Ancient Alleys, Modern Comfort: Italy’s Charming Urban Abodes

A collection of boutique accommodations beckons the modern traveller in the rich tapestry of Italy's urban landscapes, where ancient alleys whisper tales of yesteryears.

From the art-soaked quarters of Naples’ Atelier Ines to the serene, artistic embrace of Palermo’s Unìco Boutique Hotel d’Arte, these abodes marry cultural depth with contemporary luxury. Catania’s Asmundo di Gisira offers a stay draped in mythic artistry, while Verona’s Butterfly Boutique Rooms is a labour of love, interweaving Italian craftsmanship with intimate hospitality. Step into Florence’s Palazzo di Camugliano for a Renaissance revival, or find Venetian sophistication at the serene Corte di Gabriela. Lecce’s Palazzo De Noha is a narrative of elegance and heritage, and Bologna’s Casa Bertagni blends cosiness with chic refinement. In Rome, Albergo Etico pioneers social change through its heartwarming service, and Ravenna’s M-Club personalises your journey with its enchanting charm.


Each destination within this curated list promises an escape where the allure of Italy’s past meets the comfort of modernity, crafting a stay as unforgettable as the cities they adorn.

Naples’ Artistic Retreat: Atelier Ines’ Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Atelier Ines' Boutique Bed & Breakfast Naples

We are located in one of the most exciting neighbourhoods of Naples, at number 138 on Via dei Cristallini. No place embodies the contradictions of the Campanian capital like the Rione Sanità. Moving from degradation to the recovery of an immense and hidden heritage, the neighbourhood shows a great inclination towards art and creativity. And it is here that Inès, a Tunisian artist, and her husband Vincenzo Oste, a jewellery designer, have recently transformed their studio – which was also a kind of museum with works, furniture, and mirrors designed by Annibale Oste, Vincenzo’s father – into a place of sharing and hospitality. The art gallery has become a luxury bed & breakfast with 6 rooms and suites, each different from the other. The two creatives share their world and artistic philosophy, offering a unique life experience to their guests.

Catania’s Canvas of Elegance: Stay at the Art-Infused Asmundo di Gisira

Art Hotel Boutique Asmundo di Gisira

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking artistic embrace of Art Hotel Boutique Asmundo di Gisira. Nestled in the heart of Catania, this mesmerising sanctuary of creativity flourishes within a historical palace, marrying past and present through its stunning décor. Each corner tells a story, embodying a new vision of Sicily as a nucleus of contemporary art, where ancient myths and modern legends beautifully collide. The interior is a splendid canvas where international and national artists have revisited tales in pop-contemporary brilliance, blending classic Italian aesthetics with avant-garde boldness. Rooms transcend mere accommodation, transforming into living art galleries, each a unique spectacle and homage to the richness of Sicilian tradition and myth. This remarkable hotel doesn’t just offer a place to stay but an immersive artistic voyage, where passion for beauty and creativity reverberates through its spaces and where the visitor is invited to dwell in the luxurious charm of artistic mastery and innovation.

Palermo’s Seaside Art Haven: Unìco Boutique Hotel d’Arte

Unìco Boutique Hotel Palermo

Experience the captivating charm of Unìco Boutique Hotel d’Arte, nestled in the picturesque seaside of Palermo. A living canvas, Unìco surrounds you with breathtaking contemporary artworks, transforming your stay into a unique artistic immersion. Each elegantly designed room is a personal gallery filled with light from large windows that frame stunning sea vistas and lush Mediterranean gardens. Dive into a world where the artful interiors meet the natural beauty of the surroundings and where curated exhibitions and artistic conversations enhance an ambience already enriched by the harmonious blend of art and the alluring seaside of Palermo.

Verona’s Intimate Italian Design Experience at Butterfly Boutique Rooms

Butterfly Boutique Rooms Verona

Nestled in the enchanting city of Verona, Butterfly Boutique Rooms is a testament to the labour of love by its visionary owners, Laura and Gian Matteo. This exquisite haven of hospitality is more than just a place to stay; it is a crafted experience, merging the quintessence of Italian design with the comfort of home. Every corner of the boutique rooms tells a story of passion. Every detail reflects the meticulous care with which the owners have selected furnishings from the most renowned Italian brands. Their relentless pursuit of creating an intimate yet luxurious space has given rise to a unique accommodation that captures the spirit of Verona and the essence of Italian craftsmanship. In Butterfly Boutique Rooms, guests are not just visitors; they are participants in a living canvas of design and tradition, where the labour of love by Laura and Gian Matteo delivers an unforgettable stay.

Florentine Grandeur: Timeless Luxury at Palazzo di Camugliano

Palazzo di Camugliano Florence Junior Suite

Discover the essence of Renaissance luxury at Palazzo di Camugliano, where the splendour of a 16th-century Florentine residence unfolds just minutes from the city’s historic heart. This hidden gem, set on a tranquil street yet a brief walk from the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, offers a serene garden retreat and interiors rich with original frescoes and antiques—a noble escape from the ordinary. Each room, a blend of history and comfort, promises a personal encounter with Florence’s past, making your stay an intimate passage through time amid modern-day exploration.

Venetian Elegance Unveiled: Serenity at Corte di Gabriela

Corte di Gabriela Venice

Nestled discreetly in Venice, Corte di Gabriela is a boutique hotel where elegance and attention to detail reign supreme. The interiors marry historic charm with modern design, creating spaces as stunning as they are serene. Each room is a quiet sanctuary, with captivating frescoes overhead and comfort that ensures profound rest. Breakfast is an affair to remember, featuring a feast of homemade delights in a picturesque courtyard. The staff’s dedication to service shines through, from personalised travel tips to arranging last-minute tours. The ideal location offers a peaceful haven away from Venice’s vibrant heart. Corte di Gabriela stands out as a place where luxury is felt, and the warmth of the welcome makes every stay memorable.

Lecce’s Cultural Tapestry: Refined Modernity at Palazzo De Noha

Palazzo de Noha Lecce

Palazzo De Noha encapsulates the essence of Lecce’s rich history with modern sophistication. Once a noble residence turned orphanage, it now stands as a bespoke hotel. Each of its 13 rooms, whether under star-shaped vaults or with pavilion ceilings, whispers tales of antiquity complemented by minimalist elegance. The rooftop unveils the city’s splendour, a view matched by the warm embrace of the staff who guide guests through local delicacies, hidden coastal gems, and the quaint streets of Lecce. A mere stroll from the heartbeat of the town, Palazzo De Noha is more than a hotel—it’s a canvas of cultural heritage and contemporary luxury, where service exceeds expectations and every stay feels like a part of the city’s grand narrative.

Bologna’s Cosy Chic Retreat: Casa Bertagni’s Stylish Stay

Casa Bertagni Bologna

Casa Bertagni in Bologna artfully merges antique charm with modern comfort. Located near the Pinacoteca Nazionale, it offers a cosy yet stylish stay. Each room, named after virtues, is uniquely decorated with luxury touches like Maison Margiela bathrobes and Carthusia toiletries. Attentive staff arrange everything from bike rentals to culinary experiences, ensuring a personalised visit. The breakfast boasts homemade and organic selections, adding to the boutique guesthouse’s bespoke allure.

Rome’s Heartfelt Hospitality: Stay with Purpose at Albergo Etico

Albergo Etico Rome

Discover the heartwarming embrace of hospitality and humanity at Albergo Etico Roma, where every stay contributes to a noble cause. Nestled in the historical charm of Rome’s Flaminio district, this pioneering hotel offers a cosy refuge a stone’s throw from Piazza del Popolo and champions a profound social initiative. Albergo Etico is staffed by individuals with disabilities, providing them with invaluable vocational training and the opportunity for full occupational integration. As you relish the comfort of elegantly appointed rooms and savour the flavours of authentic Italian cuisine, you become part of a larger mission to empower and uplift, making your visit a getaway and a step towards inclusivity and hope. Here, hospitality transcends tradition, ensuring that every guest leaves with memories and the knowledge that their stay has made a tangible difference.

Ravenna’s Personalised Inn Experience: The Enchanting M-Club

M-Club Ravenna

Nestled within the heart of Ravenna, the M-Club is not merely a stay—it’s a sophisticated reimagining of the traditional inn, delivering a personalised experience that radiates charm and intimacy. Under the attentive eye of Michael, the innkeeper, every guest is woven into the fabric of this historic place. From the initial reservation to the wave goodbye, Michael’s bespoke service—be it securing hard-to-find dinner reservations or greeting the dawn with a delightful breakfast—is the golden thread that ties together a stay at M-Club. Each room, a tapestry of comfort and character, offers a serene retreat after a day spent meandering through Ravenna’s famed sites, all a stone’s throw from your door. The M-Club beckons with its central location and promise of a stay as enchanting and memorable as the city.

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