Family Fun: Sicily’s Adventure Parks

The adventure parks in Sicily are aimed at those who want to “have outdoor fun” immersed in greenery, experiencing the thrill of climbing and challenging the force of gravity.


They consist of routes suspended between tall trees or between rocks where, with different levels of difficulty (suitable for both children and adult), action takes place under the careful control and assistance of qualified personnel.


Adventure parks equip their users with safety devices generally used by mountaineers (harnesses, carabiners, pulleys) to reduce the risk of injury to zero.

The Biopark of Sicily

The Bioparco di Sicilia in Carini is a modern zoo, committed to strengthening its role in biodiversity conservation and safeguarding biological diversity.


Far, in fact, from being a zoo-museum, the Bioparco di Sicilia participates in training programs in species conservation techniques and exchanges, with other zoos and institutions operating in the sector, information on conservation, on ex situ breeding, on the repopulation and reintroduction of species in the natural environment.


The park counts more than 57 different species including chimpanzees, barbettes, lemurs, Benneth’s wallabies, Grant’s zebras, coati, Suricata, Tibetan goats, grey Sicilian donkeys, dromedaries and llamas.


Moreover, for some Stone Age fun, the zoo offers a trail with over twenty life-sized dinosaur replicas, among the most famous one there are specimens of Ankylosaurus, Oviraptor, Psittacosauro, Pteranodon and Tyrannosaurus rex.


Where: Carini, Palermo

EcoCampus Casaboli

The EcoCampus Casaboli, 15 minutes from Palermo, is a reality that brings you closer to nature, sport and adventure. An ideal place for outdoor sports or relaxing with outdoor walks. At your disposal an Environmental Education Center, educational training paths, a vast network of trails, MTB school camp, archery and an exciting adventure park.


Where: Monreale (PA)


Parcallario is the first Adventure Park in the heart of the Iblei Mountains. At the centre of south-eastern Sicily, between the provinces of Siracusa, Ragusa and Catania, it offers acrobatic routes for all ages and the opportunity to spend pleasant days in the open air in the name of adventure and fun.


An area equipped with barbecue, lava stone tables and benches is available for picnics and a kiosk prepares sandwiches and excellent grilled meat with appetizers and side dishes based on local products.


Where: Buccheri (Siracusa)

Parco Etnavventura

Parco EtnAvventura is the first, and original, outdoor park around Mt Etna and Eastern Sicily.


It has as many as 16 acrobatic paths on the trees, a 150-meter-long Tyrolean Giant, the longest of the adventure parks of southern Italy; a climbing tree of over 15 meters; the zorbing balls to roll in a vortex of adrenaline; archery, orienteering, guided walks and treks, horses (only July and August); guided visits to the Aastrophysical Observatory of Serra La Nave and much more in a splendid 7 hectares of nature, among chestnut and pine woods


where: Ragalna, Catania

Monti Rossi Adventure Park

Monti Rossi Adventure Park is the ideal place for a family-friendly day of fun and relaxation. The Adventure Park, just one km from the centre of Nicolosi, is nestled in a pine forest and offers 5 routes of increasing difficulty.


Before starting the activities a person in charge of the structure welcomes the participants and explains to them the use of the equipment and the travel techniques of each atelier or game, to then give them the opportunity to practice on the test field.


After the experience of the routes, you can stop for lunch in the picnic area, take a nap on the hammocks in the trees, or take an excursion on the Monti Rossi trail that starts right next to the Park.


where: Nicolosi (CT)

Etna Adventure Park

The Etna Adventure Park is open to everyone, from 2 to 99 years old and is located within the pine forest of Parco Scarbaglio: it allows you to spend a day outdoors, pleasantly immersed in the greenery of the Sicilian nature.


You can choose between various acrobatic courses and ateliers (tree-tree games), plus 2 climbing walls (one for adults and one for children). The routes are developed according to the level of difficulty: everything takes place in a completely safe way, thanks to the constant control and support of the instructors.


There are 10 routes, 4 of which are specifically designed for children and 6 for children and adults.


where: Ragalna (CT) Versante Nicolosi Etna Sud


Etnaland is a very popular waterpark at the foot of Mount Etna. In addition to large crystal-clear water pools and adrenaline slides, Etnaland doubles its act with numerous mechanical attractions for all tastes and ages.


where: Belpasso, Catania

Adventure Park of the Madonie

Within the Madonie Park, families, both young and old, can practice discovering nature, with exciting acrobatic routes, thrilling mountain bike trails, archery, orientation competitions and nature excursions.


The Adventure Park is an ideal place for outings in the mountains, thanks to many different programs offered by the park management: from acrobatic courses to educational workshops on geology and nutrition, the Madonie Adventure Park offers a perfect mix of fun and learning.


where: Petralia Sottana PA, Italia

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