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Donna Coraly Resort: A Luxurious Oasis Steeped in History

Nestled amidst the tranquillity of Syracuse's countryside lies the epitome of luxury and history - the Donna Coraly Resort. This boutique haven isn't just a plush stay; it's a journey through time, where every corner whispers tales from the yesteryears. Tailored for discerning travellers seeking a blend of luxury and cultural essence, Donna Coraly Resort unveils an unparalleled experience in the heart of Sicily.


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Historical Resonance

The land upon which the Donna Coraly Resort flourishes is deeply entrenched in historical significance, making it more than a luxurious retreat. Marked by the monumental Stone of Peace, the estate is a testament to the historical Armistice of Cassibile signed on September 3, 1943, symbolising a pivotal shift in alliances during World War II. The ancestral roots of the estate stretch back to the 1800s, with each generation leaving an indelible mark on the land, interweaving a rich tapestry of tales waiting to be discovered.

Enchanting Abodes

The resort houses ten immaculate suites, each bearing the name of illustrious Sicilian women who’ve graced the pages of acclaimed novels like Il Gattopardo and I Malavoglia. Offering an intimate look into Sicily's beautiful history and culture, these suites are more than just rooms—they're experiences. Every suite at Donna Coraly blends elegance, comfort, and historic charm. Bask in the serenity of your private garden or patio, furnished tastefully for moments of quiet reflection.

A Gourmet's Delight

Indulge your taste buds at Zaituna, the resort's bespoke restaurant within an old oil mill. Spearheaded by the talented local chef Vincenzo Di Falco, the cuisine is a hearty tribute to the rich Sicilian culinary tradition. With a firm anchor in fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the menu at Zaituna is a delightful exploration of authentic Sicilian flavours.

An Organic Extravaganza

The vision of Donna Coraly Resort extends to cultivating an organic farm, offering a palette of homegrown products like jams, sauces, and olive oil. The move aims to envelop guests in a wholesome Sicilian experience, ensuring a stay and a story to take home.

Botanical Bliss

Spread across 5,000 square meters, the botanical gardens are the heart of the Donna Coraly Resort. Wander through the aromatic citrus grove, discover rare plants, or simply relax by the thermal water swimming pool enveloped in a fragrant bouquet of blooms. The meticulous design of the garden invites a sense of peace and connection to the lush Sicilian countryside.



✓ Concierge service

✓ Restaurant

✓ Luggage storage

✓ Tour desk

✓ 24-hour front desk

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Allergy-free room

✓ Lift

✓ Family rooms
Facilities for disabled guests


✓ Concierge service

✓ Restaurant

✓ Luggage storage

✓ Tour desk

✓ 24-hour front desk

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Allergy-free room

✓ Heating

✓ Soundproofing

✓ Lift

✓ Family rooms

✓ Facilities for disabled guests

At The Heart of Serenity and Splendour: The Prime Location of Donna Coraly Resort

The Donna Coraly Resort is nestled in a serene and beautiful landscape in the southeast of Sicily, ideally situated for exploring the fantastic scenery by car. It enjoys proximity to notable destinations, being a mere 15-minute drive to the historic city of Siracusa (Syracuse) and the charming town of Noto. This prime location allows guests to effortlessly delve into the area's rich cultural and historical offerings.


While the resort is close enough to Siracusa and other nearby places to provide easy access to various attractions and services, it is also distanced sufficiently to offer a tranquil and luxuriously isolated environment. Its location presents a perfect blend of accessibility and peacefulness, making it a highly recommended choice for those seeking a luxurious vacation amidst the idyllic settings of southeastern Sicily.

Tailored Experiences

Donna Coraly goes beyond a typical luxury stay; it’s about tailored experiences. From the thoughtful amenities in your suite to the warm conversations over an aperitif with the gracious host, Lucia Pascarelli, every detail is curated to make your stay exceptional. Whether it's personalised advice on exploring the hidden gems of eastern Sicily or a comforting chat as the sun sets, Donna Coraly embraces a philosophy of heartfelt hospitality.


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