Kayaking in Venice

Kayak and Venice seems like a particular combination! To discover the lagoon city, there is nothing better than navigating the main canals and streams on board of a kayak.


Each turn opens to new views: hidden squares, portals, bridges, balconies and windows embellished with sculptures, stone masks, colonnades and architectural treasures overlooking the minor docks, otherwise invisible from the calli.


The still water, the absence of noises, the almost total lack of tourists help to create the magical encounter between the millennial jewels of this unique city and the arcane games of liquid nature that adapts to the rhythms of man. It is then that it becomes evident to discover how kayaking is the ideal tool for this kind of exploration. Light, fast, agile even when water buses, lance-taxis, garbage boats and small fishing boats risk clogging the waterways. A few paddles are enough to enter the dream.


From Torcello to Burano, remaining stunned by the charm of the Venice lagoon seen from a decidedly unusual perspective. Kayaking and canoeing in the waters of the Serenissima is a unique experience: itineraries rich in history and natural beauty, to be discovered thanks to the numerous realities that organize local trips and excursions.


Among these, there is Venice Kayak (venicekayak.com) which carries out kayak tours guided by expert instructors, exploring the surroundings of Vignole, Sant’Erasmo, Poveglia and more.


What are the tours available?


Tours start from a two-hour excursion up to a full day. In two hours, for example, you can take the tour dedicated to the discovery of Vignole and Sant’Erasmo. With three hours you can dedicate yourself to a naturalistic tour of the lagoon or a tour discovering the stories of ghosts, witches and wizards. Do you have the whole day available? There are three tours to choose from: a historical tour of the lagoon, a tour that takes you to the island of Burano and a tour to Poveglia, the island of mysteries par excellence.


How much is it?


Tours start from € 95 (two hours) to € 160 (for full-day tours). The tour obviously includes the rental of kayaks and equipment, including dry bags if you want to bring something with you. Of course, the instructor who is also a tour guide and a photo shoot that you will receive after the tour is also included (thus avoiding damaging your phone or your camera).


More Notes


Children are welcome from the age of 8 and will row in a double kayak with a parent or guardian. Obviously, comfortable clothing is a must for this type of experience; also remember hat and sunglasses. Sunscreen and a swimsuit underneath can also be a good idea, along with a change of clothes to have just in case.


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