Fly drive holiday? 8 tips for a car hire without surprises

Planning on a fly-drive holiday? Using a rental car allows you to travel with less stress. But pay attention to details: some carelessness could ruin your holiday.


A bit like with the purchase of flights, it is good to pay attention to the various taxes and accompanying services – sometimes mandatory – at the time of purchase.


We have drawn up a handbook of advice for a rental that is surprise-proof.

1. Advantages of Booking Your Car Rental in Advance

  • Save money compared to renting locally
  • Choose the vehicle that suits your needs without being limited to the options available

2. Selecting Your Car

  • Consider prioritizing convenience or savings
  • Think about whether you’re in a hurry, need a large trunk, or are going on a long journey
  • Keep in mind that you cannot choose a specific car model, but instead select from a category that groups similar models by passenger capacity and baggage allowance

MDMR (Mini) Pax 5


Fiat Panda 1.2 or similar

JGMR (Intermediate Elite) Pax 5, Luggage 5


Jeep Renegade 1.6 or similar

EDMR (Economy) Pax 5, Luggage 3


Renault Clio or similar

CWMR (Compact Wagon) Pax 5, Luggage 5


Ford Focus SW or similar

CDMR (Compact) Pax 5, Luggage 3


FIAT 500X 1.0/1.3 or similar

PDMD (Premium) Pax 5, Luggage 3


AUDI A6 or similar

IDAR (Intermediate) Pax 5, Luggage 5


AUDI A3 or similar

PVMD (Premium Van) Pax 9, Luggage 5


VW CARAVELLE or similar

3. Car Rental Services

  • Include unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver, theft protection waiver, third-party liability insurance, local sales taxes, and airport surcharges/fees
  • Pay attention to the excess, which is the amount that you must pay in the event of damage or theft
  • The excess can be reduced or eliminated by paying an additional fee when booking or through additional insurance

4. Renting a Car

  • Must have an international credit card in the driver’s name for the security deposit
  • Electronic, debit, and rechargeable cards are not accepted
  • Inquire about the limit of your credit card before booking
  • Minimum age for car rental is 21 years old
  • Drivers under 25 years old must pay an additional fee due to their “less experience behind the wheel”
  • If someone else will be driving the rental car, add their name to the car rental contract and pay the related surcharge

5. ``Full-empty`` or ``full-full`` Fuel Option

  • When renting a car, pay attention to the fuel option.
  • Car rental companies offer two fuel management options: “full-full” and “full-empty”.
  • The “full-full” option is more advantageous and petrol stations are often found nearby.
  • Choosing the “full-empty” option means paying a higher price per liter than at a petrol station and trusting the rental company on the amount of missing fuel.
  • The security deposit includes the cost for a full tank of fuel, which the rental company retains if the car is returned without a full tank.

6. Returning the Car

  • One-way tax or “drop-off” fee will apply if you return the car to a different location
  • The fee varies depending on the place and car rental company

7. Child Seats

  • Car rental companies provide approved child seats for babies and children in three weight categories
  • The rental fee for the car seat is separate and often high
  • If you need the car seat for more than six days, it’s advisable to buy one at your destination and leave it at the airport upon your return
  • Request the car seat when booking, as it may not be available locally
  • Alternatively, you may bring your child seat as checked baggage on the plane free of charge.

8. Inspecting the Vehicle

  • When you collect the vehicle, inspect it inside and out for damage
  • Report any damage to the staff and take photos to document it
  • Keep a copy of the signed documents even after returning home
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