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Luxury Farmhouse Sicily: Experience Elegance at Monaci delle Terre Nere

Monaci delle Terre Nere is more than just a luxury farmhouse in Sicily; it's a story of passion, transformation, and a deep connection to the land. Guido Coffa, the visionary behind this enchanting estate, traded his life in precision mechanics in America for the lush landscapes of Sicily. His journey began with a chance encounter, a scooter ride that led him to an ancient villa with a wine press, nestled in the picturesque town of Zafferana Etnea, near the majestic Mount Etna.


Guido's dream unfolded as he decided to breathe new life into this historic property, renovating it and cultivating the surrounding land. His vision extended further, leading to the creation of agriturismo that would unite a fragmented corner of Etna, presenting it as a natural amphitheatre overlooking the famed Valle del Bove, with Mount Etna's ever-snow-capped peak as its backdrop. Monaci delle Terre Nere is a testament to doing business in Sicily with respect for its rich heritage, traditions, and commitment to environmental sustainability. It offers high-level services within an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere.


27 rooms, including 15 suites and four villas


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5 nights sharing a Deluxe room

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Agricultural Heritage Meets Entrepreneurship

Guido, rooted in agricultural traditions, retains a practical and attentive entrepreneurial spirit. His focus is clear: preserving rules and creating a world-class experience, primarily catering to an international audience. As Sicily and Mount Etna gain recognition on the global tourist map, Monaci delle Terre Nere has taken significant steps. The estate's ancient orchard now boasts over sixty varieties of native fruits. An organic garden and chicken coop provide daily fresh eggs. Notably, the estate produces the "Trunzu di Aci," a native cabbage recognised by the Slow Food movement. Monaci delle Terre Nere is also among Sicily's most certified eco-bio hotels, emphasising sustainability.

A Haven of Expansion and Tranquility

Monaci delle Terre Nere continues to grow by acquiring small plots of land. The meticulously renovated ancient farmhouses offer a glimpse into the past while providing modern comforts. With 20 rooms and expansion plans, guests can immerse themselves in the estate's 24 hectares, including vineyards, forests, orange groves, gardens, and small livestock. An infinity pool nestled amidst fragrant lavender adds to the tranquil ambience. The colonial structures, externally untouched, maintain their stone walls, terracotta tiles, and historic troughs, preserving the estate's timeless charm.

Sicily Wine Resort: Savoring Etna's Terroir

Monaci delle Terre Nere is a luxury farmhouse and a distinguished Sicily wine resort. With two hectares of vineyards and more in development, it's a testament to Sicily's winemaking heritage. Guided by internationally acclaimed winemaker Federico Curtaz since 2016, the estate produces three wine labels. They focus on native grape varieties like Carricante and Nerello Mascalese, capturing Mount Etna's unique terroir and climate.


The historic winepress adjacent to the main house houses the "Convivium," a versatile space. It's a breakfast haven in the morning and transforms into an evening cocktail bar. Expert mixologist Paolo Sanna collaborates to craft cocktails that balance classic mixology with local products and seasonality. Imagine sipping cocktails infused with mandarins, lemons, aromatic herbs, and exotic elements like chai and cardamom, all while savouring original and delectable finger foods.

Restaurant: A Sicilian Gastronomic Journey

The Locanda Nerello, nestled within the historic villa, epitomises Monaci delle Terre Nere's commitment to excellence. With its tasteful renovation, the villa exudes elegance and timeless charm. The dining experience reflects Sicily's authentic flavours, showcasing carefully selected local products. Guido's dedication extends to ingredients and the wine list, featuring esteemed names like Molini del Ponte di Castelvetrano flours, Parrini Pesce (Acireale), Nebrodi honey from Carlo Amodeo, and wines from Castello d’Angió – Fattoria Sani sapori.

Luxury Farmhouse Near Mt Etna: Your Sicilian Escape

Monaci delle Terre Nere offers an array of room categories, from Classic to Suites, each with a unique design and private outdoor courtyard. Every detail, from Bose speakers to eco-friendly bath products, exudes quality. Guests enjoy a minibar with local specialities, an organic coffee machine, and a private wine cellar with Etna's finest wines. A dedicated concierge service ensures a seamless stay. For those seeking complete privacy, independent villas within the historic buildings provide spacious accommodations with private gardens, some even showcasing preserved lava flows.

Three Bedroom Pool Villa Nobile

Offers unique views of the sea, forest, and Mount Etna.

Includes a furnished private park.

Features a heated outdoor pool.

Provides an area for small private events.

Offers a whirlpool tub in an ancient cistern.

Pool Villas

Boasts breathtaking views of the estate with the blue sea in the background.

Represents an extraordinary example of bioarchitecture and enchanting elegance.

Includes a heated infinity pool for relaxation.

Five Bedroom Villa 1730

An ancient wine press transformed into a suite.

Offers stunning views of vineyards and the sea.

Features a private garden.

Iconic rooms create an unparalleled experience.

Four Bedroom Pool Villa Persimmon

Highlights a heated infinity pool.

Provides a private garden with sea views.

Embraces natural wood and materials in its design.

Showcases designer furnishings with a chic touch.

Monaci Pool Suite ``Nobile``

Characterised by vaulted ceilings and chestnut wood floors from Mount Etna.

Adorned with natural shades of white and cream on the walls.

Features a fireplace and rigorously designed Italian furnishings.

Showcases artwork by painter Olivier Mourao.

Offers a splendid pool shared with guests of the other two Nobile Suites.

Two Bedroom Pool Villa Elegante

Offers breathtaking views.

Features a king-size bed, art pieces, and designer furnishings.

Includes a genuine lava flow inside the living area.

Large windows overlook Mount Etna, vineyards, and the sea.

Offers a romantic fireplace and a heated infinity pool.

Monaci Pool Villa Vellutato

Offers breathtaking views.

Features a king-size bed, art pieces, and designer furnishings.

Includes a genuine lava flow inside the living area.

Large windows overlook Mount Etna, vineyards, and the sea.

Offers a romantic fireplace and a heated infinity pool.

Pool Estate Suites

Fulfil the dream of spacious rooms with ample spaces and abundant natural light.

It is surrounded by lush nature within the estate.

It is served by valeting service in golf carts.

Refined and comfortable residences with a personal and unique style.

Include large heated panoramic pools and spacious indoor and outdoor areas for charm and comfort.

Estate Suites

Embody the exclusive identity of Monaci delle Terre Nere.

It is situated in historic complexes or recently renovated farmhouses.

Offer spacious indoor spaces and furnished gardens with enchanting views.

Some are far from the main building, while others provide a private stay on natural terraces.

Junior Suites

Epitomise the authentic "Monaci" style, each being unique and original.

Include a patio, an outdoor garden with sea views, or views of the oak forest.

Offer access to one of the private pools.

Deluxe Rooms

Miniature masterpieces of style with great charm and personality.

Blend classic elements with modern furnishings.

Harmonise with the original structure that welcomes them.


Locanda Nerello

Pool Restaurant

Convivium Bar

Wine Cellar

Cooking and Cocktails Masterclass

Organic Farm & Vineyards

Wellness & Yoga

25 hectares of park


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