How You Can (Do) a Romantic Holiday in Salina in the Aeolian Islands

More and more couples choose Sicily and its historical landscape beauties for a holiday not too far away. However, those wishing to spend a romantic holiday in Sicily should consider Salina, in the Aeolian island, not only for its breathtaking views but also for the sweetness of its Malvasia wine and famous capers.


The island of Salina is elegant, but without pomp. Green and luxuriant like no other. Its name derives from the salty lake in the locality of Lingua from which salt was extracted for food storage. The Greeks called it Didyme, “twins”, because of its two mountains. A well-equipped marina in Santa Marina welcomes yachts of various sizes, while the hydrofoil pier guarantees tourist connections a hundred meters away. Getting to the island is quite simple, hydrofoils departs from Milazzo, Palermo or Naples.


As soon as you disembark the hydrofoil, refrigerated with air conditioning, you are immediately enveloped by the fresh wind that softens the sun’s rays on your skin. Santa Marina is a simple town with an alluring seafaring soul. Yet there is no shortage of elegant and expensive shops where you can buy artistic ceramics, oriental drapes and handmade objects by local artisans.


Scooter rental in Salina is highly recommended, while those who want to combine some exercise with relaxation can try to move around the island of Salina by bike.

Here are our insider tips for those planning an escape on the island.

Trekking in Salina can be magical

The best way to get to know the soul of Salina is to walk the many paths that cross it, stopping occasionally to recognize (and taste) the many varieties of plants that populate it, from wild fennel to asparagus, from wild celery to catmint. Here lovers of trekking, the sea and nature will find everything they need; among the adrenaline-filled experiences to do as a couple there is the excursion to Fossa delle Felci, a mountain at 962 meters from which you can enjoy a splendid view.


For a volcanic experience, just hop into neighbouring Stromboli to hike the summit and watch the volcano’s daily fireworks. The excursion lasts about five hours. It does not present particular criticalities, it does not require particular training or experience, but only a good physical condition and the right equipment (which however can be rented). The top of the volcano, at about 900 metres above sea level, can only be reached if accompanied by authorised guides.  Without a guide, you can reach a maximum altitude of 400 metres, enough to admire the lava display from a good position.

The sunset in Pollara

Somewhere, in Pollara, the house inhabited by Mario Ruoppolo, aka Massimo Troisi, is hidden in Il Postino (The Postman), the film that made the poetry of Salina known to the world. Unfortunately it cannot be visited. On the other hand, the Locanda del Postino, restaurant and hotel overlooking the sea and surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains, from which you can admire the spectacle of the sun diving into the sea behind Alicudi and Filicudi, is worth a stop.

Locanda del Postino, Pollara
Locanda del Postino, Pollara

Sun and Sea

To enjoy the sea at its best and avoid small beaches of uncomfortable pebbles, you may rent a small motorboat. Prices range from 80 euros up for a day, excluding fuel.
But if helming is not for you, you can still get on the various boats that organize island tours lasting about three hours every day, with stops for a swim in the most beautiful coves.


Among the most beautiful bays of Salina stands the Pollara beach, made up of small pebbles and lava rocks. Also the beach of Leni, with shallow and sandy bottoms, is extraordinary and is especially suitable for lovers of diving and snorkeling: jets of gas and vapors, the so-called baffles, characterize the seabed creating an interesting seascape. The striking crescent-shaped beach of Rinella stands out and amazes with its black sand.

Salina, Pollara
Salina, Pollara

Alfredo's granita.

Any excursion on the island can only end at Bar Alfredo, on the seafront of Lingua. Its granita is an institution in Salina: soft and grainy, cold at the right point, with or without cream, you can enjoy it sitting at the bar tables or, even better, on the warm sunny wall.

ice cream in salina
Alfredo In Cucina

Spa en plein air

Any excursion on the island can only end at Bar Alfredo, on the seafront of Lingua. Its granita is an institution in Salina: soft and grainy, cold at the right point, with or without cream, you can enjoy it sitting at the bar tables or, even better, on the warm sunny wall.


Having a bad meal in Salina is practically impossible. At lunch you can’t miss the “Pane Cunzato”, quite simply “dressed bread”. You can dress it with anything, excellent if stuffed with anchovies, capers and a drop of olive oil. The best is the one prepared by the shop without signs near the church at the beginning of the waterfront. In the evening, instead, there are various restaurants where you can taste traditional and innovative Aeolian cuisine.


The best restaurant is certainly “Mamma Santina“. From the terrace you can enjoy the colors of the sunset while tasting the fish dishes. The house speciality are spaghetti with 14 herbs, a pesto paste containing all the flavours of Salina and the Mediterranean.


Another noteworthy restaurant is the “Tinkitè“, also in Santa Marina. The restaurant – whose name evokes abundance – winds through the open spaces of a hotel. Ask to eat on the terrace. No lights and only candlelight. The view over Lipari is breathtaking. The restaurant offers Aeolian cuisine, cleverly revisited by the chef. The Capers semifreddo is not to be missed. A delicacy.


When it comes to Malvasia wine, a special mention goes to Carlo Hauner, a winery that has made school and that has marked the history of the Salina grape variety. The aperitif is excellent, with plenty of appetizers and the possibility of purchasing and shipping your favorite bottles. Very nice location especially in the evening at sunset. Simple to organize everything (just call them), polite and professional.

Tinkitè Restaurant
Tinkitè Restaurant
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