Creating Memories: A Family Getaway to Parco San Marco’s Lakeside Retreat

Embarking on a family holiday is always a joyous occasion, but choosing the perfect destination can be challenging. If you’re seeking a blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation, look no further than the pristine Lake Lugano in the heart of the Swiss-Italian border.

It’s a place where family memories are made, where every meal, ride, and view adds to the story you’ll tell for years.

So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable family holiday at Lake Lugano, where adventure and tranquillity await at every corner.

Lake Lugano

Taste the Tradition: Family Dining at Grotto Ticinese di Cureglia

A Culinary Journey for All Ages

Grotto Ticinese di Cureglia
Grotto Ticinese di Cureglia

One cannot think of a holiday in Lake Lugano without savouring the delights of the local Ticinese cuisine. The Grotto Ticinese di Cureglia isn’t just a dining option; it’s an essential cultural experience for the whole family. While you indulge in mouth-watering polenta and braised meats, your children can delight in the tastes of authentic local cheeses. The family-friendly atmosphere is as inviting as the food, with the comfort of tradition and a setting as picturesque as it is palatable.

Discover Switzerland in Miniature: Swissminiatur Delights

A Little World of Big Wonders

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Families with young explorers will find endless amusement at Swissminiatur. This open-air museum brings Switzerland’s iconic landmarks to life on a 1:25 scale that fascinates the young and the young at heart. Stroll among miniaturised marvels like the Chillon Castle and Federal Palace, igniting imaginations and providing a unique educational experience in a playfully enchanting environment.

Soar to New Heights: Monte Generoso Railway

Steam into Adventure

Monte Generoso Railway
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Take a step back to the Belle Époque with a steam train journey on the Monte Generoso Railway. The entire family can marvel at the scenic wonders of the natural park, finding routes suitable for all ages. And once atop, the Fiore di Pietra offers architectural genius and a gastronomic feast with a view sure to impress even the littlest travellers.

View from the Top: Sighignola, the Balcony of Italy

Panoramic Vistas for the Family Album

Sighignola, the Balcony of Italy
Sighignola, the Balcony of Italy

Drive up to the Sighignola and experience why it’s been christened the “Balcony of Italy.” The vistas here offer a panoramic education on the majesty of the Alps – a geography lesson that beats any classroom. It’s a scenic spot for a family picnic with the most stunning backdrop imaginable.

Dive into Excitement at Splash and Spa Tamaro!

Your Ultimate Water Adventure and Spa Retreat Awaits

Splash and Spa Tamaro
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Discover the thrill at Splash and Spa Tamaro, which opened in 2013! Dive into fun with 5 epic slides, a wave pool, and a luxurious Spa spread over 3,000 sqm. Treat your family to interactive water games and unwind in our heated panoramic pool with massage jets, saunas, and a mountain view terrace. Indulge in wellness with themed Turkish baths and relaxing treatments—ultimate water adventure and relaxation await!

Play and Pray: Monte Tamaro's Plethora of Activities

Outdoor Fun and Serenity

Adventure Park Monte Tamaro

At Monte Tamaro, fun and tranquillity go hand in hand. The playground near Alpe Foppa is a haven for children, offering a space to unleash energy with an astonishing view. With its varying excitement levels, the Adventure Park is tailored to include even the tiniest adventurers, ensuring everyone gets a taste of adventure. Don’t forget the Summer Toboggan Run for a rush of adrenaline or the Tyrolean for those who dare to “fly” over breathtaking landscapes.

Cultural Reverence

With its architectural prowess, the serenity of the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli provides a moment of calm and a touch of cultural significance to your family escapade.

Discover Parco San Marco: A Family Paradise by Lake Lugano

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