Etna Experience – Active Tours

Experience the peaks and valleys of Sicily on a trip exploring the slopes of Etna and the Alcantara Gorges!


We have teamed up with Marco Zagami at The Island of Wonders to propose a list of experiences sure to make your stay in Sicily all the more memorable. Depending on your level of fitness and adrenaline needs, you can choose among body rafting, trekking, quad excursions, kayaking and more.


The routes are optimized to see the best, and their accurate explanations make you live and love what you are seeing, and on the tours there is always room for adventure, adrenaline and healthy fun.


Your local guide will be part of a team of qualified guides each expert in their activity. Their just the people… knowledgeable local guides for creating magical Sicilian memories. Fire away with the questions – your guide is guaranteed to have local, cultural and historical nous that’s second to none.

Etna Family Trekking

It is an easy and not demanding route, for those who are not used to or for those with children in tow.


The first part of the path will take you in the middle of an immense eruptive fracture; it is a gash in the ground that opened after one of the most impressive eruptions of the last 100 years.


During the second stage you will walk a short but steep path until you reach the edge of the craters. Once you reach the top you will walk right on the edge of the volcanic mouths from where you will experience far reaching views of the Ionian Coast.


The third stage makes its way to one of the most particular and accessible volcanic caves of Etna; the exploration will be done in complete safety with the help of helmets and torches.


The entire route is free of dangers and the paths are well marked and absolutely safe, the perfect choice for children to experience intense contact with nature.


The actual duration of the walk is approximately 1 h 30 min, interspersed with several stops.

Mt Etna

Central Crater Excursion with Cable Car, Jeep and Trekking up to 3,340m

The Etna Summit Tour is an excursion to the central crater of Etna at an altitude of 3,340 meters, that is, the top of the highest active volcano in Europe. The meeting point is at the cable station on the South Slope of Mt Etna.


Here, you will meet your guide, who will give you safety instructions before leaving, checking your equipment (those who do not have trekking shoes and jacket will be able to rent them at the meeting point) and provide you with a safety helmet.


Ascent by cable car

The cable car/gondola lift runs from Rifugio Sapienza (1900m) to 2500m giving you a first taste of the wonderful volcanic landscapes and the Ionian Coast.


Ascent by Jeep or Unimog Vehicles

Reached the altitude of 2,500 meters, you board special 4×4 vehicles equipped for the ascent on volcanic paths. The landscapes become more hostile as you climb, and the vegetation leaves room for volcanic deserts.


Trekking Summit Craters

The jeeps will take you to an altitude of 2,900 meters, from here a trek of about 1 hour and 30 minutes will start up to the edge of the central crater, through fumaroles, wonderful sea views and surreal lunar landscapes.


Back down

The descent from the central crater will always be in trekking mode up to an altitude of 2,900 meters, here you can decide whether to get on board the jeeps (Ticket Included), or continue the trek through the volcanic gullies, where with great leaps, you will quickly reach the cable car station. From here, you can choose to continue the trek down or use the cable car (Ticket Included) to return to the starting point.

Grand Quad Tour of Mt Etna and the Alcantara Gorge

The Grand quad tour is one of the most appreciated and engaging off-road adventures in Sicily, and will allow you to see Etna and Alcantara in a unique and exciting journey.


After a short breafing, during which the guide will explain the operation of a quad bike, you will leave for the famous Alcantara gorges. Stopping on a terrace you can admire this volcanic canyon with very particular geological forms.


Surrounded by vineyards, the tour continues to the village of Castiglione di Sicilia, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. From here, through ancient lava flows, you will climb from an altitude of 450m up to 1800m through ever-changing landscapes and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Body Rafting through the Alcantara Canyon

The wonderful lava canyon through which the Alcantara river flows is certainly one of the most visited natural attractions in Sicily. This is the place where this exciting adventure takes place.


Once you have put on your wetsuit and all the necessary equipment to enjoy the excursion in complete safety, you start by going upstream the lava canyon dug over the millennia by the continuous erosive force of the water.


Advancing along the course of the river the path becomes more demanding, jumping over natural obstacles such as small waterfalls or climbing on lava walls.


The ascent of the river will take some of your energy, but you will still have many to face the descent that awaits you. Gently transported by the river current you will find yourself sliding between rocks, rapids and waterfalls, while admiring the beauty of the majestic lava canyons that surround you.

Etna Excursion with MTB Bike or E-bikes

It starts from the medieval village of Randazzo, from here along the Mareneve State Road you get to the entrance of zone “A” of the Etna park. A dirt path through woods and panoramic views over the Etna villages will take you to some lava flows.


From the gorse woods you pass to the pine forests, and from the pine forests to a wonderful centuries-old beech forest, until you reach one of Etna’s most impressive lava flows: the Passo dei Dammusi with its pahoehoe lava flows. You are at an altitude of 1700 meters on one of Etna’s largest lava flows, the result of a 10-year eruption.


A short trek along the lava field will allow you to reach the Grotta dei Lamponi, a splendid example of a volcanic cave, with its stalactites and its windows open to the sky. After exploring the cave, the descent begins, fun and fast.


Halfway along the route, a detour will take you to the lava flow of 1981, where a single track on the lava and a short trek along some craters originating during this eruption awaits you. The last part of the route will still offer you unique volcanic landscapes interspersed with green oases.


The path ends again in the village of Randazzo where, if you wish, you can enjoy a delicious ice cream or a refreshing granita.