A Twin-Centre Holiday between Bologna And Ravenna

7 nights

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£ 980 per person 7 nights

Explore the best of both worlds on a twin-centre holiday to Bologna and Ravenna. Bologna, a city of rich history, culinary delights, and distinctive architecture. Ravenna, a mosaic masterpiece with a historical charm. An Italian journey of discovery awaits.

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7 nights


from £ 980 per person


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Daily breakfast

Private airport transfers

4 nights sharing a Suite at the 051 Rooms & Breakfast in Bologna

Private transfer to Ravenna

3 nights sharing a double room at the Villa Noctis in Ravenna

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Bologna: A Mosaic of History, Gastronomy, and Architecture

  • Private transfer from Bologna airport
  • 4 nights sharing a Suite at the 051 Rooms & Breakfast in Bologna

What makes Bologna unique among Italian cities?

Bologna's unique blend of historical significance, culinary excellence, architectural beauty, and political history sets it apart.

Can you explore nearby Italian cities from Bologna?

Yes, Bologna's central location and excellent rail connections make visiting cities like Modena, Parma, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, and Rome easy.

Can you explore Bologna's historical sites on foot?

Yes, many of Bologna's historical sites, especially around Piazza Maggiore, are accessible on foot.

Is Bologna suitable for culinary enthusiasts?

Bologna's rich gastronomic culture, famous worldwide, offers a feast for the taste buds.

Ravenna: A Mosaic Masterpiece and Historical Marvel

  • Private transfer to Ravenna
  • 3 nights sharing a double room at the M-Club in Ravenna
  • Private transfer to Bologna airport

Why is Ravenna renowned worldwide?

Ravenna is celebrated as the global capital of mosaic art, boasting an ancient tradition of this intricate craft. The city's mosaic works are not just limited to churches but are also a significant part of its urban decor.

What can you expect to see in Ravenna's city centre?

Visitors strolling through Ravenna's centre can admire a myriad of open-air treasures, reflecting the city's rich history as the capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402AD.

How does Ravenna's historical significance contribute to its charm?

Although Ravenna appears as a small town today, its bustling past as a significant Roman Empire capital is evident, inviting visitors to imagine its once-teeming life.

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