Unlock the Magic of Italy with our Customised Multi-Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

Journey through Italy’s multifaceted beauty, from iconic cities to secluded coastal gems. With ExpertoItaly, every experience becomes an intimate rendezvous with the soul of Italy.

Tailored Itineraries Celebrating Italy’s Diversity: Revel in the romantic charm of scenic rail journeys, delight in the serenity of car-free getaways, or embrace the adventure of fly-drive explorations. From the historic allure of Rome and the poetic ambience of Verona to the breathtaking hikes on the Path of Gods along the Amalfi Coast and the enchanting streets of lesser-known towns like Siracusa – your Italian dreams are our canvas.


Adaptable and Personalised Travel Planning: Every traveller is unique, and so should their journey. We dedicate ourselves to designing itineraries that mirror your desires, making every instant authentically yours.

Authentic Italian Experiences Await: Dive deep into Italy’s rich tapestry with our local treasures. Explore behind-the-scenes of ancient landmarks, indulge in wine tastings nestled in Tuscan vineyards, or discover the captivating beauty of quaint towns like Taormina and Ravenna. Every moment with us becomes a story to tell.


Stay Where Every Night Tells a Tale: At ExpertoItaly, accommodations are more than just lodgings. They are handpicked experiences, each echoing Italy’s undeniable charm and character.


Our fly-drive holiday itineraries offer a breathtaking journey through Italy’s countryside, ancient ruins, and vibrant cities.

From wine tasting in charming vineyards to sunbathing on picturesque beaches, uncover hidden gems at your own pace.

Explore Tuscany‘s rolling hills Puglia‘s cobblestone streets, or immerse yourself in the rich history of Sicily.

Experience breathtaking scenery, diverse cultures, and exquisite cuisine while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your rental car.

Join us for a whistle-stop tour that takes in the best of Sicily's culture, gastronomy, and beach & city life.


Coasting Along the Tyrrhenian: A Journey Through Idyllic Beaches and Enchanting Villages of the Tyrrhenian Seaside.


Culture, unspoiled nature, lakes, castles, excellent food and wine. This holiday is awesome.



Experience Italy’s rich history, art, and natural beauty without the hassle of driving.

Our car-free holiday packages offer stress-free and eco-friendly travel, using Italy’s high-speed rail network, private-driven transfers, and centrally located hotels.

With our experienced team’s recommendations, explore major cities, small towns, and picturesque villages easily. Trust us to provide the best car-free holiday experience in Italy.

A twin-centre into the heart of Italian beauty, among mosaics, historic buildings and medieval abbeys.


Explore Italy's historic cities - Venice, Florence, and Rome - and enjoy the beautiful Italian countryside from the comfort of your train seat!


A well-matched twin centre holiday that combines the vibrant capital of southern Italy with the relaxing island of Ischia, travelling between the two by hydrofoil across the Bay of Naples.



Discover Switzerland and Italy’s stunning landscapes with train travel.


Experience the journey with unique perspectives and breathtaking views on popular routes like the Bernina, Glacier, and Gotthard Express. Our overview covers these and more, so get ready to be amazed on your next train adventure.

Are you feeling the call of Italy? Remember, what you see here is but a glimpse. Reach out for a consultation, and together, we’ll paint your perfect Italian narrative.


Set sail on your Italian Odyssey. With ExpertoItaly by your side, every chapter is a masterpiece.

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