Asmundo di Gisira

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Enchanting Asmundo di Gisira: A Fusion of Art, History, and Sicilian Heritage

Art, Sicilianity, and ancient legends converge harmoniously at Asmundo di Gisira. This luxury bed and breakfast stands majestically within the storied walls of its namesake building, inviting guests to embark on a unique cultural and aesthetic journey.

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Combining Catania with the Aeolian Islands and Taormina.

Baroque Beauty: A Dance of Lava and Design

In the heart of Catania, the city's signature black lava Baroque architecture is an enduring testament to its history. The awe-inspiring palazzi, reborn from the fiery eruptions of Mount Etna, serve as timeless masterpieces. Palazzo Asmundo stands as one such jewel, lovingly restored by a local entrepreneur with an ardour for art. The vision for this architectural gem was clear: to depict Sicily as a vibrant mosaic of creativity.


Celebrated artists, from Michael Anastassiades to Walton Ford, pour their narratives into their art, designs, and furnishings. As you enter the reception, be prepared for a whimsical greeting by Domenico Pellegrino's towering pink flamingo and his sculpted companion, Spiderman.

A Tapestry of Rooms: Every Stay, a New Story

Nestled across two levels are eleven distinctive rooms, each echoing different tales from Sicily's rich tapestry. The main floor is home to six 'art rooms', each paying homage to mythological figures from the Catania region. Venture a few steps up, and the following five rooms transport you to the opulent 18th-century Grand Tour era when the European elite traversed Sicily in their pursuit of art and culture. Each room, from the Bellini suite with its ode to composer Vincenzo Bellini and its beckoning grand piano to the Uzeta room where showers cascade from a lofty five-metre height, promises a singularly immersive experience.

Exceptional Service in an Artistic Ambience

During a visit, expect passionate employees ready to unveil the tales behind each 'art room', and offer insights into ongoing local exhibitions. For those seeking moments of introspection, a serene reading space awaits, while a grand reception room, punctuated by an adjoining dining area, beckons for social engagements. And should you wish to host an intimate dinner, a well-equipped kitchen is at your disposal, given a full-floor booking.

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✓ Luxury Wellness Set Ortygia

✓ Professional hairdryer

✓ hypoallergenic duvets and pillows

✓ Free WI-FI Open Fiber

✓ USB sockets, Smart TV and Air Conditioning.

✓ Coffee station MOAK – My Music Coffee

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Heart of Catania: Where Every Step Tells a Story

Situated close to the bustling Pescheria Street market, stepping out of Palazzo Asmundo is an immersion into a sensory spectacle. The cacophony of fish sellers, the vibrant displays of fruits and vegetables, and the historic allure of Piazza Mazzini envelop you. Just a brief stroll away lies the iconic central square, crowned by its cathedral and the enigmatic elephant monument.


Legend whispers of an aristocrat, Eliodoro, crafting this emblem from lava stones post the 1693 earthquake and Mount Etna's eruption, seeking divine protection for Catania. With most of the environs being pedestrian-friendly, all of Catania's marvels lie effortlessly within reach.


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