Kayak excursions in Naples

How about a Kayak excursion in the Bay of Naples? An unmissable experience, one of a kind, which will literally leave you speechless.


In fact, it is from the sea that Naples shows itself in all its splendour, gliding past often-inaccessible ruins, neoclassical villas and luscious gardens, and into secret sea grottoes scattered along the entire coast from Mergellina to Nisida.


For some years, the guys from Kayak Napoli (kayaknapoli.com) have been organising kayak tours, offering an experience in contact with nature. It is not necessary to know how to swim, nor to be trained: just put on a bathing suit, a spare shirt and go.


You will just have to paddle following their expert guides and enjoy the city as you never imagined it.


Kayaking is certainly the most suitable means for an excursion along the coast, as it allows not only to get closer to otherwise unreachable places, but also to integrate perfectly with the history and nature surrounding them. Starting with the majestic Palazzo Donn’Anna, home of the vice-queen Anna di Carafa, and the splendid Villa Roseberry, built in 1801 and later became the residence of the Head of State. Then, a truly magical place: Villa Volpicelli.


The excursions last about three hours and are aimed at groups of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15 people. The price (from 25 euros per person) includes equipment, guide and canoe rental.


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