Western Sicily Unveiled: A 14-Night Fly-Drive Journey

14 nights

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£ 2970 per person - 14 nights

Embark on an unforgettable 14-night fly-drive adventure across the stunning landscapes of Sicily. Discover a world where historical charm meets coastal beauty, where mouth-watering cuisine satisfies your taste buds, and where breathtaking panoramic views leave you in awe. Experience the timeless magic of Sicily, one incredible destination at a time.

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14 nights


from £ 2970 per person


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Daily breakfast

15 days fully comprehensive car hire

3-h private walking tour in Palermo

4 nights sharing a Superior double room at the Unico Boutique Hotel d'Arte in Palermo

4 nights sharing a Superior double room at the Masseria Susafa in Polizzi Generosa

6 nights sharing a Superior double room at the Baglio Soria Wine Resort near Trapani

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Tours of the Salt Pans in Marsala and Trapani

Private tours of the towns and archaeological sites

Wine tasting and cellar tours

PALERMO: A Mediterranean Masterpiece

Discover the enchantment of Palermo, a Mediterranean gem that combines ancient grandeur, awe-inspiring architecture, and delectable cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for travellers exploring Sicily.

Collect your car from Palermo airport and make your way to the Unico Hotel (25km)

4 nights, including breakfast sharing a Superior room at the Unico Boutique Hotel d'Arte

3 hours private guided tour of Palermo's highlights

"Mondello's Seaside Elegance" - Unico Boutique Hotel d'Arte, Palermo

Experience contemporary grace steps away from Mondello Beach at the Unico Hotel. Enjoy sun-filled rooms, garden breakfasts, and rooftop apéritifs that blend coastal allure with chic luxury.

Sea Whispers: Mondello

Mondello, a coastal neighbourhood in Palermo, boasts golden sands and crystal-clear waters flanked by Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. This Sicilian paradise allures with its harmonious blend of natural beauty and lively local culture, making it a must-visit Mediterranean haven.


Panoramic Perfection: Monastery of Santa Caterina

Take in the stunning view of Palermo from the terrace of the Monastery of Santa Caterina. Marvel at the historic domes in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and immerse yourself in the rich, seven-century-old history of the monastery, including its secrets of cloistered confectionery.


Walk Through Time: Arab-Norman Path

Wander the UNESCO-recognized Arab-Norman path. Find history and culture merging in landmarks like San Cataldo's red domes, the Cathedral's Quranic column, and the unique muqarnas of the Palatine Chapel.


Artistic Revival: Palazzo Butera

Be transported to the heart of Palermo's cultural revival at the magnificent Palazzo Butera. Prepare to be awed by the seamless blend of contemporary art and historic opulence that perfectly captures the city's timeless charm.

POLIZZI GENEROSA: The Soul of Madonie Park

Discover a new Sicily story that unfolds against the stunning coastal backdrop of Cefalù. The majestic Madonie Mountains provide a dramatic embrace to a mesmerizing tapestry of ancient settlements, winding rivers, dense forests, and evergreen olive groves. The charming cliffside town of Polizzi Generosa, located at the heart of Madonie Park, serves as a gateway to this enchanting land. Polizzi boasts of Sicily's rich heritage of history, art, and mouth-watering gastronomy, making it a must-visit destination.


Experience a refreshing break where nature, culture, and culinary artistry converge in the captivating territory of the Madonie Mountains. Let Polizzi Generosa be your ultimate guide to the diverse and exquisite wonders of Madonie Park.

Make your way to Masseria Susafa (114km)

4 nights including breakfast sharing a Superior double room at the Masseria Susafa

"Sicilian Heartland Retreat" - Masseria Susafa

Ancient olive groves surround this historic estate, where rustic charm meets modern comfort. Dive into authentic Sicilian culture, culinary delights, and countryside serenity at Masseria Susafa.

Gole di Tiberio Oasis

Nestled within Madonie Park, Gole di Tiberio is an immaculate sanctuary that showcases the splendour of nature. Relax and unwind amidst the serene lakes, cascading waterfalls, and the gentle whispers of the Pollina River, allowing the embrace of nature to calm your soul.


Historic Strolls

Navigate through Polizzi's labyrinth of narrow streets leading to grand courtyards where majestic structures and art-laden churches await, echoing stories of a bygone era waiting to be uncovered.


Culinary Delights of Generosity

Experience the rich culinary offerings of Polizzi, from the velvety Sfoglio di Polizzi cake to the nut-infused Nucatuli cookies and earthy Badda di Polizzi beans, for an authentic Sicilian gastronomic adventure.


Panoramic Wonders

Experience breathtaking views from the park's lookout points, including the distant Aeolian Islands, the sprawling Nebrodi Mountains, and the majestic silhouette of Mount Etna.


Discover Surrounding Hamlets

Venture to nearby villages such as Gangi, Petralia Soprana, and Petralia Sottana, each with a unique charm that enriches the Madonie region's narrative tapestry.

TRAPANI: Sicily's Panoramic Paradise

Western Sicily boasts a breathtaking landscape of white pebble beaches, expansive dunes, and towering cliffs that face the African-flavored sea, providing memorable experiences.

Make your way to Baglio Soria (195km)

6 nights including breakfast sharing a Superior double room at the Baglio Soria

Return the car to Palermo airport (77km)

Coastal Views and Vineyard Escape" - Baglio Soria Wine Resort

Overlooking Trapani’s coast, Baglio Soria combines rich viticulture with timeless elegance: experience premium wines, traditional hospitality, and unparalleled views in this Mediterranean haven.

Segesta's Timeless Relics

Segesta is an ancient city on Mount Barbaro with a Greek theatre that offers a stunning view of the sea.


Erice's Ethereal Beauty

Rise to Erice, the crown jewel of western Sicily. Dominated by its commanding castle on Mount San Giuliano, its viewpoints unfurl a sprawling canvas from the Egadi Islands to the rugged peaks of Zingaro.


Trapani's Historic Mosaic

A short drive away, Trapani's rich history is waiting to be explored. The city's architectural marvels, from the San Lorenzo Cathedral to the Senatorial Palace, tell its vibrant story.


Marsala's Saline Majesty

Embark on a journey along the Saline Road, a tribute to human craftsmanship. These ancient salt flats, shaped over time, showcase vistas extending from Trapani to Marsala, blending nature and history in a unique way.


Zingaro and San Vito Lo Capo: Nature's Wilderness Meets Seaside Splendour

Experience the pristine charm of Zingaro Nature Reserve, which boasts vast terrain, secluded coves, and colourful sea beds. In close proximity, the turquoise coastline of San Vito Lo Capo invites you with its perfect blend of crystal-clear waters and the aroma of authentic couscous. Together, they create a delightful harmony of Italy's unspoiled natural beauty and culinary sophistication.

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