Enchanting Southern Italy: A 14-Night Fly-Drive Extravaganza

14 nights

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Cultural, Hiking, Room with a view

£ 3250 per person - 14 nights

Embark on a mesmerizing 14-night fly drive holiday through the picturesque landscapes and hidden gems of Southern Italy.


From the tranquil hilltop village of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi to the mesmerizing caves of Matera, this fly-drive itinerary weaves through timeless beauty, culture, and nature.


Explore the well-preserved medieval center of Pisciotta, traverse the captivating seaside town of Maratea, and immerse yourself in the unique heritage of Matera.


Coupled with handpicked luxury accommodation offering breathtaking views and modern comforts, this trip promises a uniquely compelling Italian experience.

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14 nights


from £ 3250 per person


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3 nights sharing a superior with balcony sea view at the Oasi Olimpia in on the Amalfi Coast

4 nights sharing a deluxe with sea view at the Hotel Marulivo in in Pisciotta, Cilento National Park

4 nights sharing a deluxe double room with sea view at the Hotel Santavenere in in Maratea

3 nights sharing a deluxe double room at L'Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA in in Matera

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Panoramic Delights and Serene Beauty on the Sorrentine Peninsula

Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi is a picturesque village nestled in the hills of the Sorrentine Peninsula in southern Italy. This hidden gem, known for its breathtaking panoramas of the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno, exudes tranquility. With its ancient monastery, gastronomic delights, and hiking trails, Sant'Agata is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat steeped in nature, culture, and timeless beauty.


Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi's location on the Sorrentine Peninsula makes it relatively easy to visit popular towns like Sorrento, Amalfi, and Positano.


The towns of the Amalfi Coast >>

Sorrento: Just about 10 kilometers away, you can reach Sorrento by local bus service in approximately 30 minutes, or by taxi or car in about 20 minutes.

Positano: The journey to Positano is roughly 16 kilometers. Buses run between Sant'Agata and Positano.

Amalfi: The distance to Amalfi is approximately 32 kilometers. Driving can take about an hour and a half, but the winding, scenic coastal roads are a part of the experience.

Monastero del Deserto: This ancient monastery offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, along with a serene atmosphere and historical intrigue.

Bay of Ieranto: A beautiful hiking destination leading to a pristine beach. The trailhead is nearby, making it a perfect day-trip opportunity.

  • Pick up your car hire from the airport and make your way to the Relais Oasi Olimpia
  • 3 nights sharing a superior with balcony sea view including breakfast

Overlooking the serene landscapes of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, the picture-perfect Relais Oasi Olimpia offers unparalleled views and is conveniently located within walking distance to local amenities.

Immerse Yourself in the Medieval Charm of a Hilltop Village

Pisciotta, a quaint village in Southern Italy, traces its origins to a 9th-century Saracen outpost. Its strategic hilltop location and medieval design served as a fortification against pirates. The well-preserved historic center, with the 17th-century Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, illustrates the rich history. Influences from Greeks, Romans, and Normans are evident throughout.


Cilento National Park >>

Historic Center: Wander through Pisciotta's well-preserved medieval center, lined with narrow streets, traditional houses, and picturesque views.

The Mother Church of Pisciotta A 16th-century baroque treasure trove, home to invaluable relics and artworks, including a sketch attributed to artist Solimena.

Local Gastronomy: Sample the locally produced olive oil, known as "Pisciottano", a Slow Food presidium, and fresh seafood from the nearby coast.

Paestum: Take a day trip to the ancient Greek city of Paestum, about an hour's drive north. Explore its incredibly well-preserved temples and archaeological museum.

National Park: Spend a day hiking and wildlife spotting in the expansive Cilento National Park, home to diverse fauna, flora, and stunning landscapes.

  • 4 nights sharing a deluxe with sea view including breakfast

Hotel Marulivo in Pisciotta is a remarkable boutique retreat that boasts breathtaking sea views and the advantage of being in close proximity to the area's beautiful sandy beaches.

Embrace Adventure and History in the 'Pearl of the Tyrrhenian'

Maratea, a captivating seaside town in Basilicata, Southern Italy, is known as the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian". Nestled between the sea and mountains, Maratea offers diverse natural landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and historic charm.

Hiking: Explore the extensive trails in the surrounding mountains, offering breathtaking views of the coast and hilltop villages.

Tibetan Bridge: Experience the thrill of crossing the Tibetan Bridge located at the Adventure Park Fiumicello.

Kayaking: Navigate the turquoise waters along Maratea's coastline, discovering hidden coves and beaches.

Swimming: Enjoy the pristine waters of the numerous beaches, including Spiaggia Nera, renowned for its unique black sand.

Boating: Take a boat tour around the coast, marveling at the dramatic cliffs, natural arches, and the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Monte San Biagio.

  • 4 nights sharing a deluxe double room with sea view including breakfast

Situated on the waterfront with a private beach club, Hotel Santavenere offers an exclusive haven in Maratea, featuring two swimming pools, a tennis court, and the allure of being just a stone's throw away from the heart of Maratea.

Step Back in Time with the Ancient Caves and Cultural Riches of Matera

Matera, located in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy, is renowned for its "Sassi", ancient cave dwellings. A UNESCO World Heritage site and 2019's European Capital of Culture, Matera offers a unique journey back in time.

Sassi di Matera: Explore the intricate network of cave dwellings, churches, and monasteries carved into the limestone.

Casa Grotta: Visit this preserved cave house to glimpse the living conditions of Matera's inhabitants in the past.

Museo della Scultura Contemporanea Matera (MUSMA): Enjoy a blend of historic architecture and modern art in this unique museum.

Cathedral of Santa Maria della Bruna: This 13th-century cathedral offers stunning views of the city and intricate interior decorations.

Crypt of the Original Sin: Known as the "Sistine Chapel of rupestrian art", this cave church houses well-preserved frescoes from the 8th century.

  • 4 nights sharing a deluxe double room with sea view including breakfast

L'Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA in Matera provides an exceptional blend of history and modernity, offering guests the unique experience of sleeping in beautifully restored historic caves complemented by contemporary design aesthetics.

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