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£ 3250 per person - 14 nights

Embark on an unforgettable car-free journey through Sicily's richly textured landscapes, traversing vibrant cities, lush islands, and enchanting coastal towns.


Immerse yourself in the region's magical blend of history, culture, and natural beauty while experiencing the comfort of premium accommodations. This luxurious coastal itinerary is curated to offer unforgettable experiences, leaving you with cherished memories from the heart of Sicily.

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14 nights


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Daily breakfast

Private transfers and hydrofoil tickets to Salina

3-h private walking tour in Palermo

4 nights on a BB basis sharing a Superior double room at the Hotel Unico Art in Palermo

7 nights on a BB basis sharing a Superior double room with sea views at the Hotel Principe di Salina

3 nights on a BB basis sharing a sharing a Deluxe double room with sea view at the Hotel Villa Carlotta in Taormina.

We Can Help With

4x4 excursion to Mt Etna guided by a volcanologist

Private tours of the towns and archaeological sites

Wine tasting and cellar tours

Hiking excursions to the Stromboli

Day 1-5: The Vibrant Pulse of Palermo

Replete with art, history, culture, and a plethora of flavours, Palermo, the Sicilian capital, sets the stage for your holiday. Founded by the Phoenicians and successively enriched by Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spaniards, Palermo is a living testament to its past epochs. The city is a veritable open-air museum, from architectural gems to delicious culinary traditions.


You'll have ample time to uncover Palermo's charms during your four-day break. Marvel at the grandeur of the Cathedral of Monreale, one of Sicily's most stunning, and seize the opportunity for a day trip to the coastal town of Cefalù.

Private transfer from Palermo airport

4 nights including brekfast sharing a Superior double room at the Unico Boutique Art Hotel

3 hours private tour of Palermo's highlights

The Unico Hotel: Palermo's Boutique Gem

Ensconce yourself in luxury at the Unico Hotel. With well-appointed rooms featuring private balconies and hot tubs, this boutique sanctuary delivers an unparalleled guest experience. The staff's impeccable service sets Unico apart in the boutique hotel landscape.

Palermo Bay

Sicilian Sensations: Culinary Delights of Palermo's Iconic Markets

In Palermo's heart lie bustling markets like Ballarò and Vucciria, alive with chatter and vibrant stalls. These spots are culinary havens, offering a sensory journey into Sicilian cuisine. From crispy arancini balls to the savoury Pane con la Milza (Spleen), every bite is a testament to Sicily's rich gastronomic heritage.


Palermo's Sacred Masterpieces: An Architectural Epiphany

In the heart of Palermo lie architectural gems that have withstood the test of time. The grand Palermo Cathedral, an embodiment of centuries of diverse influences, coexists with the Martorana church, renowned for its breathtaking Byzantine mosaics. Together, they vividly picture the city's spiritual and artistic journey.


Sun-Kissed Serenity: Mondello's Coastal Retreat

Nestled between the embrace of Mount Pellegrino and the gentle lap of crystal-clear waters is Mondello Beach. Its fine, golden sand is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, with panoramic views that transport visitors to a realm of coastal tranquillity.

Day 5-12: The Rustic Allure of Salina

Experience slow living on Salina, the greenest gem of the Aeolian Islands. The simplicity of early morning sea dips, languid afternoons savouring granitas, and hiking trails across the island's twin volcanic cones offer a refreshing contrast to city life. Salina provides plenty for the adventurous spirit, including ferry-hopping to neighbouring Lipari and witnessing Stromboli's nocturnal volcanic fireworks. Exploring by scooter or boat, interspersed with snorkelling in the turquoise waters, will satisfy the explorer within you.

Private transfers and hydrofoil tickets (3-h crossing) to Salina

7 nights sharing a Superior double room wth sea views including breakfast at the Hotel Principe di Salina

Hotel Principe di Salina: An Aeolian Paradise

Your haven in Salina is the Hotel Principe di Salina, a boutique gem boasting a delectable restaurant, an inviting pool, and breathtaking views. With the village's amenities and the beach within walking distance, the hotel offers a seamless blend of convenience and luxury.

The island of Salina with Stromboli in the background

Aeolian Adventures

From Salina, embark on island-hopping escapades, with ferries to destinations like Lipari, Stromboli, and Panarea.


Twin Peaks' Tales

Salina's twin extinct volcanoes, Monte Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri, showcase nature's volcanic prowess.


Nectar of Salina

Salina's Malvasia vineyards, nurtured by volcanic soil, produce wines of unparalleled depth and flavour.


Trails & Treks

Salina beckons hikers with its coastal paths and the challenge of Monte Fossa delle Felci, the Aeolians' zenith.

Day 12-15: The Coastal Charms of Taormina

Conclude your journey in Taormina, a captivating seaside town on a mountain flank. This chic resort town, a hotspot for discerning travellers, offers a blend of historical treasures, natural beauty, and vibrant local culture.


Venture to the misnamed Greek Theatre, explore the 11th-century Saracen castle and enjoy leisurely walks through the picturesque Villa Comunale Park. Meandering through the town reveals quaint tiled piazzas, peach-toned houses, and lush, palm-dotted balconies. Taormina's unique geography lends itself to stunning beaches accessed by cable car. Spend the day basking under the sun at Isola Bella or Mazzarò Beach, and consider a day trip to the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano.

Private transfer to Taormina and hydrofoil tickets to Milazzo (1.5 hour)

3 nights sharing a Junior Suite with Sea View including breakfast at the Hotel Villa Carlotta in Taormina

Private transfer to Catania airport

Hotel Villa Carlotta: Luxury Amidst Nature

Nestled in Taormina, Hotel Villa Carlotta offers unparalleled luxury, mesmerising Ionian Sea views, exquisite cuisine, and a tranquil oasis amid historic charm and Mediterranean beauty—an unforgettable Sicilian retreat.

Greek Theatre Taormina

Trekking Mt. Etna: Europe's Fiery Peak Awaits!

A visit to nearby Mt. Etna, Europe's highest active volcano, offers exceptional hiking trails and panoramic views from the summit, with guided tours available for all fitness levels.


Ancient Echoes in Taormina: A Journey through Greek, Roman, and Medieval Marvels

Taormina's historic centre, teeming with ancient Greek and Roman sites like the Teatro Antico, narrow medieval streets, and charming boutiques, presents a rich cultural experience.


Sip the Essence of Sicily: Volcanic Vineyards & Wine Wonders around Taormina

Surrounding Taormina, vineyards flourish on volcanic soils, producing unique Sicilian wines. Wine-tasting tours provide a taste of the region's diverse viticulture.


Beach Bliss in Taormina: Private Clubs & Mediterranean Elegance Meet the Sea

Taormina boasts luxurious private beach clubs along its stunning coastline, offering exclusivity, relaxation, and Mediterranean charm for a perfect seaside escape.

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