Italian tourist tax what is it and how much?

From North to South, there are several cities that will ask for your contribution during your hotel/self-catering/B&B stay on their territory. Introduced with the Tax Federalism Act of 2011, the tourist tax is the tax set directly by the Municipality of reference, which decides the amount and the methods of application.


For example, there are cities where this applies only to some categories of hotels, while in others only for high season periods. There is no obligation to apply; each city is free to decide whether to make its tourists pay a contribution. There are over 1000 municipalities where this tax is due;


The tourist tax is a tax that must be paid per person for each night of your stay. A contribution that tourists pay directly to the accommodation used during their holiday. This tax has variable costs depending on the municipality and is collected by hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and campsites. Even for Airbnb customers, the fee is now mandatory when renting a room or an apartment.


To date, the tourist tax depends on various factors such as the number of stars and nights spent in the hotel. Generally, the amount of tourist tax ranges from €1 to €5 per day per person.


Each Municipality can decide independently not only the rate that the tourist has to pay per day but also for how many days it applies. For example, in large cities, it ranges from €3 to €7 in Rome and from €2 to €5 in Milan, while Florence has decided for €5 a day per person down to €1 if you sleep in a farmhouse or bed-and-breakfast.


The fee can be paid in cash or by card, at the end of the stay, directly to the tourist facility manager, who must issue a nominative payment receipt (keeping the copy as normal), or enter the relative amount on the invoice showing it as “VAT free charge”. Planning an Italian escapade from India and curious about the tourist tax? Simplify your journey to the heart of Europe with our Cleartrip coupon code . Tailored for our Indian travellers eager to embrace Italy’s charm. Fly smart, save substantially, and experience the magic of Italy!


The tourist tax is applicable also to those who have paid their holiday through their tour operator or travel agent in their own country.


They are normally exempt from paying the tourist tax:


the residents;
children up to 10 or 14 years;
the disabled;
carers of disabled people or those in serious health conditions;
patients and carers admitted to health facilities;

Where do I pay the tourist tax?


In 2011, there were only 13 Municipalities claiming the tourist tax from tourists. Over the years, more and more mayors have taken advantage of this tool, also because it is one of the few taxes that does not impact directly on the citizens’ pockets.


In cities, such as in Matera, the tourist tax rates have doubled: €2 for two and three-star hotels and €4 for 4-to-5-star hotels.


But in which cities do you pay the most? Looking at the ranking of Italian cities with the highest tourism tax, we find Rome in the first position, followed by Venice, Florence and Milan.


In the Italian capital, a family comprising a father, a mother and a child over the age of 10, staying in a 3-star hotel for 3 days spends €24, €17.50 in Venice, €14 in Florence, €12 in Milan and Viareggio, €8 in Bologna and €6 in Naples.


In Sicily, the most expensive tourism tax is in Palermo, with a tax of 0.50 cents per night per person in a 1-star hotel and up to €3 a night in the most luxurious facilities.


To give you a more precise idea, here is a table showing the tax amounts (we have selected only a part of the Municipalities where it applies):

Location             €    5-star      4-star       3-star

AGRIGENTO           3,00         3.00         2.00
ALBEROBELLO      1.00         1.00         0.80
BOLOGNA                5.00        5.00         5.00
CAPRI                        1.50         1.50         1.50
CATANIA                  2.50        1.50          1.50
CEFALU′                   1.00        1.00         1.00
ISCHIA                      4.00        3.00        2.00
LAKE COMO            2.50        2.50         2.50
LAKE MAGGIORE  2.50        1.50         1.00
LAKE GARDA          2.00        1.00         1.00
LECCE                       3.00        2.00        2.00
MILANO                   5.00        4.00        3.00
MATERA                  4.00        4.00         2.00
NAPOLI                    4.50         3.50        2.50
OTRANTO                2.00        2.00        1.50
OSTUNI                    2.00        2.00        1.50
RAVELLO                4.00        3.00         2.00
ROMA                       7.00        6.00        4.00
SORRENTO            4.00        3.00         1.50
TORINO                   5.00        3.70         2.80


  • John dent says:

    What is the tourist tax for Minori in June 2021

    • Antonio says:

      Hi John

      This is for Minori on the Amalfi Coast

      The tourist tax is determined per person and per night and is graduated and commensurate with reference to the type of all accommodation facilities. For these structures, the measure is defined in relation to their classification, as laid down by regional legislation on tourism and agritourism activities, which takes into account the characteristics and services offered by them, as well as the consequent economic value / price of the stay.

      How much you pay
      The daily tax is applied for the first 5 consecutive days of overnight stay, even if carried out in different accommodation facilities.

      The tax is applied in the following periods:
      from 01/01 to 09/01
      from 01/04 to 05/11
      from 22/12 to 31/12

      The tax is applied as follows:

      – Tax of € 3.00;
      4 and 5 star hotels
      4 and 5 star diffused hotels
      5 star guesthouses

      – Tax of € 2.00:
      3, 2 and 1 star hotels
      3, 2 and 1 star diffused hotels
      3, 2 and 1 star pensions

      – Tax of € 1.00
      Bed & Breakfast
      Holiday homes and apartments
      Tourist residences and accommodation facilities – residences
      Vacation homes
      Exercises of landlords
      Furnished housing units for tourist use
      Any other non-hotel accommodation managed by real estate brokerage agencies and the like as well as any type of structure similar to the previous ones.

      When you pay
      The subjects who stay overnight in the accommodation facilities of the Municipality of Minori (taxable persons) at the end of each stay, pay the tax to the manager of the accommodation that hosted them. The latter provides for the collection of the tax (issuing a receipt to the customers) and the subsequent payment to the Municipality.

      Persons who are under the age of ten at the start date of the stay are exempt from paying the tax.
      They are also exempt:
      a) people with disabilities;
      b) volunteers who provide their service at events organized by the municipal administration, or on the occasion of environmental emergencies;
      c) bus drivers and tour leaders who provide assistance to organized groups, to the extent of one driver or guide for every 25 residents.
      The tax does not apply in the following periods:
      – from 10/01 to 31/03
      – from 06/11 to 21/12;
      The recognition of the exemptions referred to in the preceding paragraphs is subject to the presentation of suitable certification or specific declarations, made pursuant to art. 46 and following of the DPR 28 December 2000, n. 445 and subsequent amendments.

      Sanctions for those who do not pay the tax
      For the omitted, delayed or partial payment of the tax , an administrative sanction equal to 30 percent of the unpaid amount is imposed, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree n. 471 of 1997. The provisions of art. 9 and 17 of Legislative Decree no. 472 of 1997.
      The refusal by the taxable person to fill in the form referred to in art. 6, paragraph 4, is punished with an administrative sanction from 25 to 500 euros provided for the violation of regulations, with the observance of the rules referred to in Chapter I, section I and II of Law no. 689 of 1981.
      For each non-fulfillment, within the prescribed deadlines, by the manager of the accommodation facility, a pecuniary administrative sanction from 25 to 500 euros is applied, for violation of the obligations deriving from the provisions contained in this regulation, pursuant to art. 7-bis of Legislative Decree 18 August 2000, n. 267. The provisions of Law 24 November 1981, n. 267 apply to the procedure for imposing the sanction referred to in this paragraph. 689.
      Obligations of the manager
      The manager of the accommodation facility pays the collected amounts to the Municipality of Minori on a quarterly basis in one of the following ways:

      postal order or bank transfer
      direct payment at the Municipal Treasury
      other forms of payment activated by the Municipal Administration.
      The manager of the accommodation facility must notify the Office in charge of the number of those who stayed overnight in the previous month as well as the relative period of stay, by the end of the month following the reference period, with a distinct indication of that of those entitled to exemptions provided for by art. 4 of this regulation.
      For the aforementioned communication, the forms available on the dedicated telematic platform must be used.

      The manager of the accommodation facility requests the subjects referred to in art. 3 of this regulation, the payment of the tax to the extent due, upon issue of a specific receipt or through annotation on the invoice or receipt. The payment made, in the case of a family unit, by a member of the same or, in the case of groups of two or more people, the payment made by the group leader on behalf of the others is understood to be duly made.
      A copy of the payment slip is attached to the communication referred to in paragraph 1.

      The managers of the accommodation facilities can be qualified as accounting agents. The accounting agent is subject to the judicial control of the Court of Auditors and is required to report annually on his management. To this end, the manager of the accommodation facility must transmit to the Municipality, by January 30 of each year, the management account relating to the previous year, drawn up on the model approved by Presidential Decree 194/1996 Model 21.

      The managers of the accommodation facilities located in the Municipality of Minori are required to inform their guests, in the appropriate spaces, of the application, extent and exemptions of the tourist tax

      • Chris Upsdell says:

        I have been in contact with an Air B&B in Naples and they say 2.5 € per day per person but I am planning to Stay for 30 days I have seen information that there is a maximum amount of days 14 for Naples

  • patircia says:

    What’s the coach fee/tax to enter in Sorrento?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I am going to visit rome to see my friend who lives in the city. they will be staying in the same airbnb. do they need to pay tourist tax?

  • leigh cinquegrana says:

    If I hold an Italian passport do I still need to pay the tourist tax

    • Antonio says:


      Italians pay the tax too

      The tourist tax is required per night for any type of accommodation: hotel; bed and breakfast; touristic village; etc. The principle underlying this payment is that the tourist partially benefits from the services offered by that place when he goes to another municipality.

  • J says:

    Hi, we are staying 8 nights in Florence. What is the tourist tax per person adults and 12 year old child? They all say up to 8 nights. What does it mean exactly? Thank you!

    • Antonio says:


      It’s up to 7 nights, and if won’t pay from the 8th night onwards

      HOTELS –
      1 star: € 3.00
      2 stars: € 4.00
      3 stars: € 4.50
      4 stars: € 4.90
      5 stars: € 5.00
      CAMPSITES: 1,2,3,4 stars € 3.00

  • Dominick says:

    I am visiting Bari from Jan. 2 until Feb. 17, will there be a tourist tax and how much for two people? Also, we are going to Napoli from Feb. 17 until March 17, again what is the tourist tax for two people for this period?

    • Antonio says:

      Hi Dominick
      the amount of tourist tax depends on the type of accommodation. Bari starts from 1.50 euro pp per day for a maximum of 7 days.


      1-star hotels €1.50 per person per night up to 14 days
      2-star hotels € 2.00 per person per night up to 14 days
      3-star hotels € 2.50 per person per night up to 14 days
      4-star hotels € 3.50 per person per night up to 14 days
      5-star hotels €4.50 per person per night up to 14 days
      Extra-luxury 5-star hotels € 5.00 per person per night up to 14 days
      B&B € 2.00 per person per night up to 14 days
      Campings € 2.00 per person per night up to 14 days
      Residence € 2.00 per person per night up to 14 days

  • Anita says:

    Can you please help me to clarify how much the tourist tax would be in 2023 in case of an AirBnB accomodation in Parzanica that is close to Lake Iseo?Thanks!

  • Thomas says:

    my wife and i are in Sorrento this july for 14 days, We are over 70 years old and l read somewhere older people are exempt of payment of this tax,could you please clarify.We are travelling from yhe UK.Thank You

  • Peter Schønheyder-Vitek says:

    What is the tourist tax for Livigno pr night?
    Getting a visitor (kid 15y old) visiting us for two days in our apartment and the landlord claims that the tax amount is €40. Find that hard to believe.

    Hope you can help with insights.

    Thank you.


  • Giedrius says:

    Hi, what is tourist tax in Positano now please? We are staying in apartments, family of 4 including 10 year old.

    Many thanks

    • Antonio says:

      It’s 2,50 per person per day but under 18 are free

      • Giedrius says:

        Many thanks for such quick reply!

  • Laurence Armstrong says:

    Hi, my wife and I, are staying in Sorrento this month for 14 nights, at the Grand Hotel Cesare Augusto, we are both in our seventies, can you tell me how much tourist tax we will have to pay

  • Sue Chen says:

    What is the age of children who need to pay for the tourist tax in Naples, italy?

    Thank you

  • Jen says:

    Hi, we are a family of 5 , we have 3 children ages 10,13,14 who have disabilities and carry blue badge. Can you advise if we pay tourist tax? If so can we claim it back?
    From uk

    • Antonio says:

      usually people with disabilities and their carer do not pay tourist tax.

      Where in Italy are you going?

  • GG says:

    Hi I noticed that it said disabled people and carers are exempt from city tax in Rome how do you apply for the excemption.

    • Antonio says:

      You don’t need to do anything, your accommodation will sort it out

  • […] For example, in Rome, the tax ranges from 4 euros for a three-star stay to 7 euros for five stars, according to tour operator ExpertoItaly. […]

  • Colin Gray says:

    Hi we are staying in self catering villa in the Catania region Trecastagni, 2 of us 12 days 2 plus 2 under 5’s for 7 days and one for 4 days as my kids can not do the whole 12 days with us. will we have to pay tourist tax self catering and will it be 12 days for everyone.. I can not see how this helps tourism in any way just a government grab as it is in Edinburgh.

    • Antonio says:

      The tourist tax in Trecastagni is 1 € per day per person (excluding children up to 12 years old).

  • Michelle King says:

    Hi there, do you know what the tourist tax is for Santa Teresa di Gallura Principe for a 4 star villa accommodation rental pppd? Thanks!

    • Antonio says:

      it should be 2 euro per person per day up to 10 days and the following exemptions:

      The following are exempt from paying the tax:

      a) minors up to the age of 10 years and elderly people over the age of 75 years;

      b) those who assist patients admitted to healthcare facilities in the area, on the basis of one companion per patient;

      c) parents, or companions, who assist minors under eighteen years of age admitted to healthcare facilities in the area, for a maximum of two people per patient;

      d) individuals with a disability who are not self-sufficient, with 100% civil invalidity;

      e) companion of a non-self-sufficient person with a disability as mentioned in the previous point d);

      f) bus drivers and tour guides who provide assistance to groups organized by travel and tourism agencies. The exemption applies to each bus driver and to one tour guide for every 25 participants;

      g) personnel belonging to the state police and other armed forces who perform activities of public order and safety, as defined in the Consolidated Public Safety Act R.D. June 18, 1931, n. 773, and the subsequent Implementation Regulation of R.D. May 6, 1940, n. 635;

      h) those who perform work activities at any local production facility;

      i) in the event of natural disasters or major events identified by the administration, all civil protection volunteers and members of volunteer associations.

      The above exemptions must be certified and demonstrated by the managers of the accommodation facilities through the presentation of appropriate documentation.

  • Alzsooo says:


    I’m staying in rome for 3 nights and the room that i booked wrote us that we have to pay 7 eur per person per night, for city tax, it’s a simple room close to the train station not a five star hotel to pay 7 euro is that normal ?

    • Antonio says:

      it depends on the city council but yes 7 euros per person sounds a bit steep

  • J J says:

    Hello i am back in the uk now and forgot to pay the airbnb tourest woman before we left – am i liable for this now i am back in the uk or do i still need to pay this to the lady in italy

    • Antonio says:


      first check it was already included in your accommodation cost, if not you can always send her the money

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