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Discover Dimora dell’Olivastro: Your Eco-Haven

Nestled on the enchanting Favignana Island, just off the picturesque Sicilian coast, the Dimora dell’Olivastro is your passport to a serene getaway. This hidden gem of an agriturismo (farm stay) offers a mesmerising blend of mountainous terrain and azure seascapes. However, it's not just the captivating vistas that set this place apart; it's the commitment to eco-conscious living that genuinely elevates your stay.




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7 nights sharing a Mandorlo double room

Daily breakfast

Private airport transfers from Palermo including hydrofoil crossing

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Embrace Sustainable Luxury

Dimora dell’Olivastro proudly wears its eco-hotel ethos on its sleeve. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword here; it's a way of life. Plastic is a foreign concept, replaced by glass, while solar panels harness the sun's warmth to caress your bathwater. Low-energy light bulbs gently illuminate your space, and you'll find comfort in knowing that your toiletries haven't been tested on animals. Every meal celebrates the land and sea, with locally sourced organic ingredients gracing your plate.

Escape into the Slow Lane

At Dimora dell’Olivastro, time takes a stroll. It's a place where relaxation is an art form, and you're encouraged to immerse yourself in the stunning cerulean waters or seek out your secret cove for sun-soaked solitude. Nature lovers, take note: the farm is a mere 30-minute stroll away from several pristine coastal spots. Alternatively, bask in the tranquillity of the terrace, savouring the vistas of Marettimo Island and the Punta Sottile lighthouse.

Rooms That Whisper of Simplicity and Elegance

This farm's six simple yet stylish rooms offer private outdoor sanctuaries where you can relish open-air showers, sun loungers, or day beds. Most rooms even boast inviting plunge pools, a true indulgence. L’Agave and Timo stand out among them, offering panoramic sea views and breathtaking sunsets. The soothing white and sandy hues in each room reflect the natural beauty of the nearby beaches, creating an ambience of pure relaxation.

Culinary Delights Straight from Nature's Bounty

Food at Dimora dell’Olivastro is a gastronomic journey guided by the land and sea—delight in farm-fresh honey, eggs, vegetables, fruits, jams, olive oil, and wine. If the farm can't provide, they've partnered with like-minded local providers who share their environmental ethos. Homemade bread, cakes, fresh eggs, fruits, and jams grace your breakfast table. As the sun dips below the horizon, savour homemade aperitivos – delectable snacks that whet your appetite for an evening of culinary bliss.



✓ Restaurant with farm-to-table food

✓ Organic farm

✓ Wi-Fi


✓ Private terrace

✓ Outdoor private space

✓ Outdoor plunge pool

✓ Outdoor shower

✓ Seaview

✓ Air Conditioning

✓ Mini bar

✓ Safe Deposit Box

✓ Private Parking

✓ Internet WiFi

Favignana Island: A Cyclist's Paradise

Your journey to Favignana, the most accessible Egadi Islands, takes just 20 minutes by ferry from Trapani. Over 30 kilometres of secluded bays, pristine beaches, and hidden coves beckon to be explored by sea or land. Favignana is the Mediterranean's most bike-friendly island, with a staggering 6,500 rental bikes, extensive workshops, and 20 kilometres of two-wheeled tracks. Glide effortlessly along flat terrains, with beaches and coves as your scenic backdrop.

Where to Begin Your Island Odyssey

The sandy shores of Marasolo, the enchanting Punta Lunga port, and the hidden treasures of Calamoni, Cala Graziosa, Cala Rotonda, and Cala del Pozzo await your exploration. But the crown jewel, Cala Rossa, cannot be missed. Dimora dell’Olivastro is your gateway to this cycle-friendly paradise, inviting you to embark on a two-wheeled adventure of a lifetime.

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