Palermo Street Food Tours

Today Palermo is the undisputed European capital of street food, fifth in the world after Bangkok, Singapore, Penang and Marrakech, according to the latest ranking compiled by the Virtual Tourist site.


The variety of cuisine consumed on the street next to a kiosk or a “trendy” Ape car allows everyone – carnivores, piscivorous, vegetarians – to enjoy one of Palermo’s best feature: food. From appetizers to desserts passing from one market to another you can pack a tailor-made lunch.


The by-products of slaughtering meat, the meat of the poor, open the dances: Pane Ca’s Meusa is a soft sandwich also called focaccia stuffed with boiled spleen flavoured with lard and salted ricotta; Quarume, the challenging mixed boiled cartilage of beef cooked in a vegetable broth, Stigghiole or grilled lamb guts, Fritters or fried veal offal.


After admiring the fish in plain sight on the stalls of Ballarò, the oldest food market in Palermo, satisfy your palate starting from a saucer of boiled octopus caught from the steaming pot. Continue with the Trigghiola, a fry mullet fish and a taste of Sarde a Beccafico (“fig-pecker”). The latter refers to a songbird that was historically considered a great delicacy in many Mediterranean countries, the sardines, stuffed, rolled and baked, are said to resemble the cooked, stuffed birds.


Cazzilli or potato croquettes, Sfinciuni, Palermo pizza, cauliflower, cardoons, zucchini in batter, quail eggplant, schnitzel or aubergine meatball (where naturally you will find neither quail nor meat..). Poor foods capable of filling, satisfying the taste, great for vegetarians and those who are without their knowledge.

Palermo Street Food Tours

We have teamed up with to enrich your city break in Palermo with an interesting and fun experience: a street food of Palermo.
There are morning and evening tours ideal for a lunch or an itinerant aperitive among the streets and squares of the Sicilian capital


At the start of the tour, all participants will receive their personal Streaty Palermo Food Passport which lists all the specialities offered along the walk and also includes a Palermo street food tour map.


Morning tour €39 per person
The morning walking tour explores Palermo’s food markets. Along with tasting Palermo’s delicacies in the city’s best food stalls, you’ll be touring highlights of the historic centre.


Evening tour €39 per person
The Palermo night scene differs from the morning one, you will have the chance to try baked delis at traditional roast meat shops and taste the daily selection of challenging food cooked on barbecues (eg. veal intestine and spring onion). Other specialities include Panelle chickpea fritters or the mint and potato crocchè. Drinks come along with food.


The tour ends in the elegant scenery of Piazza San Domenico where foodies will finally sip a glass of dessert wine and devour the legendary brioche col gelato! A night food tour of Palermo is a great option for travellers who want to skip the morning summer heat.


What’s included?
Guided walking tour
Street food samples
Seasonal dessert
2 Drinks
Food Passport

Key information
Morning tour starts at 10 am – 10.30 – 11 am – 11.30
Evening tour starts at 7 pm
Duration: 3 hrs
Max 12 people
English-speaking guide
Adaptable for vegetarians
3-day cancellation policy

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