Discover Sicily at Your Own Pace: A 16-Night Fly-Drive Extravaganza

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£ 3360 per person - 16 nights

Indulge in the allure of Sicily, a land of storied landscapes, culinary wonders, and deep-rooted traditions. With a 16-night itinerary tailored for explorers who crave quality and independence, this fly-drive holiday lets you dictate the tempo of your journey through Sicily's myriad treasures.

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16 nights


from £ 3360 per person


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Daily breakfast

17 days fully comprehensive car hire

3-h private walking tour in Palermo

4 nights sharing a deluxe double room at the Lemon House B&B in Savoca

4 nights sharing a superior double room at the Masseria della Volpe near Noto, South-East Sicily

4 nights sharing a superior double room at the Planeta Foresteria near Menfi, Western Sicily

4 nights sharing a Charm double room at the Unìco Boutique Art Hotel in Palermo

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Private tours of the towns and archaeological sites

Wine tasting and cellar tours

SAVOCA: Echoes of the Past, Footprints of the Silver Screen, and Gateways to Sicilian Wonders

Journey into the heart of a picturesque Sicilian village, a perfect base to explore the grandeur of Taormina and the northern slopes of the majestic Mt. Etna. Delve into cinematic landscapes, rich history, and authentic culinary delights that only Savoca can offer.

Collect your car from Catania airport and make your way to Savoca (78km)

4 nights, including breakfast sharing a deluxe double room at the Lemon House B&B

Stay at B&B Lemon House

Nestle in the genuine warmth of this boutique villa, enveloped by fragrant gardens, a rich cinematic connection, and exceptional Sicilian hospitality.

Cinematic Glory: The Godfather’s Legacy

Savoca's claim to fame for cinephiles lies in its evocative locales that served as the backdrop for some of the most iconic scenes in "The Godfather." Visit Bar Vitelli, where Michael Corleone asked for Apollonia's hand, and immerse yourself in a piece of cinematic history.


The Spirituality of Savoca: Churches and Crypts

Explore the town's spiritual heritage through its majestic churches, like the Mother Church of Santa Maria in Cielo Assunta. Journey deeper into mystery by visiting the Crypt of the Capuchin Friars, a silent testament to faith and time.


A Strategic Sojourn: Gateway to Taormina and Mt. Etna

Nestled conveniently, Savoca isn't just a destination and your perfect launching pad. Just a short drive away, experience the cosmopolitan allure of Taormina, with its ancient theatre and bustling boulevards. The mighty Mt. Etna awaits to the west, its northern landscapes offering some of the most spectacular vistas and adventurous trails.

SOUTHEAST SICILY: A Tapestry of Sun, Sand, and Gastronomic Excellence

Dreaming of a peaceful escape that combines nature, culture, and gastronomy? Welcome to Val di Noto, the treasure cove of Southeast Sicily. Here, every grain of sand tells a story, and every breeze carries the scent of olive groves and vineyards.

Make your way to Masseria della Volpe (169km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a Superior double room at the Masseria della Volpe

Stay at Masseria della Volpe

A 19th-century estate, set against limestone hills and the sparkling Ionian Sea, epitomising sustainable luxury.

Untouched Paradises: Beyond Ordinary Beaches

Imagine lounging on vast, pristine beaches, free of the usual touristy clutter. The Vendicari Oasis, Calamosche, Tonnara, and Marinelli beckon with their untouched beauty. Wander amidst dunes crowned with junipers and watch as myriad birds soar against the azure backdrop. Dive into nature in its most authentic form - no umbrellas, sunbeds, just you and the rhythmic lullaby of the waves.


Gastronomic Delights: A Symphony of Flavors

The Val di Noto isn't just a feast for the eyes but for the palate as well. Relish the simplicity and depth of local delicacies - be it the fresh fried sardines or the classic pasta dressed in cherry tomato sauce. With Pachino a stone's throw away, you're in the heart of Sicily's culinary and wine-producing prowess.


Wine & Wander: The Vineyard Vistas

Meander through countryside paths lined with arabesques of white dry stone walls. As you find yourself amidst sprawling vineyards and olive groves, toast to the region with a glass of Nero d'Avola - the very essence of Sicilian winemaking.


Baroque Brilliance: A Walk Through Time

End your journey by exploring the Baroque wonders of Val di Noto. Each step you take is a step back in time, celebrating the resilience and artistry of a region that rose like a phoenix from the devastating earthquake of 1693. Marvel at these UNESCO-protected gems, as they stand testament to the rich tapestry of Sicilian art and history.

MENFI & WESTERN SICILY: A Symphony of Nature, Vineyards & Historical Grandeur

Western Sicily boasts a breathtaking landscape of white pebble beaches, expansive dunes, and towering cliffs that face the African-flavored sea, providing memorable experiences.

Make your way to Planeta Foresteria (340km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a Superior double room at the Planeta Foresteria

Stay at Planeta Foresteria

Nestled amidst verdant vineyards, this sanctuary promises luxury, untouched beaches, and the signature Planeta charm.

Selinunte: Echoes of the Grand Tour

Step into the mystical realms of Selinunte, the ancient city of the gods. Revered by travellers of the Grand Tour, its awe-inspiring blend of cyclopean walls, fallen columns, and exquisite temples transports one back in time. Beyond the ruins, find serenity at the Gaggera beach, with seagulls as your sole companions amid sand and dunes.


The Vinicultural Heart: Menfi's Liquid Gold

Menfi, the symbolic core of Western Sicily, beckons with its unique blend of pristine coasts and vinicultural wonders. Let the winds carry tales of its renowned beaches, like Porto Palo di Menfi. But the sprawling vineyards, the largest in Europe, truly define its essence. Whether you're tasting the legacy of historic establishments like Cantina Settesoli or the innovations of young vignerons, you're sipping the soul of Sicily.


The Uncharted Sicily: Adventures in Nature

Quench your thirst for the unexplored at the Platani River Reserve. Azure waters meet the Mediterranean scrub here, culminating in a diverse beach landscape of sands, dunes, and pebbles. For the adventurer in you, trails beckon for extensive treks, while birdwatchers can feast their eyes on the elegant dances of herons and Italian knights. And as the sun sets, let the silhouette of Capo Bianco against the horizon and the remnants of ancient Eraclea Minoa narrate tales from epochs.

PALERMO: The Heartbeat of Sicilian Culture & Heritage

With its vibrant streets, historical monuments, and rich traditions, Palermo pulsates as the heartbeat of Sicilian culture and heritage, seamlessly blending ancient legacies with contemporary dynamism.

Make your way to Palermo (120km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a Charm double room at the Unico Boutique Art Hotel

3 hours private walking tour of Palermo's highlights

Return the car to Palermo airport before your flight

Stay at Unico Boutique Art Hotel

Plunge into a world of luxury interwoven with contemporary Sicilian artistry, tucked away in the peaceful Mondello village. With captivating ocean views, top-notch amenities, and proximity to natural wonders, it's a haven for relaxation and exploration.

Mondello Magic: Sicily's Seaside Serenade

Mondello, Palermo's seaside treasure, is a dazzling blend of golden sands and azure waters guarded by majestic mountains. This Sicilian enclave boasts historic Liberty-style villas, evoking an age of elegance. Wander its streets to fragrant food stalls, where Sicilian arancini and fresh seafood beckon. Beyond a mere beach, Mondello offers a captivating tapestry of history, gastronomy, and natural splendour.


Vibrant Markets: A Symphony of Sights and Flavors

Dive into the bustling life of local markets like Ballarò and Vucciria. Experience a cacophony of colours, aromas, and sounds. From freshly caught seafood to fragrant spices, these markets are not just shopping destinations—they are the lifeblood of Palermo's culture.


Historical Tapestries: Museums and Palaces

Delve deep into Palermo's history at the Palazzo dei Normanni or explore the archaeological wonders at the Regional Archaeological Museum. Every artefact, every painting, every sculpture whispers secrets of Sicily's glorious past.


Hidden Gems: Palermo’s Secret Courtyards and Gardens

Escape the city's bustle by discovering Palermo's tranquil courtyards, gardens, and hidden nooks. Like the Orto Botanico, these serene spots offer a peaceful respite and showcase the city's softer, greener side.


Gastronomic Odyssey: Palermo’s Culinary Delights

Indulge in an epicurean adventure as you sample Palermo's famed street food. Relish arancini, savour Panelle, and for the brave-hearted, challenge your taste buds with the traditional spleen sandwich, 'pani ca meusa'. Each bite is a story, a tradition, and a celebration of Sicilian flavours.

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