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Discover the Enchantment of Castello Elvira: A Boutique Luxury Haven for Couples in Puglia

A Fairy-tale Setting Amidst Olive Groves

Nestled in a Storybook Landscape: Imagine a place where fairy tales come alive, with turrets reaching towards the sky and columns standing tall amidst 37 acres of lush olive and citrus groves. Castle Elvira, an 18th-century castle, offers just that—a picturesque setting straight out of a storybook, perfect for couples seeking a magical retreat in Puglia.


10 Suite + a 2-bedroom cottage


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5 nights sharing the Agave Suite

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Unveiling the Charm of Castle Elvira

A Journey Through Time in Salento: The Salento region, with its unexpected treasures, sets the stage for the enchanting Castle Elvira. Discover a place where history and myth intertwine, where a young girl named Elvira once lived and left behind a legacy as captivating as the castle itself. Today, this historical gem has been lovingly restored to offer an unparalleled boutique luxury experience, combining family-style dining, a private cinema, a heated infinity pool, and more, all within its expansive gardens.

Where British Creativity Meets Italian Elegance

A Unique Vision of Luxury: Castle Elvira is the brainchild of its British owners, artist and filmmaker Harvey B-Brown and his husband Steve Riseley. Their vibrant personalities and eclectic tastes are reflected throughout the castle, creating an ambience that's both welcoming and wonderfully unique. From the curio-filled lounge with its Beckstein grand piano to the vintage cinema signs, every corner tells a story.

Exclusive Accommodations with Artistic Flair

Suites and Cottages for Discerning Travelers: The castle boasts six exclusive suites, each a riot of colour and art, blending historical elements with modern comfort. For those desiring more privacy, a charming cottage offers two delightful bedrooms, a cosy living area, and a sunken jacuzzi in its own secluded garden. Nearby, the sister residence, Tower Elvira, presents an equally luxurious stay with four exquisite suites, private gardens, and a heated pool amid the groves.

The Ideal Launchpad to Explore Salento

Strategically Located for Adventure and Relaxation: Positioned between Trepuzzi and Squinzano, and mere kilometres from the art-rich city of Lecce, Castle Elvira serves as the perfect base to explore Salento's rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you're drawn to the Adriatic Sea at Casalabate Marina or the Ionian beaches of Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo, unforgettable experiences await just a short drive from the castle.


Castle Elvira is not just a stay; it's an immersive journey into the heart of Puglia, inviting couples to experience a blend of history, art, and luxury amidst the enchanting landscapes of Salento.

A Culinary Journey Under the Puglian Sky

Dining Amidst Palms and History: The Castello's restaurant, encased in a single-story structure amid palm trees and adorned with vintage advertisements, offers a sophisticated dining experience. Here, you can savour exquisite meals at a grand round table or enjoy drinks and sunset views on the rooftop, surrounded by the castle's historic turrets.

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