine retreat in the Dolomites.