Welcome to a Journey of Authentic Italian Discovery with Antonio!

Hello, I’m Antonio! Imagine transforming your dream of Italy into a breathtaking reality, where every stop is a treasure trove of experiences carefully curated to maximise your time and joy. Welcome to ExpertoItaly, where I bring you the heart of Italy – far beyond the usual tourist paths.

With a personal touch and a decade of expertise, I don’t just plan trips; I craft journeys that resonate with your unique interests. My Italian roots and extensive travels from the alpine north to the sun-kissed islands have deepened my understanding of Italy’s hidden gems and cultural nuances.

Authentic Italian Travel – Crafted with Passion, Designed by a Native

As your Italian travel connoisseur, I’ve handpicked extraordinary destinations. Imagine staying in city hotels where you’re not just a guest but a family or sipping espresso in quaint villages where you’re on a first-name basis with the locals.


Your Italian adventure could be anything from your first magical visit to your tenth; I ensure it’s always unique. Discover Italy’s secret corners and learn insider tips for experiencing iconic sights in a new light. Let me guide you to off-the-beaten-path adventures that only Italy can offer.

Your Italian Dream, My Expertise

Whether you’re unsure where to start or have specific desires, I’m here to guide you through the best of Italy, avoiding the typical tourist pitfalls. Many clients return to ExpertoItaly for their Italian holidays, and if we’ve yet to meet, I’m just a message away.

Beyond Itineraries – Comprehensive Travel Services

At ExpertoItaly, I offer more than just itineraries. Consider me your Italian travel guide, from flight and accommodation bookings to tickets for events, operas, and festivals. I’m available throughout your trip for any assistance, ensuring a seamless and memorable Italian experience.


Because at ExpertoItaly, you’re not just a traveller but a cherished guest, receiving special attention and insider tips wherever you go.

Meet the Italian Experts

Antonio Cresce, Italian travel planner

Born in Turin in northern Italy, I grew up right by the Alps and developed a love of mountain life early on. After finishing school, I worked in ski chalets in the winter, Italian beach resorts in summer, and travelled the world – and my home country – in between. Apart from Italy, I’ve also spent a great deal of time in the USA and Japan.


After working for travel companies for a decade, I developed ExpertoItaly as a specialist Italian travel agent in 2011. My goal is to help clients experience the best of Italy through the eyes of a local.


I now divide my time between Italy – mainly Turin – and London, where I live with my daughter. And every time I go back to Italy, I’m reminded of just how special my country is. It packs such a variety of landscapes, cultural heritage and gastronomic experiences into a relatively compact area. No wonder it’s one of the most popular travel destinations on earth.


I still love nothing more than creating a trip that I know will give a customer not only what they want, but will also delight them with unexpected discoveries along the way.


My secret escape


“I adore the seaside village of Pisciotta on the Cilento coast in southern Italy. It’s packed with wonderful restaurants, has magnificent beaches, a unique hotel – Marulivo, which was created from a converted monastery – and the most charming locals. Stay a week and you’ll be adopted by the villagers as one of their own.”

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Vittorio Sciosia, photographer & researcher

As a professional photographer, I’m always travelling around Italy photographing hotels, restaurants, towns and villages. You might have seen my pictures in Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic and The Times.


Italy is full of so many special places that it seems like there’s always somewhere new to discover. I grew up in Milan and Naples, but now my home is in the beautiful coastal town of Livorno in Tuscany.


The Tuscan landscape is incredible, like poetry, and the people put a lot of effort into maintaining it. Of course, that’s true of so many places in Italy, and I love exploring all of it, from the Alps right down to the Amalfi Coast and out to the islands.


On my travels, when I find places I think Antonio’s customers will love – whether it’s a charming family-run hotel or a medieval hilltop village – I let him know. I see myself as his second pair of eyes on the ground.


My job also takes me around the world and you can follow all my travels on www.vittoriosciosia.com


My favourite photography trick


”No matter which camera you use – even if it’s just your phone – the right lighting will improve your image. And the good news is that you don’t need expensive equipment. You just need to time it right.


We get such gloriously strong sunlight in Italy, which makes our landscapes look so vibrant in real life, but can make photographs look harsh or washed out.


But the light we get for the hour around sunrise and around sunset is ideal. It gives a wonderfully atmospheric image, with the light casting a soft glow and the shadows providing a gentle contrast, so you get a perfect shot, whether you’re taking a picture of coasts, mountains, countryside or cities.”

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