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Discover the perfect balance of old-world charm and contemporary elegance at Masseria Montelauro. Impeccable attention to detail, superb cuisine, and tranquil surroundings make for an unforgettable luxury stay.




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Nestled in the enchanting countryside outside Otranto lies the charming Masseria Montelauro, where guests are treated to an unforgettable experience steeped in local history and culture. Once a Byzantine hermitage, the Masseria has been lovingly restored to its former glory by Elisabetta Massaro and her daughters Caterina and Mercedes, who used only the finest local materials, including old chianche floors and white Leccese stone vaults with stone fireplaces, to create an ambiance that is both luxurious and rustic.


The living room and bedrooms are tastefully decorated with ethnic-chic furnishings, creating a unique fusion of traditional and modern styles that exudes warmth and comfort. The Moroccan-inspired sofas with wrought iron headboards and the intricate lights add a touch of exoticism to the overall ambiance.


The Masseria's restaurant, formerly stables, is a culinary delight that serves authentic local dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. The chefs use only the freshest local ingredients to create delectable dishes such as broad bean puree with chicory, fried sardines with mint, and succulent grilled meat. Guests can enjoy dining al fresco by candlelight near the pool during the summer months, adding to the overall charm of this idyllic retreat.


For those who love the great outdoors, Masseria Montelauro offers a range of activities to keep guests entertained. Bikes are available for guests to use to explore the stunning countryside, or to get to the nearby sea for a refreshing swim. The surrounding area is steeped in history and culture, with many interesting sights to see, including the nearby Byzantine hermitage that once stood on the Masseria's grounds.


In conclusion, Masseria Montelauro is a true gem, offering an authentic Italian experience that combines luxury, tradition, and nature. With its rich history, stylish decor, exquisite cuisine, and stunning location, it is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and experience the beauty and charm of the Salento region.


The location of Masseria Montelauro is a true gem on the coast of Otranto, with 20 kilometers of stunning coastline boasting bays, clear sand strips, and hidden coves for peaceful moments.


Otranto itself is a picturesque town with charming narrow streets and delightful shops and clubs along Corso Garibaldi. Beyond the town lies a treasure trove of natural beauty, from the fiery red earth of the bauxite quarry to the natural oasis of Alimini Lakes managed by FAI.


Don't miss the chance to explore the wonders of the Zinzulusa cave and other hidden jewels of the coast and hinterland.

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