Discover Wellness, Natural Beauty, and Ancient Mystery

Step onto the island of Ischia, where echoes of a storied past blend seamlessly with the promise of holistic wellbeing. This isn’t just a place to alleviate specific ailments like rheumatism or muscle strains; Ischia is the quintessential wellness retreat, a haven where the pursuit of health and tranquillity has drawn seekers from across the globe.

Embrace the Healing Waters

Indulging in the healing embrace of Ischia’s thermal waters isn’t just a passing visit; it’s a transformational journey you must undertake at least once in your lifetime. Beneath the island’s vibrant life lies Europe’s most extensive thermal basin, home to 103 springs and 67 fumaroles. From every corner, waters rich in saline-bromine-iodine, alkaline, and sulphate spring forth, a testament to the island’s unparalleled natural bounty.

Time-Tested Therapeutic Virtues

The restorative benefits of Ischia’s waters stretch back to the annals of history, renowned for their health-giving properties since the dawn of time. In Roman times, the island was a beloved refuge for those seeking the healing embrace of its beneficial clay. The healing allure of Ischia’s waters has been immortalised in literature and chronicles throughout the ages – their therapeutic virtues extolled by the likes of Homer in the Iliad, Virgil in the Aeneid, and historians Pliny and Strabo.

A Wellness Adventure by the Sea

Venture into this extraordinary island where ancient history, natural wonder, and the quest for wellness converge, offering you an unmatched spa experience by the sea.

Poseidon Gardens: The Quintessence of Tranquillity

Begin your wellness journey in the serene oasis of the Poseidon Gardens. Nestled in the Bay of Citara in Forio, the Gardens boast 60,000 square meters of lush foliage and volcanic stone pools filled with warm, healing water. Indulge in hydro-massage pools set amidst tall reeds, finding tranquillity and priceless moments of silence.


Casamicciola Terme: The Aristocratic Spa Retreat

Once the favoured thermal station of the Bourbons, Casamicciola Terme enchants with its rich and famous springs. Soak in waters consecrated to Apollo or embrace the sea’s edge at the spring of Castiglione.


Unwind in one of the ten large pools at the Castiglione Thermal Park, each offering a distinct healing journey. Allow the beauty farm, hydromassage pools, sauna, and Kneipp path to reenergize your body and spirit.

The Unforgettable Negombo Thermal Park in Lacco Ameno

The enchanting Negombo Thermal Park, founded by Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini, is a true oasis of water, art, and rare plants. With its contemporary art installations and lush vegetation cascading towards the sea, it offers an idyllic blend of natural and artistic beauty.


Succumb to the park’s allure and lose yourself in an intricate tapestry of pools, tubs, thermal jets, and natural caves.

Botania Relais & Spa: The Ultimate Luxury Escape

For the discerning adult guest, the Botania Relais & Spa in Lacco Ameno offers an exclusive luxury retreat. Marrying the authentic beauty of the Mediterranean island with the elegance of a boutique hotel, it delivers an unforgettable holiday experience.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a revitalizing vacation with friends, Botania promises moments of relaxation and unforgettable seaside experiences.

Ready to experience the healing powers of Ischia’s thermal waters? Start planning your dream wellness holiday today!