Hidden Palermo: Stanze del Genio House-Museum

One of the largest collections of majolica in the world is located in a house in Palermo. Visiting it is possible and not to be missed

The House-Museum Stanze al Genio is a private house inside Palazzo Torre-Piraino and represents one of the most fascinating collections of Sicilian majolica. The palace was built between 1500 and 1600 and belonged to the Fernandez family of Valdes; in 1700 the property was acquired by the Princes of Torre and Benso.


A recent restoration has given a new light to some of the original features, from the period flooring to the frescoes of the late 18th century.


The impact when you enter the apartment is very strong, you immediately want to steal some ideas and decor at least one corner of your home with these tiles.


Inside the museum, it is possible to admire a collection composed of almost 5000 ancient Sicilian and Neapolitan tiles, vintage toys, labels and advertising posters, stationery and writing materials dating back to the first sixty years of the twentieth century.


The house museum is divided into four rooms: the entrance hall, the neoclassical hall (for the eighteenth-century ceiling decorations), the Flower room (for the early nineteenth-century ceiling decorations) and the Kitchen room. The exhibition of majolica is divided by age and origins (Naples and Sicily). The museum house houses a workshop for the restoration of old majolica tiles.


The House-Museum “Stanze al Genio” was opened in March 2008 by the collector Pio Mellina with the aim to show a Sicilian cultural heritage, acquired by various collectors, through permanent exhibitions, events and collateral activities.


How to visit the museum room Rooms at the Genius – The House Museum is open throughout the year by joining the Cultural Association and booking by phone or email. Membership of the Association costs 7.00 and entitles you to a visit to the exhibition spaces and it is done directly at the venue.

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