Down in Depth Experience – The Sunken City of Baia

The Bay of Naples, a striking fusion of history, archaeology, mythology, and geology, is perfectly captured by the Baia Underwater Archaeological Park.

Baia: A Sunken Marvel

Immersed in the sea due to bradyseism activity, the city of Baia is a pristine underwater archaeological wonder located in the volcanic Phlegraean Fields. It stands as an exquisite tribute to Roman grandeur in the Neapolitan region.

Baia: A Sunken Marvel

In its heyday, Baia was the Roman elite’s getaway destination. Emperors like Caesar and Nero built opulent villas in this spa town, drawn by its stunning landscapes and therapeutic hot springs.

Diving Highlights

Baia, as one of the world’s few underwater parks, offers a rare opportunity to intertwine archaeology with diving. Visitors can swim or dive amid historical ruins, bearing witness to Rome’s grandeur.

Preserved History at the Baia Museum

Artifacts from Baia’s watery depths, including ornate marble statues from the Nymphaeum, can be found at the Baia Museum, reminding visitors of a city that once flourished above the waves.

Embarking on Your Historical Dive Adventure:

Baia Underwater Archaeological Park & Centro Sub Campi Flegrei

Snorkeling: An Enthralling Experience

Dive into history with a snorkeling adventure in the sunken city of Baia. No need for scuba gear here; snorkeling provides a relaxed and accessible path to the underwater world of history. The shallow waters teem with easily reachable historical sites, the perfect setting for an unforgettable snorkeling journey.

Scuba-Diving: A Deeper Exploration

For enthusiasts eager to delve deeper, the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei equips you for a more profound journey. From top-tier diving equipment to professionally led courses and guided tours beneath the sea, everything you need for a scuba-diving expedition is at your fingertips.


Maximize your experience with comprehensive beachfront amenities, such as showers, changing rooms, and a bar. Post-dive, you can unwind on the sun decks, basking in the warmth and relishing the cool sea breeze. Create unforgettable memories at the Baia Underwater Archaeological Park with Centro Sub Campi Flegrei.

Your Guide: Enzo Maione

Enzo Maione, a certified PADI MI and EFR Instructor, will guide your journey. Not only is Enzo equipped to guide divers with disabilities, but he also carries the passion for the sea instilled from childhood. He is a founding member of Centro Sub Campi Flegrei, an expert boat skipper, and liaison with PADI EMEA and local institutions.


Author of the first guidebook for Baia’s underwater park, Enzo brings unwavering dedication, formidable professionalism, and excellent interpersonal skills to every dive. He is your key to unlock an immersive and unforgettable exploration of Baia’s submerged history.

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