A New Perspective on Naples: Your Voyage on the Bay

There’s an extraordinary way to discover Naples – a kayak excursion in the Bay of Naples. This unique experience promises to be so breathtaking, you’ll be left utterly speechless. Imagine yourself slicing through the azure waters, with the majestic cityscape as your backdrop. It is from this vantage point, gliding on the sea, that you witness Naples unfurl in all its grandeur.

Discover Hidden Treasures: From Neoclassical Villas to Secret Grottoes

Our journey takes you past hidden historical sites, often-inaccessible ruins, resplendent neoclassical villas, and lush, verdant gardens. Add to that, the thrill of exploring secret sea grottoes scattered all along the coast from Mergellina to Nisida. It’s a path less travelled, revealing a side of Naples not many have seen.

Meet Your Kayak Napoli Guides: Sea-savvy Experts at Your Service

Our trusty team from Kayak Napoli has been organizing these unforgettable tours for years. They will guide you to experience nature in its rawest form. You need not be a swimming expert or a seasoned kayaker. Just put on a swimsuit, bring a spare shirt, and you’re ready for an unforgettable journey. Follow our expert guides as you navigate your way and see Naples in a way you never thought possible.

Why Kayaking? Merging History, Nature, and Adventure

Kayaking is, undoubtedly, the perfect means to embark on a coastal excursion. It allows you to venture close to otherwise unreachable locations, and to weave perfectly into the historical and natural landscapes. From the majestic Palazzo Donn’Anna, once home to the vice-queen Anna di Carafa, to the splendid Villa Roseberry, an 1801-built beauty turned Head of State residence. Plus, the magical Villa Volpicelli awaits.

Your Journey Details: Everything You Need to Know

Our kayak excursions are designed to last about three hours. We cater to groups ranging from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15 people. The package price, starting from just 25 euros per person, includes all equipment, an experienced guide, and canoe rental. It’s time to gear up for an adventure that’s truly a class apart. Embark on the Naples kayak experience and return with memories etched in your heart.


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