Multi-Centre Holidays in Sicily

Multi-Centre Holidays in Sicily

Although it takes little more than four hours to drive from one side of Sicily to the other, there is huge amount to see in between! A tailor made holiday that combines several destinations in Sicily is a great way to explore different cities, to experience the countryside or grab a few days by the beach.


Several of our multi-centre holidays are more suited to those who prefer not to drive, staying in towns and cities where cars are not needed, and transferring to other locations by train or by private chauffeur.


If you enjoy the freedom of having a rental car, then we can work out an itinerary that best suits your needs with recommended accommodation and route plans.


  • We’ll help you structuring an itinerary that match you expectations from climbing volcanoes to where is the best beach to lay down or where to eat the best cannoli.
  • A private tour of Sicily’s historic wonders? Cheese and wine tasting in local farms? Downhill Bike Tour of Mt Etna? We take care of it all!

Car-free or fly and drive?

Once you arrive, the best way to visit Sicily is by car.


If you don’t feel like driving, don’t rely on trains. If anything, there are bus companies that connect the main cities to each other (Sais, Etna Trasporti and Interbus, but there are also others).


We can help you navigate the timetables and create an itinerary around, but keep in mind that, compared to a car, buses only travel between town centres.


For connections to the Aeolian, Ustica and Egadi islands, you are spoiled for choice between ferries and hydrofoils.

How long should I spend in Sicily?

If you choose to tour it far and wide from Palermo to Catania, passing through Trapani, Ragusa and the smaller islands and including long hours of sun and relaxation on the beach you should consider at least three weeks. If you only have two weeks, you have to exclude something but you still make a nice itinerary.


Sicily Discovery: a 2-week fly-drive holiday


Without a car, you could start with a city break in Palermo, add a coastal stay on the Aeolian Islands and finish between Mt Etna and Taormina


Palermo, The Aeolian Islands And Taormina

A week and a bit

If you can’t strecth it to two weeks, we suggest you only devote yourself to one area. You could opt for a tour of the east coast between Catania and Siracusa. Or, again in a week, you could choose to visit the west coast between Palermo and Trapani.


Another idea on what to visit in Sicily within a week could be the area of the Val di Noto with Ragusa, Modica and Siracusa.


Taormina and Siracusa: Sicily Twin-Centre

Western Sicily: Palermo and a Vineyard Stay

Baroque Beauty in Sicily

Eastern Sicily: Taormina and the Val Di Noto

When to go?

If swimming in the sea is not one of your objective, you can holiday in Sicily pretty much any time of the year.For example, on the 13 of December, when its celebrate its Patron Saint Lucy,  Siracusa makes an excellent Christmas breaks.


Of course, being able to choose, one would exclude January to March because of the rain and, arguably, August because of the summer full house.


In August, beaches and resorts are overcrowded, it is difficult to find some space (and relax) at the sea. Not to mention August’s central week when, almost everywhere, total chaos reigns.


June and September are two excellent months for holidays in Sicily, not only for a more limited crowding issue but also for the temperature, hot but not sultry and gently breeze. Some showers can always happen, especially in September, but they are phenomena that usually do not last long. ​​September is also when the sea is at its best: calm, flat, warm and, above all, unfrequented.


Even July could be fine if you do not suffer too much from the high temperatures: in Sicily in July, it is usually warmer than in August, but there is not the same confusion.


May is another excellent period to visit Sicily, as temperatures remain around 25-26 degrees during the day but that drops a lot in the evening, specially, if you are away from the coast.