Sicilian Sojourn: 14 Nights of Eastern Elegance and Coastal Charm

14 nights

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City, Coastal, Countryside


Cultural, Food & Wine

£ 3100 per person - 14 nights

Embark on a 14-night odyssey across Eastern Sicily's wonders.


Commence with five nights between Etna's awe-inspiring terrain and Taormina's historical allure. Delve into Catania's tales, Etna's volcanic majesty, and mythical Aci Trezza.


Your journey continues with a six-night affair in Southeast Sicily: from Noto's Baroque brilliance to the vibrant life in Marzamemi and Ragusa's architectural splendour.


Finally, dive into Siracusa's coastal charm, where history and seaside adventures intertwine, promising an experience that is as enriching as it is exhilarating.

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14 nights


from £ 3100 per person


Travel planning

Daily breakfast

15 days fully comprehensive car hire

3-h private walking tour in Siracusa

5 nights sharing a Superior double room at the Donna Carmela at the foot of Mt Etna

6 nights sharing a Superior double room at the Masseria della Volpe near Noto

4 nights sharing a double room with a sea view balcony at the B&B La Giuggiulena in Siracusa

We Can Help With

Private excursions to Mt Etna with Giusi

Tickets for the Greek Festival between May & June at the Greek Theatre in Siracusa

Wine tasting and cellar tours

Five Nights in Eastern Sicily: From Etna's Majesty to Taormina's Sunlit Shores

Discover the magnetic charm of Eastern Sicily: from Etna's towering presence and fertile vineyards to sun-kissed beaches and art cities. Embrace five nights of unparalleled beauty and sensory delights between Catania and Taormina.

Collect your car from Catania airport and make your way to the Donna Carmela Resort & Lodges (45km)

5 nights, including breakfast sharing a Superior room at the Donna Carmela Resort & Lodges

Enchanting Escapism: Donna Carmela, The Jewel of Eastern Sicily

Experience luxury escapism at Donna Carmela. Nestled between the majestic Mount Etna and the sea, this eco-conscious resort is an oasis of tranquillity, boasting enchanting gardens and plunge-pooled bungalows. Ideal for discerning travellers, it promises faultless service, exquisite eco-friendly designs, and an unmatched base for exploring Eastern Sicily's gems, from vineyard tours to historic Taormina.

Discover Veiled Catania: Between Etna's Flames and Ionic Embrace

Dive into Catania's rich tapestry of history, where the mighty Etna's eruptions have crafted its landscape. Wander through UNESCO streets like Via Crociferi, savour Bellini-inspired "pasta alla norma," and relish views from the historic Ognina port. Catania beckons for an unforgettable day trip!


Etna's Majestic Craters: Earth's Breath on Display

Etna isn't just a volcano; it's a storyteller of time. From its historic railway that wraps its base to its summit's untamed craters, each layer unfurls stories of past eruptions. While the bold may trek to its peak, its side craters also beckon, preserving imprints of explosions past. And as you walk, remember the legends: it's said that the mighty god of fire, Hephaestus, once forged weapons for the gods within its depths.


Taormina: Etna's Balcony Overlooking Timeless Blues

Stroll through Taormina, where history and nature entwine. Perched on Mount Tauro, it has seen Greek plays echo in its ancient theatre and Roman nobles wander its streets. Today, it is a balcony overlooking the Ionian Sea, blending past marvels and present beauty. Local tales say that nymphs once frolicked in its waters, drawn by its unparalleled charm.


Aci Trezza and Acicastello: Where Myths Whisper Amongst Stones

In Aci Trezza, the Faraglioni aren't just rock formations; they're remnants of a mythical battle where the cyclops Polyphemus, in a fit of jealous rage, tried to thwart the love between a nymph, Galatea, and a mortal, Aci. Acicastello, a stone's throw away, watches over its Norman castle, a sentinel to history and the enduring legend of love and sacrifice.

Discovering Southeast Sicily: A 6-Night Affair

Embark on a six-night luxury journey through Southeast Sicily, immersing yourself in its Baroque splendours, untouched nature, and rich history. Each day offers a unique palette of experiences tailored for the discerning traveller. Rest each evening in a restored 19th-century manor, where gourmet indulgence meets opulent relaxation, setting the tone for this unforgettable Sicilian holiday.

Make your way to Masseria della Volpe (140km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a Superior double room at the Masseria della Volpe

Gourmet Luxury at Masseria della Volpe in Southeast Sicily

Indulge in the epitome of Sicilian luxury at Masseria della Volpe, a 19th-century manor close to Noto. Celebrate gourmet delights from the region and surrender to upscale sophistication, making this gem the perfect base for discerning travellers seeking the finest experiences in southeast Sicily.

Noto's Baroque Brilliance

Dive into the heart of Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Baroque gem. This architectural masterpiece, reborn from the ashes of the 1693 earthquake, beckons with its iconic Cathedral of San Nicolò and an interior rich with art.


Vendicari Nature Reserve: Sicily's Untouched Beauty

Venture to Vendicari, a coastal treasure where untouched beaches meet diverse habitats. A dream spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts to experience its pristine beauty, from the renowned Calamosche beach to the myriad of species that call it home.


Cavagrande del Cassibile: Nature's Majestic Canvas

Embark on an adventure in Cavagrande, where mesmerising gorges, waterfalls, and pools await. Carved by the relentless Cassibile River over centuries, this nature reserve promises breathtaking vistas and rejuvenating natural pools for every traveller.


Marzamemi: A Glimpse of Arab Seascapes

Journey to Marzamemi, a charming seaside village steeped in Arab history. Experience a life intertwined with the sea, from its bustling harbour to the tantalising seafood of Cortile Arabo. Dive into a culinary world, sampling artisanal treats from Campisi to Adelfio.


Portopalo di Capo Passero: Africa's Whisper in Sicily

Step into Portopalo di Capo Passero, where Sicily resonates with African vibes. Marked by the iconic Belmonte Tafuri Castle and a majestic lighthouse, revel in its sandy beaches and immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of the Mediterranean.


Ragusa: A Tapestry of Time and Art

Discover Ragusa, a city where ancient charm meets artistic splendour. Delve into Ibla's enchanting alleys, marvel at Baroque and Rococo wonders, and lose yourself in the serenity of the Ibleo Garden and San Giorgio's towering dome. Admire the Cathedral's grandeur and the timeless beauty it encapsulates.

Active Seaside Escape: Dive into Siracusa's Charms

Dive into Siracusa's seaside allure, where history meets adventure. Bask in archaeological wonders, indulge in Sicilian delights, and embrace an active seaside city break.

Make your way to the B&B La Giuggiulena (58km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a double room with a sea view balcony at the B&B La Giuggiulena

3-h private guided tour of Ortigia

Return the car to Catania airport (66km)

La Giuggiulena: Siracusa's Seaside Gem

Choose B&B La Giuggiulena for unparalleled seafront vistas in Siracusa. Let the unmatched hospitality of Claudia and Sabrina elevate your stay into a memorable coastal escape.

Historical Heartbeat: Ortigia

Discover Ortigia, the pulsating historic centre of Syracuse. Wander its ancient streets and immerse yourself in a blend of architectural marvels like the iconic Cathedral of Syracuse, which epitomises Ortigia's timeless elegance.


Nature's Oasis: Aretusa Spring

Experience tranquillity at the Aretusa Spring, a serene haven near the sea. Witness the captivating dance of swans amidst the lush surroundings, a testament to legends of the old.


Theatrical Legacy: Classical Performances at the Ancient Theatre

Witness age-old tales come alive with classical performances at the Greek Theater, a fusion of Greco-Roman masterpieces, narrating stories of tragedy and comedy.


Ortigia from the Sea: SUP Excursion

Ride the waves on a SUP excursion around Ortigia. Delve into hidden marine nooks and culminate your adventure with the enthralling Aperi SUP at sunset.


Underwater Wonders: Snorkeling and Diving at Plemmirio

Dive deep into Plemmirio's crystalline waters, a haven for marine enthusiasts. Revel in the vibrant marine biodiversity, from technicolour fish to intricate corals.


Coastal Exploration: Boat Tours of Plemmirio

Charter the waters with boat tours of the Plemmirio Marine Reserve. Discover dramatic cliffs, and mysterious sea caves, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of frolicking dolphins.


Footprints in Nature: Trekking and Walking Tours

Unravel the beauty of Plemmirio on foot. Navigate scenic trails, bask in nature's splendour, and conclude with a picturesque picnic amidst nature's embrace.

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