#PANICALE -  Perched at the foot of Mount Petrarvella, on top of a hill at about 440 m above sea level, Panicale is a historic and picturesque town that surrounds Lake Trasimeno, about 40 km from Perugia. The village and its panoramic terraces offer magnificent views of the lake and the countryside on the border between Umbria and Tuscany.


#CITTA DELLA PIEVE - Città della Pieve has always been a place where the most diverse arts intertwine, which catch the eye while walking through the historic center: over time, architectural elements of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical taste have been added to the medieval urban layout, creating a harmonious and beautiful path.


#ORVIETO - From the golden marvel of the Duomo to the well of San Patrizio, up to the Orvieto Underground. A journey into the heart and soul of the Umbrian city that takes tourists by the hand as if they were a member of the family and leads them to discover history, art and good food.


#ASSISI - It is here that thousands of faithful arrive every year, recalled from the homeland that saw the birth, life and death of both St. Francis and St. Clare. Visiting Assisi on foot is absolutely feasible even in a single day, because the center of this city has many noteworthy attractions but it is also quite collected and circumscribed, so you will certainly be able to see everything you want without running too much.


#CASTIGLIONE SUL LAGO - Inserted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is a characteristic village by the shores of Lake Trasimeno. You can access it from one of the three town's gates and admire the view of the lake from above. The village is full of places to eat and buy typical products.

# GET ACTIVE AROUND LAKE TRASIMENO - Nature is also a paradise for those who love cycling, horseback riding or trekking: 25 ring routes for cyclists, about thirty paths, one dedicated to Perugino, and two routes to explore on horseback.


#FOLIAGE - In Umbria, the phenomenon of foliage can be observed practically in almost the entire region: from the area of Lake Trasimeno to Assisi, to the Fonti del Clitunno and the Marmore waterfalls. Among the places of interest to admire this phenomenon and breathe in the scent of the woods, we recommend you take the paths of Monte Cucco and immerse yourself in its luxurious nature.


#UMBRIA JAZZ - It is the most anticipated event of the year for Perugia, the homeland of Umbria Jazz, one of the best known festivals in the world. For ten days, the first two weeks of July, the streets of the historic centre turn into an uninterrupted river of people moving accompanied by the uninterrupted rhythm of the music.


#FLOWER FESTIVAL OF SPELLO - Faces, 3D effects, architectural visions and extraordinary color details created with multicolored leaves and flower petals. These are the ingredients of Spello Flower Festival

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